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Hi frag Friends! Robert H. here….

I am beyond thrilled to have discovered Abdul Karim Al Faransi (Abbdul Karim the Frenchman) Perfume Oils from Birmingham in the UK! I have always loved the idea of Middle Eastern perfume oils, but often the execution fails to deliver. I have tried a multitude of lines, offered on Amazon, Ebay and Esy, and available at stores like Whole Foods. None have come thru for me and I am more often than not disappointed.

Until now.

Abdul Karim Al Faransi Oils

Finding Abdul Karim Al Faransi Oils is like coming upon a beautiful cool oasis, in a wasteland desert. See, the other brands I’ve tried in the past have all had something in them that skews petrochemical on my skin, usually manifesting as a back note that’s bitter, metallic, headache-inducing, and well…just fake.

Right from the onset you can detect French influence in these AF oils, also their logo is comprised of traditional Arabian swords that form an “A” and an “F”, while also forming the shape of the Eiffel Tower.

Self-described autodidact, owner Anthony Abdul Karim Marmin a young perfumer in his 30’s, is the sole owner and nose. In business since 2013 (1434 on the Islamic calendar), Anthony is mostly self-taught who has “Learned and continues to learn from various books, experiences and meeting with other people involved with perfumery.”

Imperial Desire Abdul Karim Al Faransi OilsAbdul Karim Al Faransi Oils

Abdul Karim Al Faransi Oils: Imperial Desire

The first oil I’m trying is called “Imperial Desire” and it’s a terrific floral described as:

“….a thick white musk with an innovative style. This creamy and powdery fragrance is an empire of sweetness full of beautiful notes . This soft perfume is suitable for men and women..”

Top: Taif rose, Comoros Ylang, Light fruity notes.
Heart: Violet, Orris, Lily of the valley, Powdery notes.
Base: Musk, Vanilla, Cedar, Amber.

Imperial Desire is creamy in color and swabs on like a viscous thick syrup, leaving a slick on my arm that is gorgeous with a deep scent similar to a vintage french extrait. I don’t get the fruit notes as much as the beautiful rose and ylang. As the oil heats up, the powdery and rooty orris sneaks in, supported by the violet, all resting on a soft musk base shot thru with vanilla and amber.

This scent feels very personal to me, not something to wear if you’re looking for sillage, but profoundly intimate to be enjoyed by you alone and maybe with someone special. It is a lush, sexy bouquet, deep and chewy, not unlike being anointed in a joyous ritual, the evocative scent slowly working deep into your emotions and psyche.

musk-tahara-monoi Abdul Karim Al Faransi OilsAbdul Karim Al Faransi Oils

Abdul Karim Al Faransi Oils: Musk Tahara Monoi

The second oil I tried is the lovely beach-y scent “Musk Tahara Monoi”, a true “Floramand” (floral gourmand.)

The notes are: Tahitian Monoi, Polynesian Flowers, Tahitian Vanilla, White Lotus, White Musk.

Opening like Hawaiian Tropic suntan oil mixed with a deep caramel sauce, Monoï (Tahitian gardenia or Tiaré steeped in coconut oil) is a beautiful, buttery, and lush smelling oil, and mixed here with vanilla and musk, smells like a floral infused coconut cake. With the same color and viscosity as “Imperial Desire” this oil slathers on like liquid butter and takes you right to a tropical beach, moist and fecund and scented with Polynesian flora. Beautiful stuff!

Abdul Karim Al Faransi Oils are available on their website
The prices are amazingly reasonable (€10.00 for a 6ml. dab bottle and a flat international shipping rate of €2.50!) and that 6ml. bottle will last quite some time!

Have you tried Faransi oils? What are some Middle Eastern oils you’d recommend?

13 thoughts on “Abdul Karim Al Faransi Oils

  1. My latest infatuation is with Sultan Pasha, he is master of incense based oils. Some of the florals are too overpowering but the quality is outstanding.
    Not budget priced, but a drop is all you need.


  2. Thanks for the review of some interesting attars from Abdul Karim Al Faransi. Never sampled or tried Abdul Karim Al Faransi attars.
    Here in Pakistan there are various varieties of attars available mostly locally made (like Junaid Jamshed, Syed Ghani) and some Arabian attars like Al Haramain, Ajmal, Rasasi, Asgharali etc.
    Like Jackie b mentioned I am also looking for Sultan Pasha attars. He sent me more than 15 samples & I fallen in love. Sultan Pasha attars are quite expensive but every drop worth and planning to buy some Sultan Pasha attars.
    I’ll recommend the attars of Sultan Pasha, Abdul Samad Al Qurashi, Arabian Oud, Ajmal, Rasasi, Al Haramain, Amouage and Ensar Oud.


  3. Hi Robert,
    Every once in awhile AgarAura puts together an attar. I am still cherishing my little bottle of Al-Jazzab. I also enjoy the attars of Rasasi, Al Haramain and would love Sultan Pasha. I have not tried the attars of Abdul Karim Al Faransi but your review has convinced me that I should 🙂
    Azar xx


    • I think you will be delightfully surprised! His musk and ambers are fantastic especially as we sliiiiiide into the grey months! Xoxo


  4. Fantastic, thanks for the review Robert. I’ve had my eye in these for a while – will hunt them down & give them a try.

    xx Tina G


  5. Hi Robert, I love the Arabian perfume oils, the packaging is unique and it gives the feeling of luxury, even if the results are not always amazing.Thanks for introducing me to another house, which seems to be really worthwhile.
    Being a rose lover I just adore, Al Haramain – Haneen, 40 USD. And I always get stopped by people when I wear an Arabian rose oil, such as their cheapie, Wardia 10 USD, underneath the Montale Power House – Black Aoud, it is a combination to die for. ASAQ has fabulous quality oils, such as Musk Jism (Body Musk), 53.50 USD, a thick white musk and an unopened bottle of Safari, 160 USD, a sample of which blew me away with the fruits, spices, white woods and a blend of musks, for summer. I would definitely buy ASAQ directly from their website for the best prices and they do have great sales a few times during the year, if you subscribe to the newsletter. They have various price grades of musks and rose oils and the blends too. I love Swiss Arabian’s Fadeitak,50 USD, a superbly blended floral incense musk. In the super budget category, I think the Al Rehab oils are worth trying, I bought a stack from the US. a couple of years ago and they were around 5.50 AUD for 6 ml. Overall, it is hard to find samples of Arabic oils and the Arabic companies don’t include samples like Western companies do unfortunately. I have used Perfumed Court and Surrender to Chance to a limited extent, and now I tend to rely on Youtube and Fragrantica reviews before I buy anything. Fortunately I have been pretty lucky so far. The quality seems to be consistent for each house, so if you like a particular house, go for it.


    • Thanks for all the recommendations Donelle! I love ASAQ as well, and have one of their grade AAA pure rose attars I found from a friend on FB. One or two drops is all it takes, damn that stuff is strong. Let me know what you think of the Al Faransi oils if you get some! Cheers!


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