Sycomore EdT by Jacques Polge + Christopher Sheldrake for CHANEL 2008


Post by Robert Herrmann


Hi there fragrant friends,

Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere.

God how I LOVE Autumn.

The gorgeous sunny days in the high 50’s to 60’s, the cool nights that require the extra blanket, all of it just speaks directly to my heart. But especially the light, whose tone and quality manifests as sheer, dreamy, and soft as velvet; the sun lower in the sky beaming through the trees in the woods behind our house. The geese are on a flyway now, heading somewhere, but they stop and gather to feed and sleep in the pasture to the south, providing hours of wonderful albeit noisy viewing. The last of the apples are almost ready to be picked from our tree, just waiting to be stewed for sauce with a buttload of spices and fresh ginger before I ladle them into the steaming hot glass ball-jars for the winter months. Yup, love it.

One of my most perfect scents for the Fall, and always in my top 10 of all time would have to be Sycomore EdT. It is to me simply autumn in a bottle.

Sycomore EdT by CHANEL 2008

Sycomore EdT by Jacques Polge + Christopher Sheldrake


Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Vetiver, sandalwood, aldehydes, tobacco, violet, spicy notes, pink pepper, juniper, cypress

One of my all-time favorite vetivers, this is a jus that always takes me on a journey to the heart of a forest, late afternoon or early evening just as it’s starting to get cold. The leaves and soil underneath my feet releasing the heat of the day in a perfect, loamy scent. The last glimpses of sunlight throwing brass and copper colored beams through the branches, like light in nature’s own cathedral, providing solace and beauty and an almost holy silence.


I can smell the smoke from the wood-stove in our house combined with the rich forest smells. I inhale deeply, the cold air providing a slightly bitter and piney aroma that mixes with the scent of the last flowering bushes of the season. It always makes me smile like a crazy man, creating that white, hazy and unmistakeable fog that turns me back towards home, promising warmth and security unlike anything else.

All of this and more is what Sycomore gives me, and I always re-apply with abandon trying to hang on to that perfect introspective vision in the changing of the seasons.

Yup. Autumn. Damn near perfect.


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CHANEL now has sycamore EdP! Go spritz it at a CHANEL store.

What are some of the scents that remind you of a changing season?

Robert XoX

17 thoughts on “Sycomore EdT by Jacques Polge + Christopher Sheldrake for CHANEL 2008

  1. Hi Robert,

    Coromandel says fall to me – always has. Perhaps it is a Chanel thing…
    So, how much to courier some of that applesauce?? 🙂


    • Hi Tena! I love Coromondel as well. But since my first love way back in the 70’s was Carven Vetiver, that note has always reminded me of home! Hmmmm…. let me look into shipping the applesauce! Hope you are well! Xoxo


  2. Hi Robert,
    I’ve tried Sycamore a few times and liked it. Vetiver is one of my favourite notes. Can’t tell you why exactly but it has never blossomed beyond like. I’m going to CHANEL tomorrow and will try it in EdP, see if that makes a difference.
    Portia xx


    • Ooooh! Let us know Portia! I have a decant on the way, but it’ll take a few weeks. Dying to do a comparison test. Xoxo


  3. Hi Robert,
    Although I have few Chanel perfumes but I haven’t tested any of the Chanel Les Exclusifs line. Heard that many of the Chanel Les Exclusifs are discontinued oe to be discontinued. One of my Facebook friend is sending me a decant of Chanel Misia as a gift with other perfumes that I bought from her.
    Just like the name of the season Fall, Vetiver is perfect note for the Fall season. My favorite Fall scents are: Lalique Encre Noir, Guerlain Mitsouko EdP, Guerlain Vetiver, JoAnne Bassett Intimacy, JoAnne Bassett Timeless, Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum, Terre d’Hermes & Narciso Rodriguez for Him. The most precious one is AEON 001, much happy to own a bottle of AEON 001.


  4. Hi Robert,
    I love your review and descriptions of the season. It sounds different too here in the fall, doesn’t it? We have so many big leaf maples on our property that when the leaves fall everything sounds kind of hushed and crunchy at the same time. Some of the scents that remind me of a changing season, in this case from summer to fall, are Ellen Covey’s Blackbird, DHS Mata Hari, O’Driu Peety, Estee Lauder Amber Nude, Basile – or fall to winter – Pirouette Wild Spruce and Tobacco, Zoologist Macaque, North by Mendittorsa and more.
    Azar xx


    • Hi Azar, as much as we islanders bitch about the “quiet season”. We are always thrilled to have the island back when the thundering hoardes vanish! The quiet is quite palpable. Great list of scents! Xoxo


  5. I’m not sure I have a favorite Fall scent. Your description reminded of me of all the many Fall seasons I spent in the northern part of the USA. I can still view the changing leaves and the light you so aptly describe when we drive into the Smokey Mountains, but Fall in coastal South Carolina where I currently live is a very short affair. It is still very warm here and any thoughts of Fall are definitely wishful thinking.
    I’ve never tried Sycomore, although I’ve heard much praise. I shall put that on my never ending list of fragrances to try. Thank you for a lovely review. Its evocative language made me most reminiscent and nostalgic. Beautifully written.


  6. Thank you Ellen for your kind words. It was the same way in Northern Cali as well, summer (fog), September (hottest month of the year), then boom! Winter. Since moving to the PacNW 30 years ago I have gained a huge appreciation of the changing seasons. (And yet, like many natives my heart will always be in San Francisco, my hometown. Le sigh….) xoxo


  7. Robert, your description of Sycamore is wonderful. Thanks for reminding me that I was going to pick up a small bottle of the EdT before it disappears! 🙂 shopping today, methinks….

    xx Tina G


  8. Hi Robert. Loved this piece. Sycamore is one of the Chanel’s I like a lot. Coromandel is the other and I start to wear it more in autumn. Where I am it’s still quite warm so I don’t feel like switching scents yet but Bombay Bling is always good and is what I’m wearing right now. x


    • Hi Megan! Definately fall here. Days are sunny but hazy, and the nights are down in the low 50’s. BUT…it’s a great excuse to wear scarves and fedoras! I love Coromondel as well, and JUST this weekend moved it out onto the “Autumn” tray! Thanks for stopping by! Xoxo


  9. Hi Robert, beautiful review! I too love Sycomore and bought it in April in Rome, saving it all summer to wear now as the weather starts to turn. You’ve captured its crisp, foresty soul perfectly. 90% of my wardrobe is fall/winter stuff, so I am digging into my sandalwoods and ambers right now. Funnily enough, I am craving Ambre Sultan right now and I don’t have so much as a sample! Must…Recify…
    My brother moved to New York in late August and cleared me out of Leather Oud, Amber Absolute, several other hard hitters. The bastard.
    Best, Claire


    • Hey Claire! So glad you snagged a bottle off the shelf before they all disappeared with the arrival of the new edp’s. Sycomore was one of my first ventures into “high design” perfume (read expensive😂) and I adore it. It’s perfect in the dead of winter. Despite having some scents “borrowed” from your collection, I suspect you, like all of us, have MANY to choose from! Enjoy! Xoxo


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