Salome by Liz Moores for Papillon Artisan Perfumes 2015


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Warmest fragrant greetings to you all!

Tonight, I am luxuriating in an addictive perfume that I actually did not care for upon first impression. Have you ever given a scent a second chance, trying to unlock its mysteries and nuances? I am so thrilled that I didn’t give up on:

Salome by Papillon Artisan Perfumes 2015

Salome by Liz Moores


Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bitter orange, bergamot
Heart: Turkish rose, orange blossom, tobacco, carnation, jasmine, hyrax
Base: Styrax, vanilla, hay, patchouli, oakmoss, cumin, birch, castoreum

Let’s just put it out there: Salome is a cumin-saturated, purring, sexually charged explosion! The cumin dominates with amplified intensity on my skin, accented by the animalic musks, creating a panting, sweaty body odor accord that’s definitely not safe for work on me. 😉

This growling feral opening delayed me from even skin testing my gorgeous giant decant, which was a gift from my goddess Barbara. I would unscrew the sprayer and sniff the tubing, considering swiping a drop for a skin test, and couldn’t even will myself that far! Where was the jasmine, or orange blossom, or bergamot? All I could sense was the cumin, but as an adventurous soul, I was surprised that I was wimping out.

So one evening, I just said, screw it. Let’s go! Onto my wrists she went. Admittedly, the first skin test confused me. The cumin and the furry animalics still roared, but underneath I could also sense a dazzlingly gorgeous perfume – a classic bouquet of tender blossoms, with oakmoss and the distinctive vintage tone of a bygone era.

I almost gave up after that first test. But then I couldn’t stop coming back to the decant just to sniff the sprayer. I started wearing it on occasion as an evening scent after my child went to bed. Slowly, my addiction to the entirety of this masterpiece began to blossom. It wasn’t long before my craving became an obsession. Now, I can’t get enough!

The cumin truly does ignite on my skin, and Salome is too daring and sexual for me to consider wearing it casually. However, I am deeply enamored with its dirty, prowling sensuality as a private indulgence. If you love Bogue Maai and Absolue Pour Le Soir, this is one step further – if you dare!

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LuckyScent has $160/50ml
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $4/0.5ml

Have you ever become obsessed with a perfume that didn’t work for you at first?

Love, light, and scented hugs,

8 thoughts on “Salome by Liz Moores for Papillon Artisan Perfumes 2015

  1. I simply can’t stop smiling. This perfume is so incredible. I had an offputting first experience as well, but one day, the second try I was fully smitten. I am so happy you love this, Erica, it is just its own fabu creation, and worthy of your praise. Love you!


  2. Thanks for reviewing it, Erica. I too was walking on tiptoes around Salome. The smell of cumin in the cap of the sample vial was enough to make me wonder: why did I order this one??? But I love scents with a retro vibe and Salome is IT! It’s one of the perfumes that will never be high up on my wishlist but somehow I want to have it around to be able to reach out for it whenever I feel like it. It is too prominent to be an everyday scent. It’s absolutely unique and truly a beauty.


  3. Hi Erica,
    I love cumin in fragrance. I wasn’t getting enough anywhere so I made something of my own with saffron, rose, cumin, orange blossom, various citrus, some spices, cedar and/or something else. I’m not a perfumer, just threw it together and loved it but have no idea how to recreate it as I didn’t take notes. I can imagine that Salome might be for me! The perfume love of my life, Fidji, at first seemed a scrubber. Loved the review!
    Azar xx


  4. Great review Erica, and spot on! It scared me at first but then….then!!! Had the very same experience with Chanel Boy this past spring. First it was meh, but by the end of the week of wearing it every day, I was COMPLETELY besotted!! Wow!!



  5. Grabbed a full bottle the day I sniffed the sample. Loved it instantly. But my BF hates it, and I can only revel in Salome when I’m alone.


  6. I’ve liked every Papillon that I’ve tried, but they are so hard to get here. Salome sounds like another strong one.

    I think that Lonestar Memories is an example of a fragrance that crept up on me. When I first had a sample, it just smelled like diesel and dust to me, but at one point it clicked in my mind as an evocation of a BBQ in the bush on a stinking hot day. I’ve really enjoyed it since then.


  7. I bought a FB blindly when it was first released. And for probably at least week, maybe two, was quite disappointed. It did not smell sensual to me but rather, generic vintage, old ladyish, powdery carnation. I was expecting something exotic. But it grew on me. To the point where I wear three sprays every single day. Including every day to work. And I am a doctor. A couple of hours into it patients walk in and say, Oh, something smells lovely! Some old ladies have said I smell like musk lollies. I love this perfume. But it is simply a comfort skin scent to me. My teenage daughters say Salome is “okay.” I’m nearly through my bottle and as much as I love it, I’m thinking I might re-invent myself with a new signature scent. Possibly Trayee, by Neela Vermeire.


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