What Flower Is This?


Post by Portia


Hey there Floral Fumies,

Today I have a question for you all.

What Flower Is This?

Anyone know what this freaking amazing smelling flower is? Ultimate night blooming super sweet white floral with a hefty dose of indolic skank.

Jin and I were walking the dogs down the main road near where we live and as we were wandering this waft flew at me, strong enough to make me stop in my tracks. I thought it was a jasmine from far away but as we got closer the scent became thicker and more tropicall. We could smell the bush half a block away and when we finally came across it we walked past because it was so unassuming. Then as the scent started to fade we went back to have a look.

Anyone who can help please comment below. It smells so amazing that really want to have it one day when we have a backyard again.

Portia xx




OK all, I have some answers for you. My mate Kerri found the bush at Gardens Online and sent it through.


Type: Shrub 


Origins: Guatemala and Mexico

Light: Full sun/Light shade

Wind: Wind/Salt tolerant 

Growth: Fast

Frost: Tender

Evergreen: Yes

Native: No

Height: 5m

Width: 5m


rondeletia-amoena-flowers5Gardens Online

31 thoughts on “What Flower Is This?

  1. Hiya Portia! It looks like a variety of night-blooming jasmine, but you can use an app to check! You just send in your pic, and they’ll figure it out. Let us know what you find out!



  2. Dear Portia, this is a Hoya Carnosa (porcelain flower or waxplant), native to Australia. Here in the Netherlands we keep it as a houseplant indoors.


  3. Hi Portia I agree with Hamemelis that it is a type of Hoya, often grown as an indoor plant. I think there are different versions and don’t know all the botanical names. They were popular in Aust in the 70’s as climbers to trail around sunrooms.


  4. Is the bush in someone’s yard? Or just free standing in public area? If in someone’s yard maybe worth seeing if they know? I’ve done that with my neighbors here and there when they have something pretty or different in their yards…


    • It’s in a yard, right next to the public thoroughfare Carolyn but the house doesn’t look friendly enough to ring the doorbell. It’s about 400-500m from my place so not really neighbours and also on a main road.
      Portia xx


  5. I’m going to replace a gardenia I have that’s not flourishing. I will check into this-I live in Southern California so it might be well suited. I love your little vase-is it Limoges? Beautiful


    • Hey ClaudiaS,
      Yes, it should do stunningly in SoCal.
      Yes, it’s one of my Mums Limoges, she left me a set of little ones that are perfect for single flowers. Nice that you noticed, she would be chuffed.
      Portia xx


  6. Dearest Portia ~ I believe that is HOYA. ~ Super-spectacular, slow-growing indoor plant in British Columbia and I have wanted a Hoya for years. It is so very extraordinary and yes, smells of the divine cosmos. Admiringly, Lissa


    • Hey Lissa,
      Very hoya like but not a hoya. I love them and we used to have them around the entrance to my childhood home. Aren’t they gorgeous.
      Portia xx


    • Hey EllenM,
      It’s a RONDELETIA AMOENA. Quick growing temperate to sub tropical shrub, grows 5m x 5ml but can be clipped and hedged. The scent is mesmerising.
      Portia xx


      • Dear Portia, The nickname, here, for this bush is Mexican Viburnum and it has some similar characteristics to the viburnum which we see here. Unfortunately for those of us in the USA, it does not seem to be available, at least not by Google. If someone finds where it is being sold in the US, please let me know. I’d love to get one.


        • Aha! Interesting EllenM,
          yes, if anyone sees it do let EllenM know. It’s easily available here in Oz, I’m going to try & source it.
          Portia xx


  7. At first glance I thought of a variety of Daphne, but the stem is too long. Rondeletia, I’ll keep my eye(s) open for this one although I can’t imagine finding it in the PacNW.


    • I think you might get a bit cold up there for it, though if you put it in a sunny position under the safe branches of an evergreen tree it might do OK.
      Portia xx


    • Hey Anna-Maria,
      Taking the dogs walking has opened up Parramatta in ways I never dreamed. I feel intimately connected to the suburb now and know a few residents from morning hellos across our dogs.
      It’s a bit of a game changer.
      Portia xx


      • Near the hospital. During a long wander when my daughter was having an operation there.

        Around where I live there are bushes covered in small, deep blue flowers and they also smell beautiful. But I don’t know its name, either. Its smell reminds of opening a petite jar of those little brightly coloured Darrell Lea lollies years ago.


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