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Hey there APJ,

You may already be aware of the Coast Sydney Candle Range. They are a cool crew with a natural leaning candle range using sustainable soy with no Paraffin and Palm Free. They use high quality fragrance oil or essential oils and a natural untreated woodwick that creates a soothing crackling sound. Cool stuff.

Go see COAST at their site.

tahiti-by-coast lost-city-of-petra-by-coastCOAST

Coast SUPPORTS: Women for Women International supports female survivors of war with tools and resources to move from crisis and poverty to stability and self sufficiency. Two dollars from the sale of each candle will benefit Women for Women International.

Coast Sydney: NEW True Collection Perfume Oil

Got it? Great. So they have decided to create a new fragrance range, well priced stocking stuffers in rollerballs. Simple, wearable fragrances for day to day living. Perfect for handbags, beach totes, gymbags and for travelling. They are perfumed oils so instead of throwing the scent ahead of you it wraps itself around you in a soft focus, fragrant scarf or sarong, depending on your season. Now of you are a hardcore perfumista these may be a little simple and wearable for you, I get it. For anyone who wants to smell good for an excellent price then these are worth a sniff.


Nice by Coast: True Collection Perfume Oil
Tuberose Touch

Top: Petitgrain, Clematis
Heart: Tuberose, Rhubarb, Ylang Ylang
Base: Peru Balsam, Patchouli, Vanilla

A green interpretation of tuberose that has a very crisp pettigrain keeping it interesting and refreshing while the ylang adds creamy tropical depths. Nice is about 250% better than I expected it be. I could easily imagine many of friends falling madly in love with this fragrance, mainly the women but there are a few men I think could rock it. Scott liked Nice the best and was very interested in knowing who the fragrance came from etc. when he smelled it. There is an underlying dissonance between the cream and the green that gives Nice frission. Base is a sweetened soft patchouli with creamy overtones.


Bali by Coast: True Collection Perfume Oil
Chempaka Charm

Top: Bergamot, Lime, Mandarin Red
Heart: Champaka  (White Magnolia), Nag Champa (Orange Champaka), Jasmine
Base: Violet Leaf, Clove Bud, Amyris Wood, Vanilla

Bali is my favourite of the True Collection. It smells to me like cuddling with someone wearing a tropical fragrance on a beach with a fire burning. For something that I expected to be a floral with vanilla undercurrent it’s a huge surprise. Smoky, sweet, spicy and aromatic Bali is totally unusual. Slightly challenging in its potency when your nose is buried into it but as a waft while you’re going about your day Bali is exquisite. It could very well make the perfect incense scent and wears like a sweet and floral incense. An overtly feminine incense that smells a bit raspberry-ish and the incense is spicy hot and still burning in the next room. As you can tell I really like it.

Want to try them? I have a bunch of samples to giveaway.
Portia xx


Coast Sydney: True Collection GIVEAWAY


This week we will have 3 winners who will receive:
1 x Bali carded manufacturers sample
1 x Nice carded manufacturers sample
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23 thoughts on “Coast Sydney: NEW True Collection Perfume Oil

  1. I remember when I had a holiday in Bali, being fascinated by the offerings made each day, with flowers and rice in palm leaves, placed on the front step.
    The smell was incredible and one of the ladies gave me a flower she was using. Champaka.
    I would choose Bali.
    Follow by email.


  2. Great Review Portia!I LOVE the sound of Bali, I also have a genuine fondness for perfume oils and have been trying to decide which incense type oil I most want to try next. I adore Champaka, it takes me back to The Mulia at Nusa Dua, I just can’t wait to visit again! Really excited for these Coast offerings 🙂 I follow via email (and links on Facebook)


  3. Oh my –throw in a night jasmine and I’ll be transported back home! We had all three flowering in our garden. I follow by email and I’d love to try Champa (or champaka) ❤️


  4. hello . I follow via Facebook email and twitter. I believe the NICE oil would ‘float my boat’ because I love pettigrain. I have ,in the past, donated and been an email prescriber to Women for women International. They do a fantastic job empowering women.


  5. One of my all-time favourite perfume oils is Aphrodesia by Song of India. You can get a few mls for under $10 – smells divine.
    Following by email.


  6. Thanks for the neato giveaway! I follow by email.

    I was introduced to perfume oils in the early 80s, when I found Attar Bazaar at my college-town hippie clothes shop. Bali sounds wonderful – love nag champa.


  7. Hi Portia, thanks for the giveaway opportunity.
    I follow by email, and I would love to try the Bali, because ‘cuddling with someone wearing a tropical fragrance on a beach with a fire burning’ sounds like the best way to spend summer. Unless I could add my hammock to the scenario …


  8. Ahh that’s so hard to choose! It’s like asking me choose lemon meringue pie or brownies for dessert. Duh, I want both! They are both delicious in their own way. Much like what the perfume oils sounds like. Hmm maybe Bali.. Bali seems like the perfume oil I want to put on in the evening when there is a cool breeze on a warm evening and I want to exude a sweet but smoky aroma. The mini sundress in the evening after a day wearing maxi kaftan and the floral Nice perfume oil during the day.

    Thank again Portia for always introducing these brands to us! I’m picking the Tahiti candle up ASAP! Xx


  9. via email

    I have started to get into Tuberose lately and want to try more with tuberose featured/forward. So, I would pick that one.

    An oil line that I LOVE LOVE LOVE as well as the perfumer who is the nicest woman on earth is Deep Midnight on Etsy. I have bought repeatedly from her for years.


  10. These fragrances sound nice, I wish they sold them in the States. My favorite of the fragrances you described would be Bali, its sounds like a tropical vacation. I follow by email and thanks for the chance to sample these fragrances.


  11. They both sound lovely, I think I would prefer Bali. I love an Etsy perfumes oil co called Alkemia. I have purchased a few of their 5ml offerings and love their samples packs. I follow by email.


  12. I do like Bal A Versailles perfume bath oil though it sometimes feel too dense and too soapy in texture and feel. I follow APJ by email and FB.


  13. I would like to try Nice by Coast, sounds very interesting. I follow your blog via emails (on my hotmail) and via bloglovin too. Thanks!


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