Christmas in Vienna 2016: Photo Essay


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Hiya APJ! I hope ya’ll are doing well and enjoying the holiday season.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a kid once a year when the holidays come around and that I love every moment. This year is a weird year as we are moving to the The Netherlands on 21 December and into the house on 23 December. Santa will definitely have to show up but how much decorating will get done depends largely on how many of the decorations I can find. My priority this year is to mark a box which will contain my son’s presents so that he at least can enjoy some of the magic.

Christmas in Vienna 2016





The holidays are an onslaught to my senses in Vienna and this year is no different. The streets are finally all decked out (they prepare for weeks) and lit, brightly lighting our way. It sure makes the darkness of winter seem more friendly and inviting. The Christmas markets are full of bright coloured ornaments, toys and knick knacks which bring grins to many children and panicked faces of their parents trying desperately to ensure that nothing breaks (picture my son reaching for one snowglobe in a stand with over 100 snowglobes). However pale I may be from fear of breaks, I still love seeing his face light up and his eyes twinkle with joy. There are stands selling hot mulled wine all over the city too. The kids can have warm spiced juice and enjoy the delicacies of roasted chestnuts and cookies. Magic is in the air but also the despair of so many who live on the streets. And with this despair I also see strangers performing random acts of kindness on an almost daily basis.






sandra-christmas-in-vienna-2016-10My son and his friend Maxi who were great sales assistants at the Christmas market today.

The holidays are a feast for my senses but especialy for my sense of smell. The caramelized almonds, roasted chestnuts, hot mulled wine, ornaments made with cloves, anise, cinnamon and dried fruits, incense in the cathedral and even the smell of pine needles all around are pure sensory overload. How do I find a perfume that wraps up all of these into a perfume that is even wearable? I have not found a perfume that suits the holidays yet, but I tend to reach for gourmands and vanilla or almond notes. So I tend to veer off on a tangent and think of what perfume would I like to receive for Christmas and I then go and have a sniff.

Chanel Misia Chanel FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Powdery notes, violet, iris, orris root, Turkish rose, Grasse rose, Laos benzoin, tonka bean

Well, needless to say I have found two that I would love to see under the tree – so let me dream please. How about Chanel Misia EdP and Chanel Beige EdP please – and if Santa is being more than generous I would love Chanel Boy too.

I did not read about the Chanel EdP releases because I wanted to form my own opinion and to be perfectly honest with you – I like several of them more in the EdP strength. Beige and Misia smelled pretty similar to the EdT but lasted quite a bit longer. 31 rue Cambon I am torn about – something is different but it does somehow resemble the EdT and yet it lasts. I wore both versions of Coromandel on the same day and even though the EdT has more incense I liked the EdP quite a bit.

What are your scents for the holidays – be it culinary, perfumed or floral? Do you have any perfumes on your wishlist?

Wishing you all a joyful, peaceful and safe holiday season.
Sandra xoxo

14 thoughts on “Christmas in Vienna 2016: Photo Essay

  1. I almost envy you with a winter Christmas, the scents are so evocative with pine needles and spices,
    We have seafood and swimming Down Under, but I will still wear some warm fragrance…Ambre Eternel is my new crush and is on my Santa list.
    Happy Christmas!


    • Hi Jackie b, The first several Christmases of my life were in Argentina and it was so much fun having a BBQ and swimming in the pool. Winters are beautiful if it snows and then only for a day or two. I miss the heat. Beautiful choice – Ambre Eternel blooms with warm weather on my skin. Merry Christmas. Sandra xo


  2. Sandra, you make me so want to jump on a plane and come hang out in Vienna for Xmas. I love coming in early January when the lights are all still up but all the excitement is passed.
    It will be so special because next year you’ll be in Rotterdam.
    Enjoy it sweetheart.
    How freaking cute are the boys. AWWWWWW
    Portia xx


    • Hi Portia! Vienna does Christmas beautifully but I understand your need to come when the excitement is all over. The city becomes almost impossible to walk around in. We are now getting excited about the new chapter in our lives. Yeah – the boys had a blast selling ornaments. They made people smile on that rainy day. Sending you hugs. Sandra xoxo


  3. I am so happy excited to come and visit next weep. But I warn you now, there will tears. Absolutely beautiful post.
    The Coromandel EdT has tons more incense in it, absolutely. But the EdP is rather nice. ….. hugs. Xxxxxxxx


    • You will not be the only one with tears. New chapter means new adventures for us. Can’t wait to see you mext week. Sandra xoxo


  4. Sandra, you are a wonder to be packing up your life and still doing a lovely Christmas in Vienna post for us.
    I’d love to spend some time in Austria or Germany one December. I have a thing for the Christmas markets and especially all the sweet treats 😉
    I wore Bois des Iles parfum today but I spend most of the month in Tea for Two which feels Christmassy to me because of the cinnamon and star anise.
    I hope Santa is reading your post and you get your Chanel wishes granted!


    • Hi Tara. Come visit us in Rotterdam next year – I am sure we will find magic there too. Bois des Iles extrait is so perfect and beautiful. Great choice. Love Tea for Two – but have to revisit to see about the Christmas vibe. Hope Santa is good to you too. Sandra xoxo


  5. Awww Sandra ,What a busy few weeks await you!! I can barely think of moving house at any time, yet December would be the worst. Those advent wreaths with the purple candles are simply stunning.
    I would love to visit an European Market in the lead up to the Festive Season
    As for Christmas scents, despite it often being 100F, I always apply Guerlain’s Winter Delice, because it allows me to imagine a White Christmas.
    Good luck with your move and might I suggest something?
    Put aside in a separate box, just one or two ‘special ornaments/figurines’ which when you land on Dec 23 can be quickly unpacked and placed in your new home.
    Make sure you ‘sage’ your new home ,also.
    Merry Christmas.


    • Thanks Saffyishere for your lovely comment. I wish I had smelled Winter Delice – it sounds perfect. What a brilliant idea you have with the two ornaments or figurines. I will do so. Frankincense is already set up for the new home. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Sandra xo


  6. Sandra,
    Thank you for sharing these pictures with us.

    I do not have any perfumes on my holiday wish list but I might end up getting a gift for myself if it feels like that in the next couple of weeks.

    Safe trip and happy holidays to you and yours!


    • Hi Undina, I hope you are doing well and that you can get a gift for yourself soon. Have a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones. Sandra xo


  7. Love the photo essay Sandra, wishing you well for the move with many more adventures to come. I too would love some Misia under my tree or Coromandel …Merry Christmas Sandra to you and your family xx❤️❤️


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