Guerlain with Tea & Scones


Post by Portia


Hey Crew,

Do you ever get together with frag buddies? I have met so many wonderful & varied people in the fragrant world, a few of them turning into lasting and close friends. I’ve also had some of my long term besties come out as frag nerds too. So irregularly there are get togethers with one or more buddies. Yesterday was special because someone I’d only ever interacted with online is in Sydney and she had bought a bottle of perfume from me. What else could I do but ask her around for Morning Tea and a sniff? So Latai came and we had a lovely time, well I had a lovely time and I think she did too.

Guerlain with Tea & Scones

We decided early on that as Latai had not spent much time in the Guerlain fragrance vault that we should focus our noses there for the day. So I thought it might be interesting to take her on a Semi Ages of Guerlain tour.


We started with a few of the most well known vintage extraits, Vold de Nuit, Mitsouko & Shalimar. With this set I also got Latai to smell modern Samsara extrait that Jin & I bought recently in Japan.

From there I jumped to a couple of my most loved masculine Guerlains: Vetiver and Cologne du 68. Interestingly Vetiver turned out to be one of Latai’s favourites of the day and we really enjoyed its light oily grassy scent.

We also tried Vega but it was absolutely not to her taste and she scrubbed it off.


Then the last two from the Guerlain range we smelled were vintage Chamade extrait and for something totally up to date Promenade des Anglaise, which turned out to be her absolute favourite of the day.


Halfway through I made some scones that we ate with fresh whipped cream, home made apple and raspberry jam (thanks to my mate Linda, YUMMY) and lemon curd. This washed down with some very lovely tea that Latai brought to share.

It was a really nice, zero fuss, fun day: full of silliness, laughter and fragrance.
What brand would you choose to sniff for a day with perfumistas?
Portia xx

23 thoughts on “Guerlain with Tea & Scones

    • It was so fun Tara, and it’s always nice to have a reason to get the GUerlains out for a sniff.
      Scones = YUMMY!
      Portia xx


  1. Oh, what a wonderful way to spend a day: sniffing around a Guerlain vault with nice people and scones and tea!!! So jealous! I cannot think of a better brand to explore… otherwise I might choose a theme (notes or circumstances…) but really… Guerlain with scones and jam is just my idea of perfection!
    (I think serge lutens would also lend itself to a nice voyage- the lineup is huge, the names are fun and the fragrances layer well)


  2. Portia it sounds like heaven, what a treat for Latai. When I was about 18 in the early 80’s I was regularly having facials to help with my skin issues. For christmas I gave the therapist a box of chocolates to show my appreciation and in return she gave me a small coffret of Guerlain perfumes which contained Shalimar, L’Heure Bleue, Chamade, Naheema and Mitsouko. I know who got the better deal . . . and that is when I truly fell hard into ths abyss of fragrance love. I had been spritzing all sorts of cheap scents since age 10, but this small box of gifted wonder of what I perceived to be “proper perfume” in my 18 year old head flung me down the rabbit hole to which I never want to escape.

    Guerlain holds a sentimental place in my heart for that reason, and L’Heure Bleue is still one of my fragrant scents today. So enjoying Guerlain with your delicious afternoon tea sounds like paradise to me.


  3. Why would you need any perfumes if you have scones?!! Ok, kidding.

    I wouldn’t probably concentrate on one particular brand: if for nothing else, because I do not have enough representatives of any other than Jo Malone – and this isn’t the line you share with a perfumista friend (though it was a total success for me with many “civilian” friends).


  4. What a wonderful morning Portia! Looks like you all had a wonderful time. I would love to smell the Chanels with a fume pal. Have a great weekend. Sandra xoxo


  5. Can’t think of a better way to have a morning tea, perfume and your delicious scones, yummmmm… a Chanel day would also be heaven💝💝


  6. How did I miss this??!!
    Ahhh I’m blushing now. It certainly was a mega fun day Portia! How great Ian it to meet people you converse with and get to know over the Internet in real life. Especially those who share the same adoration and love for fragrances. I enjoyed it very much and it was a real treat to explore the guerlain range from a guerlain lover!! You’re a sweetheart Portia xx
    I like the idea of a Serge Lutens morning tea 😀 A particular brand I love.
    Perhaps we can explore Serge next time Portia 🙂



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