Rubis Rosé by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz for DSH Perfumes 2014




Hey Fumies,

This week is Use My Samples & Decants Week. You’ll be reading a bunch of first time experiences of fragrances that have been here in vials or decants and sat unworn so far. Yes, if it’s a 1ml vial I will pour the whole thing on and wear it for a day. Obviously they have been sniffed before and often dabbed but got put in the Must Further Investigate pile and then left. So hopefully I will get to use at least 7, hopefully more.

Rubis Rosé by DSH Perfumes 2014

Rubis Rosé by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz


Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Ambergris, black tea, Bulgarian rose, rose, olibanum, rose oil, oakmoss, green tea, guaiac wood, green leaves, myrrh, neroli, orris, pink pepper, raspberry, fruity notes, tea rose

Rubis Rosé opens dry, sweet and fruity. It’s an unusual opening that brings to mind rose petals in black tea with a lemon slice. The fruit isn’t quite lemon though, a bit less antiseptic and friendlier. Maybe more a Rosé wine, a dryer, less fizzy one, lightly chilled.

If you like the tea scent of roses in your garden then this will definitely be a winner. It’s as subtle and close as garden roses but every now and then I get a luscious, rich, fruity, red rose waft that’s just overblown at dawn and I’ve come across it as all dew has dissipated. Considering the extensive note list Rubis Rosé is surprisingly simple at first sniff. It ages greener and dryer, becoming more woody and leafy. The teas become more prominent too. Is this a rose chypre? is a question I have asked myself more than once on the journey.



Personally I have a plethora of rose scents here and the ones I reach for most are the heavier, denser and more swampy or oudh-ish like Midnight Oud by JHaG, original Agent Provocateur, Mohur by Neela Vermeire Creations or Ballets Rouges by Olympic Orchids. If these babies scare the shit out of you then Rubis Rosé could be a perfect rose for you.

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DSH Perfumes has samples from $6

How do you like your roses? Radiant or swampy?
Portia xx

8 thoughts on “Rubis Rosé by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz for DSH Perfumes 2014

  1. I like them sweet and jammy or green but not fruity. I actually went rose crazy yesterday. Yes, CRAZY, and got huge compliments. I washed with Lush Rose Jam then sprayed on Tauer Rose Delight Body Oil then layered Lush Imogen Rose, Tauerville Rose Flash, SL La Fille de Berlin, Chopard Rose Malaki and some Scottish Fine Soaps Rose & Geranium Body Butter. I did NOT use my Perfumer’s Workshop Tea Rose or my Malle POAL. I thought that would be overkill. LOL. I wanted to sit in a corner and smell myself all day.


    • OMG Gina,
      You were ALL THE ROSES. No wonder you got compliments, they probably could have smelled you in the next street. Heaven.
      Portia xx


  2. Hi Portia! Sounds quite intriguing especially the opening dry, sweet and fruity and reading the accord list. I like my roses oudish as well, and heavier like Nahema or Mohur.

    Xxx, Esperanza


  3. I’m more the discreet-rose type. I like the rose in YSL Paris and Bulgari’s Rose Essentielle, maybe more powdery than reinforced with oud or patchouly.
    The listed notes are quite interesting and I’d love to try Rubis Rose.


    • Hey Neva,
      No powder in this baby but I think the clean green-ness might appeal to you. And the furry dry down could with a squint and following wind be construed as powdery.
      Portia xx


  4. I think I have a sample of this, will have to hunt it down for science purposes. Dawn is a genius with roses, Inner Sanctum and American Beauty are two of my favorites. I like my rose perfumes full bodied, brooding, with incense, leather, all the dark side. Swampy is a great descriptor!


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