Scent Diary: 6.2 – 12.2.17: Cruise Week




Hey All,

The connectivity on board the ship has been spotty. I have tried to keep up but it hasn’t been so easy. Here is a little look into the wonderful fun we’ve had aboard Explorer of the Seas.

Scent Diary: 6.2 – 12.2.17: Cruise Week

Monday 6:

So we are cruising happily along. Weather is glorious and I’m a little pink from sun. I don’t know if you’ve ever cruised before but I’m finding it incredibly relaxing. Jin and I are usually up very early and fit in as much as possible in every day, running all over countries and continents on our holidays. This is exactly the opposite. Get up, shower, breakfast, relax by the pool, read, chat till Trivia time. Lunch is served and the choice is really good, we all eat way too much and then have some more relaxation or wandering the ship. This morning we did a Stretch Class and then walked about half a mile before breakfast, I feel really good for having done it.

Divine EdP was my fragrance choice today. I love its retro bombastic white floral, spicy fabulousness and it wears so well on board a cruise, transporting me back to the glamour years of fragrance.

Tuesday 7:

I’ve had a bit of a drama. I thought I’d packed my extra fragrances in my suitcase and just four in my wetpack. I left the other bag of frags on the table and so I am a 4 frag traveller. It’s kind of a bummer but the four I have are pretty special. Divine EdP, Vaninger by Oliver & Co, Vintage Miss Dior Parfum and modern Mitsouko EdP.

Today became a Vaninger day and it was a perfect accompaniment to hanging loose on board.
Tonight we saw the shipboard show, “Boys In The Band” and the three men were sounding and looking fabulous in front of the Explorer of the Seas house band. About 15 minutes in I realized that one of the guys was a mate of mine Lee, or LittleX as I better know him. It was nice to see him doing so well. Totally entertaining show, we all loved it and then at the end he came out to say hi. The girls swooned.
After the show I went up and danced for a few hours on the Promenade Deck and then in the Night Club. Haven’t done that in years. LOVED every minute, couldn’t wipe the smile of my face.


Wednesday 8:

Woo Hoo, Neumea. Miss Dior parfum today because I thought we were going to the most glamorous port. It was cool and rainy and we couldn’t really do much except see the local shops. The beaches were closed because of shark activity and the Museum was closed because it’s Tuesday. As we were only doing the 6 bus stops we missed seeing the beautiful French Colonial houses and their tree lined avenues. Neumea was not a win really.

When we returned we watched Storks on the big screen over the Pool Deck. This crew is easy to travel with, everyone gets along and we all contribute.

We all remained in fine spirits even though Neumea was crap and dinner was the usual mad hoot. We keep getting 11 out of 15 in our Trivia games, it’s becoming a thing.
Later on we went to the cinema and watched Sully. Lovely movie. Tom Hanks is so easy to watch in any role for me.

Thursday 9:

At 1am suddenly I had the biggest craving for food. The only thing open 24 hours is the coffee shop on the Promenade Deck. So I went down there and grabbed some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and a can of Sprite. He He he. YUMMY!

This morning was ultimate lazy. We met for breakfast early because it was the Port Villa stop. The weather was too rough though for ships to maneuver in the harbor so we stayed at sea and will go there tomorrow. I didn’t want to leave the ship anyway, I bloody love it here. After breakfast we went to the pool deck and had cocktails, at 9.30am. SO decadent.

Wore Mitsouko EdP today and it was a perfect fit. Did a double spritz for dinner and wafted while I ate.
We did three games of trivia, wandered the ship, ate, drank, laughed and rested.
I got to talk one of our party through the basics of blogging tonight before I got started chatting with you guys. It was nice.

Friday 10:

At sea. Can’t remember much. Looked at the shops, drank booze, ate, read, slept, relaxed.

Did meet up with one of my mates Aunties and Grandmas for drinks on the Promenade Deck. Julie, Aunty Barbara sends love. We had a hoot.

Mitsouko EdP again. Love it so much.

Saturday 11:

Isle of Pines. OMG! I freaking loved it so much. Went swimming in the lagoon, wandered around a bit and then came back to the ship and read my book. HEAVENLY day.

Sunday 12:

This morning Eve, Debbie and I snuck down to do ANOTHER Trivia. We hadn’t had any luck till today but finally we scored the win. EXCELLENT!! Won Explorer of the Seas highlighters.

Saw the Ice Spectacular. It was fantastic and we loved it. It was all smiling, hand clapping fun.

Divine EdP was the fragrance of the day, perfect.

What did you get up to this week? Anything exciting?

15 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 6.2 – 12.2.17: Cruise Week

  1. Nothing as exciting as YOUR week obvs!
    Love the photo in the sunglasses…you look like the handsome baddie in a Bond movie!
    I sailed from Fiji to Aus when I was 14 and remember being seasick most of the way. And an offer to relieve me of my virginity!


    • Woo Hoo! Handsome baddie in a Bond film is the coolest compliment I ever had. thank you JackieB.
      Did you take up the offer?
      P{ortia xx


  2. I’ve been on 2 cruises in my life-both Disney. Sea days were my favorite. Being on the promenade deck with a drink in hand, listening to the sea sounds-so blissful. One time it was to the Mexican Rivera in July. Hotter than Hades but one of my best memories was if being on the veranda in my pj’s at 1 am! We also went up to Vancouver. Chilly chilly but I was wrapped up and drank in the cold air 💜. Glad you’re having fun!


  3. One of these days I may make it onto a cruise ship. Maybe. (If I do, it’s a sure bet I’ve left The CEO at home. We actually considered doing a cruise to Belize, until he realized that his off-ship excursions would be limited by the ship’s schedule BYEBYE CRUISE. The man is totally nonstop when we’re on vacation and the cruise ship schedule would drive him completely nuts.)

    Sorry you left a buncha frags at home, but the ones you managed to bring were wonderful! Sounds like you had a lovely, lovely time. Cocktails poolside in the morning… that’s rather decadent, isn’t it? 🙂 xo


      • I totally got that you ween’t complaining Mals86,
        A cruise is not for the go-go-go people. It’sall about relaxation. I have read 5 books in 10 days, admittedly I only finished the fifth one because I’ve come down with a cold and spent the last day in bed reading.
        Portia xx


  4. Oh Portia this sounds just divine! And look at those photos, you & the crew having a ball and the ship looks magnificent. We’ve been missing you like crazy of course! Come back soon. xxx

    Tina G


  5. Makes me want to go on a cruise someday Portia!
    Yes you with the sunnies, bond bad guy yess..
    The mitsouko is divine.
    See you soon Portia xx


  6. Oh this week sounds fantastic! I loved the Saturday most. There’s nothing like swimming and reading books when on holidays. I’ve never been on a cruise ship and it all looks so gigantic. I’d be afraid I’d get lost somewhere…and miss my lunch 😀


    • HA! Getting lost on the first day is easy but you quickly find your groove. Also, there are inch places EVERYWHERE, you wouldn’t starve.
      Portia xx


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