Bass Solo by Bertrand Duchaufour for The Vagabond Prince 2016




Hello Happy Huffers,

More today from my LuckyScent Sample Pack. Remember when the Vagabond Prince brought out their original scent? The one with the fabulously screechy top of Black Currant and booze? It was called Enchanted Forest and I fell madly in love with it. So feral and outrageous, fruit done to the enth degree. It was a hugely polarising fragrance and much like Thierry Mugler’s Angel it became a hot topic of online conversation. People divided into camps and agued their cases, all of which were correct for them. It was great fun.

The rest of their offerings have not met with such radical hype. I am excited to smell this one though because it has been designed around the idea of musical instruments. Specifically one of the woods that is highly prized for its density in making instruments, wenge. The fragrance is not so much based on that aroma as it is based on the instruments that it makes. Interesting because you might remember Amouage brought out Opus X also in 2016 inspired by the red violin.

Bass Solo by The Vagabond Prince 2016

Bass Solo by Bertrand Duchaufour


LuckyScent gives these featured accords:
Saffron, ginger, lime, cardamom, lavender, Moroccan cedar, Virginia cedar, fig milk, birch tar, sandalwood, amber, driftwood, wenge accord, musk, oppoponax, amyris, patchouli

Immediately Bass Solo opens a green, herbal, lavender rich fragrance hits me. It’s slightly waxy, softly fruity and quite heavily wooded in the background. Woodsy and an oily, smoky hint of car workshop. Soon enough patchouli joins the fray and is an excellent addition, giving a green dankness.

It’s funny, the moment a piece of the puzzle becomes clear my nose jumps on it but everything comes and goes. I think I have the scent imprinted and then it changes. Glad I’m sitting at my desk to really enjoy it because I think so much of the nuance would be lost in casual wearing.


Resins fly softly over the wooden base, they are cool but add warmth and depth to the fragrance. Dry down is smoking incense and woods. It’s calm and stylish. I ca imagine it being loads of peoples cup of tea.

LuckyScent has $180/100ml
Surender To Chance has samples starting at $5.40/ml

Did you ever make a FB purchase from a sample pack? Tell us what it was?
Portia xx

18 thoughts on “Bass Solo by Bertrand Duchaufour for The Vagabond Prince 2016

  1. I bought Interlude man after sampling it for a week. Definitely not a blind buy that one. I Also bought Fouco Infernale by Linari after a good few weeks of deliberation. One of the best purchases I have ever made. Also where does everyone buy Parfums De Marly fragrances here in Australia?


  2. Hi Portia, definitely bought FB from sample packs. Rubj Extrait by Vero Profumo comes to mind! One of the best buys. Have a wonderful weekend. Sandra xo


    • Hey there Sandra,
      What a lovely thing to see you here today.
      You know I’ve never tried the extrait, but I have an EdP bottle.
      Portia xx


  3. I have a huge collection, too large now, of perfume, half of which started with sample packs and then to FB. Amouage, Tauer, Hiram Green, Goutal, S Lutens, Atelier, Unum, Guerlain. The last I’m not happy with regarding samples. I now have 7-8 Guerlains FB that I never would have purchased FB if I hadn’t sampled first. Now, I’m trying to purchase across the pond.


  4. Not from a sample pack yet but definitely after sampling just once. Lubin’s Gin Fizz was love at first sniff. I put it on at lunchtime and spent all afternoon at work in a personal golden cloud of champagny goodness…bought a FB the next day.


  5. I think I bought Luckyscent’s sample pack once. I do not remember, which other perfumes were there, but both Anouage perfumes that I tried then – Honour Man and Honour Woman – weren’t to my liking.

    I might like Bass Solo if I ever happen to try it but I protest the only available size of it: out of all the brands, for this one it’s inexcusable. 100?!! Were they actually reading anything people wrote on their site and elsewhere about bottle sizes?!!


  6. Samples are mostly the reason I reach out for another FB of perfume. Based on samples I bought PdN Cuir Cuba, Malle’s Noir Epices, Christopher Street.
    As for Bass Solor, I don’t think it would be my cup of tea. I don’t get along with lavender notes in perfume but thanks for the review.


      • Hey Portia, I’d say it’s the front and centre ones. Boy from Chanel was such a disappointment. It started out great and all there was left on my skin after a while was lavander. Kiki was all lavander on me. Maybe it’s my skin, but I’ll keep trying. I’m not getting discouraged easily 😉


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