Unicorns! OMG Unicorns!





If you haven’t noticed, unicorns are so hot right now! I mean, they even have their own emoticon. Here’s a few colourful and fragrant ways to dive into all things unicorn.


Les Nez – The Unicorn Spell

I have to cast my mind back to sniffing this when in a violet rabbit hole. Their website elaborates: .. feels like a search for the unicorn in a dark, damp forest. The unicorn’s presence can be felt, the steam of her breath hangs frozen in the air, the trails shimmer under the quiet mist of her magical spell, but we can’t find her yet …


Lush Cosmetics – Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

You can let yourself slip into a magical dreamland of unicorn and fairies with a Lush bubble bar, featuring notes of Lavender, ylang ylang and neroli. Shame, I don’t have a bath. Get it HERE

TinaG Photo

Golden Gaytime – Unicorn Breath

For those who don’t know what a Golden Gaytime is, it’s an iconic choc/toffee/vanilla/honeycomb ice cream. The Golden Gaytime pop-up bar in Topshop, Sydney, has a bar where you can order one with a special coating. I chose Unicorn Breath – edible sparkles, popping candy, vanilla crumbs, strawberry candy and musk sticks. You can also buy the coating in a can…..


Two Faced – Unicorn Tears

It’s a holographic lipstick by Two Faced. Seriously Want. Apparently it sells in Mecca. I don’t care if it doesn’t suit me, it’s *holographic*!! All the rage with the cool kids.

Unicorn Macarons

These are just too adorable to leave off the list. It’s a recipe. I’d put money on my attempt to make them looking quite different….

The Unicorn Hotel

Sydney even has its own Unicorn Hotel!! No, not really. The Unicorn in Paddington has been revamped under the watchful eye of the crew from Mary’s in Newtown (who do legendary burgers). I used to catch the Bronte 378 bus along Oxford Street and marvel at this classic Aussie pub. It’s nothing pretty to look at but good to see the beige tiled & curves walls out the front, like all good Aussie pubs used to have. Mind you my old fave, The Robin Hood in Waverley still has them too. Watch David Bowie’s video ‘Let’s Dance’ for a taste of what I’m talking about.

And last but never last, coz there will always be something Unicorn coming out…


Unicorn vs Robot Dinosaur Leggings

….. it could happen. And you’d need to be prepared to run for your life with these sleek leggings. WISH has the goods.

Have you succumbed to any unicorny goodness?

Till next time!

Tina G

14 thoughts on “Unicorns! OMG Unicorns!

  1. OMG I would be all over that Unicorn Breath Gaytime if it were only about 1300km closer to home… *sigh* Those NEED to be a nationwide thing STAT!


    • Lillibet, it was amazing!!! So yummy, and I love popping candy so I was giggling the whole time. I really should go back and get a tin of the stuff… I wonder if they mail order??

      xx Tina G


  2. Yes, a totally fun post Tina. Many thanks!
    I’d never heard of Goldon Gaytime, love the sound of Unicorn Spell and I am seriously getting that Lush Unicorn Horn.
    My niece is all over unicorns (including the emoticon). She’s almost 8, so of course she is 🙂


    • Hi Tara!
      The Golden Gaytime is an Aussie classic, so this fun little twist on the ice cream coating is a clever rebranding. I really must go and pick up a tim of the stuff before the pop up shop closes.

      You know, I don’t think we actually have the Lush unicorn horn here!?!but when I was unicorn hunting I found a recipe to make your own. Just gotta work out if I could be bothered…. hehe

      xxxxxx Tina G


    • Tonia the unicorn Breath had me giggling so much! Popping candy on ice cream – so good!

      I want that unicorn tears lipstick….. apparently it sells in Mecca but sells out fast….

      xx Tina G


  3. So good Tina G! The gaytimes where have I been? Need some now! The unicorn hotel Paddington, has very nice food..🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄


    • Hi Anna Maria,
      I’ve heard the Unicorn Hotel dies great meals. And you must go try the Golden Gaytimes – there are four different flavours. 🙂

      xx Tina G


    • Hi Saffyishere – yep it’s still available on their website. Some others of theirs are now discontinued, like the Turtle series but they were only short runs, I believe.

      xx Tina G


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