Sunflowers In Sunlight: Equistrius




Hey APJ,

I went looking for this picture today because I’m wearing Equistrius by Perfume d’Empire and it feels and smells like the most fabulous summer day. You know, the afternoon as the full scorching blast of the day goes and before it becomes chilly. The sun is still up and there may be a light breeze to help with the cooling.

Sunflowers In Sunlight: Equistrius

I don’t know about you but this picture sums to capture the feeling of Equistrius perfectly. Warm, cool, dappled shade, fresh air, healthy plants and soil, sitting near a freshly cut woodpile perhaps. Someone is making tea and you are softly, quietly happy inside. Content.


Equistrius by Marc Antoine Corticchiato

Equistrius Parfum d`Empire FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Iris, violet, green notes
Heart: Iris, chocolate, woody notes, powder, rice
Base: Amber, sandalwood, vetiver, suede, ambrette (musk mallow)

Back in 2014 I didn’t love Equistrius, now I have a FB. It’s beautiful.

If you get a chance try it. Expect it to take a while to love it but when you do……

Portia xx

10 thoughts on “Sunflowers In Sunlight: Equistrius

  1. I liked it. A sweet, powdery floral with iris in the heart. I didn’t love it to buy a FB but I would wear it if someone gave me some! LOL


  2. Equistrius is one of my favorite iris scents. Every time I wear it my mare will snuffle at my pockets thinking I have a treat for her, so it must smell like something delicious to her. Have to admit, some times I wear it when I visit her just so she’ll nuzzle me.


    • How I used to love the soft velvety lips with their thick old hairs of horses Tatiana. Yes, I would do a lot for a nuzzle too. Gorgeous creatures.
      Portia xx


  3. Hi Honey. Equistrius is absolutely lovely. I have a bottle of it. It is one perfume that I cannot detect a single note in. Certainly not the iris like everyone else can. Not that I care, but it’s interesting. A fabulous scent. Xxx


    • Aha! I bet Equistrius smells amazing on yo u Val. One day when we’re up in your neck of the woods you can wear it for me. YUMMY!
      Portia xx


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