6 thoughts on “HOME!

  1. Dormez bien! Can’t wait to see your holiday purchases. Have loved the diaries, I feel a bit boring…but find your news so inspiring.


    • Hi there JackieB,
      Yes, tonight I’m doing all the Trivia Q&A. Tomorrow i’ll start writing new APJ pieces. there’s quite a lot to get through.
      I’m pretty sure if you wrote about your life it would be pretty interesting to anyone not living it.
      Portia xx


  2. I’m glad you’re back. I’m sorry your trip is over 😉 but selfishly I look forward to your reports. How are your furry kids? Are they beyond themselves with the joy you two are back?


    • Hey Undina,
      Jin is spending a few days with his parents in South Korea so we decided it would be better to wait for him to come home before we grabbed the fur babies. That way we each have our own to manage and one doesn’t feel left out.
      CAN’T WAIT to see my beautiful Paris and give him a big squishy hug.
      Reporting starts this week, better get on it.
      Portia xx


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