David Jourquin Leather Fragrances: First Impressions




Hey there APJ!

Hope ya’ll are enjoying life. I am getting used to my new home and am adoring the Netherlands in the springtime. Magnificent blooming trees and flowers, people smiling and spending time outdoors, and warming temperatures make me happy.

Who likes leather? Anyone? I have discovered that I really enjoy wearing perfumes with a leather note. Enter David Jourquin…

David Jourquin Leather Fragrances: First Impressions

David Jourquin perfumes are pretty new to me. I tried two when they first came out but then I promptly lost the two samples and forgot about them. Shame on me!

David Jourquin is quietly giving us a wonderful collection of sumptuous leather perfumes from his house. To put it simply, David Jourquin has envisioned a perfume house dedicated to the multiple facets that the smell of leather has to offer. This is coming from his childhood scented memories and from his life as an adult.

A big shout out to the team at Aus Liebe Zum Duft and their generous giveaway of sample packs of the six perfumes that they carry from the house. I have now had the great pleasure of sampling these beautiful perfumes.

Here are my first impressions. Let’s see if any strike a chord with you.


Cuir Altesse by David Jourquin 2014

Altesse was created by Cecile Zarokian as the nighttime duo together with Cuir de R’Eve. It is a bit spicy and sharp to begin with. The patchouli starts out a bit too strongly for my tastes but it warms up as the hours pass and then becomes one with the rest of the ingredients. I find Cuir Altesse more daring and sexy than its counterpart Cuir de R’Eve. It is not necessarily only for high heels and red lipstick – this can be worn on any occassion.


Cuir Caraïbes by David Jourquin 2015

One of the more recent releases, Cuir Caraïbes opens up fruity and tart which surprised me. But the spices quickly join the party and warm it up. It does become sweeter soon after spraying it but not to worry – the sugar fades to the background again. Throughout the development I can detect a wonderfully subtle ginger vibe. The dry down is a warm cocoon surrounding me. Love it.


Cuir de R’Eve by David Jourquin 2014

This perfume was created by Cecile Zarokian as a daytime duo together with Cuir Altesse. It is leather mixed with a few fruity and floral notes to make it elegant and refined. The base is warm, enveloping and comforting with a hint of fruit to keep it interesting. I could see myself using this on a regular basis. Just gorgeous.


Cuir Mandarine by David Jourquin 2011

Daytime version of the duo for men together with Cuir Tabac. It leans masculine and opens tangy with a smidge of lavender. The start is quite big and loud on my skin but gets quiet within 20 minutes and projects softly. Cuir Mandarine sang on my husband’s skin and he now declares that he likes leather perfumes.


Cuir Solaire by David Jourquin 2015

One of the more recent releases. Sunny opening that lasts throughout its development. This definitely feels like I have been sunkissed at the beach and then went out on the town. It has a touch of orange blossom and jasmine which does bring to mind sandy beaches and the sea. I can imagine that Cuir Solaire will be excellent with warm temperatures and sunshine.

First In Fragrance has the whole set to sample or buy


Do you like leather in perfumes? Do you have a favourite?

Until next time. Happy spring and autumn to everyone.

Kisses. Sandra

19 thoughts on “David Jourquin Leather Fragrances: First Impressions

  1. I never heard of this house! Do I have leather? Oh, yes. A fave. Lancome Cuir de Lancome and Maitre’s Cuir Fetiche and SL Daim Blonde are my top three. I also love Kerosene Whips & Roses and Piguet’s Bandit.


    • Great selection of leathers Gina! I adore Bandit and Maitre’s Cuir Fetiche. I should really get a sniff of the Kerosene perfumes. Sandra xo


  2. These sound so good Sandra. I do love a bit of leather. Knife Ten, Bottega Veneta, Daim Blond, Trussardi Donna, and many others. Love it.
    Portia xx


    • They are good Portia! You would rock some pf these. Bottega Veneta is lovely. Can you believe that I never smelled Knize Ten?! I am such a fool. 😳 Sandra xo


      • That is SO WEIRD!! You were living 3 blocks from them. Their whole range is quite interesting, ground breaking for its time. Do you go back to Vienna?
        Portia xx


  3. Happy spring, Sandra! You’ll be in London soon, woo hoo!

    A perfume house dedicated to leather perfumes sounds like a great idea. I fancy the sound of Cuir Solaire the most – a beachy leather, wow.

    Cuir de Lancome is still my favourite.


    • Hi Tara. I am so excited about London – it will be great to see you again. You and your beautiful smile would smell amazing in Cuir Solaire. Cuir de Lancome is such a beauty. I ridiculously hoard my bottle and find myself not wearing it for fear of running out. Sandra xo


  4. Great review, Sandra! I love Cuir Altesse and the latest one sounds interesting Cuir Solaire. Leather fragrances can turn sour on my skin so I have to test them thoroughly. Would you buy one of these?



    • Hi Esperanza. Oh my – tough question. Yes. I would buy Cuir de R’Eve and Cuir Caraïbes in a heart beat. Hope you are doing well. Sandra xo


      • Hi Sandra, I am hope you are well too! Reading your review of Cuir De R’Eve I can why you would like a bootle of it! And the Caribbean too. I found these names a bit confusing. One has to be careful when ordering 😊😊😊 XxxEsperanza


  5. Leather Chypres are my favorite fragrances. Bandit, Vintage Cabochard, Cuir de Lancome…. I have never smelled Knize Ten, Daim Blonde and a few others mentioned here. I just can’t find them.


  6. Need to test the others, I tried Cuir Mandarin and Cuir Tabac when they first came out but they were too masculine/too much patchouli for me. I do like leather in perfumes, BV and Cuir Ottoman are favourites.


    • Heya Tara C, i can understand your point about Cuir Mandarin and Cuir Tabac. The others are really worth seeking out IMHO. Cuir Ottoman is lovely, keep forgetting about that one. Sandra xo


  7. Yum leather! These sound gorgeous. I have four leathers in pretty regular rotation right now YSL’s Noble Leather, Bandit, Bottega Veneta and Galop d’Hermes.


  8. Hi Sandra, I like the concept of David Jourquin but I have never tried them. I wasn’t very much into leather scents until I realized how versatile they are. Meanwhile I have my leather favorites and they are Ramon Monegal’s Mon Cuir and Hermes’ Cuir d’Ange. Both are balsamic and soft.
    …and I agree, First in Fragrance are great!


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