Scent Diary 17.4 – 23.4.17




Hey there Frag Crew,

This week I was hoping for a quiet, relaxing, get shit done and maybe even get ahead of the game but then …… life. So instead of calm & collected it ended up being crowded and cluttered. HA! Loads of fun though, filled with food, friends, a rally and I got some really yummy scents on my skin too.

Scent Diary 17.4 – 23.4.17

Monday 17:

Easter Monday morning and the weather is beautiful. Sunshine is out and we took the dogs for their morning walk. I thought 1889 Moulin Rouge by Histoires de Parfums would be a good choice. It was very nice wandering the quiet North Parramatta streets at 9am.  That sweet iris/rose lipstick pluminess was most noticeable this morning, really front & centre. On previous wears it has smelled less intense. I quite like the sweet musky dry down too. Pretty. Bought it from Sonya in one of her sales, thanks girl.

Jin’s been on the couch snoozing and watching re-runs of Gilmore Girls and I find myself strangely drawn to it in a way I never was when it was current. Fortunately he went back to work tonight. Structure will help him back on track.

My evening has been spent swathed in the magic that is Atelier des Ors Aube Rubis. OMG! Where has this sensational beauty been my whole life. Freaking gorgeous.

Monday is Trivia Q&A and Blog day/night.

Tuesday 18:

It’s around 1am. I’m halfway through my Trivia Q&A but I’ve been listening to music, hanging on FaceBook and generally dithering. I’m thinking of spritzing fragrance and my mind instantly went to Neela Vermeire Creations Mohur EdP. Fiendishly good, fruity roses, spice, greenery, incense and oud. Now I’m ready for questions. I’m a bit surprised at how much air is already in my latest bottle, I love it so much and usually overspritz like crazy, serves me right.

YAY! It’s 4am and my Trivia Q&A are done, dusted and sent to the crew. PHEW! More Mohur and a late night snack before bed.

This was the perfect autumn morning for walking the dogs. Sunny and warm, hardly anyone around at 9am. The dogs loved it and I found camellias in bloom. I wanted something barely there this morning so went with Parfumerie Generale 4.1 La Musc & La Peau. It’s pretty and fresh, softly soothing and perfect for sunshine.

For work tonight I’m wearing Burberry Brit Woman EdT & Extrait because I feel the need for sweet. I don’t know why I’m putting it back in its box. Seems to be my current craving.

Wednesday 19:

Another glorious Sydney Autumn day.  I’m wearing a couple of dabs of vintage Guerlain Shalimar extrait.

Jin has finally finished his retraining to be an electrician on the NSW Country Trains. It’s a promotion to full team member and a pay rise. He is trying to brush it off as inconsequential but this is a really big deal. It was supposed to take 6 months but due to unforeseen work circumstances the whole crew has been held back. One really good thing is that Jin will be getting the pay rise backdated from the start of the year. That means that quite a bit of the extra money spent to go back to Slovakia and all the things he paid for and facilitated while helping the family deal with our sister in laws suicide will be covered by that lucky windfall. He left the house today in a cloud of vintage CHANEL Antaeus, I think he’s going to be OK.

For work this evening I chose Amouage Opus X. The arctic rose and screechy hairspray fragrance full of woods, ylang and resins. Perfection.

Thursday 20:

Thursday morning and I’m up early in the cool of the half light. I’ve been trolling the net and found some wonderful bargains but held myself firm and only put my name down for a split of Amouage Bracken Woman. I got the dogs inside and they are both curled up on their beds in the living room while I tap away at the keyboard in my office. There’s a coffee in hand and the lingering taste of breakfast cereal in my mouth, wondering if I should also do toast but then think I’ll have that as a morning tea after my 9am dog walk.

The weather is cooling considerably and I’m wearing a decant sent to me by my mate, the gorgeous Robert Herrmann who is a moderator at FaceBook Fragrance Friends and now writes reviews at CFB, when he did a giveaway here on APJ no-one collected the prize so he sent it to me. It’s Tom Ford Vert Boheme, greenest of the green and curiously fitting for an autumn morning. As you can see there is quite a bit of air in the bottle. I like it a lot.

Had a scream tonight as the madcap hostess for a Guerrilla Anti-Fashion Parade as a protest against Levi Strauss using dock workers in Madagascar that are being paid $40/month. Levi’s has 7 factories on Madagascar. The company ICTSI that runs the docks gets $200/container moved, the Dock workers get 2 cents. Their safety gear costs 3 months pay so they never buy it and many of them have to live & sleep under a nearby bridge between shifts.

Levi Strauss is actually a great company with an excellent ecological and workplace agreement history. In 2016 they were ranked #1 in the world for their supply chain code of conduct. Unfortunately the dock workers don’t come under that umbrella and are being treated abominably. The few workers, 43 in all, who have been trying to get better conditions were all fired. It’s a shemozzle and we think that with a multinational like Levi Strauss on board they could help to push ICTSI and governments in the right direction.

Feel free to pop into your local Levis store and tell them how disappointed you are in their ethical double standards in Madagascar.

What fragrance was I swathed in for the evening? Reem Acra EdP. Big, radiant white floral with all the bells and whistles. Done with a very clear nod to vintage but in a super modern way. You can get it for a steal on the discounters now.

Friday 21:

Big day off today. Up, breakfast , fed & walked dogs, got ready, spritzed DIOR Mitzah, out the door by 8.30am to meet my mate Evie for a morning stroll through the Art Gallery of NSW and a guided tour of some of their permanent collection, then to the dentist, had a wander around the department stores (bought the Mon Guerlain Shower Gel and learned how to get my Diptyque Rose de Mai squirter to work, tried 32 Venenum by L`Artisan Perfumer) then hanging with Alice and having Peking Duck!! We are not quite sure what Alice had in mind with the chips but it looks like she is trying to make a chip moustache. We ate the WHOLE DUCK between us.

Amazing day but now I’m pooped. Walked nearly 14,000 steps today. That’s a lot for lazy old me.

Saturday 22:

SATURDAY! I promised myself to Jin this morning. He has been working nights since Monday and it’s his first day off. Today we are going to be able to celebrate his promotion. So I grabbed the makings of French Toast. It’s one of his all time favourite breakfasts and it’s so easy to make. Today I’m adding some off the bone ham, a big dollop of fresh made guacamole and a mushroom, onion, ham stir fry.

I’m just about to take the dogs for a walk. The day is cool and lovely, I’m multiple spritzing Lolita Lempicka EdP down my shirt before I go. On the walk I came across these amazing flowers on a large shrub fully in bloom, heavenly.

Jin’s best friend Matt called and is taking him out to the Rugby League this afternoon so I get to blog and nap. YAY!!! Aren’t they cute in their Parramatta supporters outfits? Such boys.

Then tonight I’m taking him out for Korean BarBQ. A real date night, first one since I went on the cruise in February. Poor Jin was so tired, he fell sound asleep in the car on the way home, snoring and all.

Sunday 23:

WOW! How is it Sunday already? This week has sped by.

This morning we organised to catch up with mates. Sydney really turned on the most spectacular autumn morning for us and I made Jin take a photo out the car window.

I wore my vintage Jean Patou 1000 EdT. Perfect accompaniment to a morning a fun.

We had Pedis & Yum Cha. Kath & I had our feet attended to, then Jin and Phil joined us for lunch in the food court.

Fell asleep and missed my make up cues. Went to work at Austral Bowling Club as a guy wearing Guerlain Moscow. It also has a bit of a Mon Guerlain vibe.

Hung out there with Anna-Maria and her husband Johnny. Anna-Maria was Jin and my 2016 travelling companion through Europe, you might remember that we all met up with Tara of A Bottled Rose?

So how was your week?
Try any new fragrance? Rediscovering old one?
Do something or go anywhere exciting? Watch any good TV or read a book?
Come on, share. I love to know what you all have been up to too.
Portia xxx


36 thoughts on “Scent Diary 17.4 – 23.4.17

  1. Hi Portia, love your perfume diary. Such a list of perfumes, you inspire me.
    Wore the vintage Miss Dior this week, I was feeling down that day and MD cheered me up!
    Finished a romance novel and watched The Getdown season two, about the beginning of hip hop and rap music, I loved it. Met up with some friends Saturday morning breakfast
    Great to see you tonight xxx


    • Hey Anna-Maria,
      What better way to turn a blue day rainbow than a spritz of vintage Miss Dior parfum. It smells so good on you too.
      The Getdown sounds great. Is it Netflix?
      Portia xx


      • Yes it’s Netflix, waiting for season three. Next will watch sbs on demand The Medici Masters of Florence, starring Dustin Hoffman. We have been to Bella Firenze together Portia!! Yay


  2. Another great diary – yay Mitzah! 🙂 Congratulations to Jin on his promotion, that is awesome!

    Been quite grey and cold/rainy this week but today we finally have some sun. I’ve been wearing my favourite winter scents, Oriental Express, Bottega Veneta, Mitzah, Spiritueuse Double Vanille. Spring is coming very slowly, but I have sen a few daffodils and irises poking through which makes me happy.


    • Hi there TaraC,
      I’ll forward your congrats to Jin, he’s currently snoring on the couch. I must have got a bit raucous myself last night so he fled our bed.
      Who is Oriental express by? Great name for a frag.
      The doffs and iris are such gl;am harbingers of spring. I hope you get some warm and sunshine soon.
      Portia xx


  3. Hi Portia,

    Looks like you had an action-packed week!
    Things were quieter around here although on Thursday a pack of samples arrived from Surrender to Chance and since then I’ve been wearing 3-4 samples at a time (except for work).

    Pro tip – Eau d’Hermes on one arm and Papillion Salome on the other is beyond full on LOL 😉

    Lil xx


  4. Hi Portia, I love your perfume diary, too. The last couple of days I have been wearing Barbara Bui Le Parfum and I think I’m developing a love of amber, another reason to look forward to winter.
    I’ve just watched Iron Man for the first time, embarrassingly, since Robert Downey Junior is one of my favourite men on the planet.
    Loved it. Funny, action-packed, and I even love the colours of the suit. Iron Man is MY superhero. Though I do have a fondness for Batman …


    • Hey Sue,
      I don’t know the Barbara Bui? Who is she and how did you stumble across her?
      IRON MAN is excellent. I love the Marvel movies and series. Have you seen Jennifer Jones, Luke Cage or Daredevil? I loved them all. Net;ix is my new go-to four entertainment.
      Portia xx


      • Hi Portia, thanks for responding.
        I received a sample of Barbara Bui as a gift with a purchase from the Australian Fragrance Network.
        Fragrantica details are as follows:
        Would love to give you a fabulous review, but my knowledge isn’t great enough. From what I have read, I believe it to be a light amber, warm but not all-encompassing, so probably a good starting point for someone like me who hasn’t a lot of experience with this note.
        I have a lot of catching up to do on Marvel movies … haven’t seen any that you’ve mentioned, but I know that Iron Man II is on next week. But, like you, I think I need to invest in Netflix!


        • Netflix will change your life.
          Thanks for the link, I’ll go hunting.
          Light ambers are so fabulous for mid seasons, enjoy.
          Portia xx


  5. Hey Portia!
    Congrats on Jins promotion!!
    My week has been full of regular healthy routines. I’m staying in my (travelling) brothers house near the sea, trying to get rid of an old burnout.
    Perfume wise it has been an interesting week, because lately I have been ordering a lot of decants to test, which are still coming in…! 😀
    Monday: Rose de Rose from Rancé, which is incredibly good, sigh… Tuesday it was time for a big love of mine (thank g. I have a bottle at home!): De Profundis by Lutens. Wednesday: Louanges Profanes, a decant given to me by a Dear Fragrantican Friend, soap bliss!! Thursday: Datura Noir, given by the same friend. I once had a FB of this and yes, I was right to have sold it. I could never have finished a whole bottle, this stuff is crazy. Friday: Rosenthal by Hans Hendley, which is very subtle for a rose/patch scent. Saturday I started with Rossy de Palma by ELDO (nice), later switched to test Vanille d’Iris by Ormonde Jayne (rather meh) and today I’m wearing the gorgeous Roma Imperial by Profumi del Forte.
    Cheers! 🙂


    • Woo Hoo Fanny,
      Sniffing decants by the seaside sounds heavenly. What better way to mend a burnout?
      What a shame you didn’t love Vanille d’Iris, so many people were less than thrilled but I got a kick out of it.
      The rest sound super fab.
      Portia xx


  6. It was a busy week with a few business trips and then at the end of the week – plenty of office work, of course. I was looking forward to the weekend with 3 parties on Saturday night…! Why do they all pick the same day for celebrations? I attended 2 big birthday parties and a reunion party of the discotheque we used to go to 30 years ago. It was fabulous but it would be better if I had more time for each event.
    I finally came to try Amouage’s Blossom Love and Bracken Woman and Aedes’ Pelargonium. Bracken is fantastic, maybe the next best Amouage after Epic to me. I’m happy to hear you liked it too. Pelargonium is a beautiful composition and it reminds me of Hermes’ Jardin Sur Le Nil a bit. I want more of it!
    I love your makeup in the pictures, Portia! Enjoy the coming week and congratulations to Jin for his promotion.


    • Hi there Neva,
      Yes, I’ll pass the congratulations on to Jin. Took him out again today in celebration.
      I have similar multi-party nights but I choose one. Not possible to have me happily mingling at three different events. I turn waspish.
      Portia xx


  7. What a week Portia! Love your perfume choices. You have made me curious about Amouage Bracken Woman. It was a busy week here and a wonderful weekend. It has been too cold for the end of April and I have been keeping myself warm with a constant cloak of Shalimar EdP. Congratulations to Jon on his promotion – fabulous news. Sandra xoxo


    • Sandra,
      I bet the Shalimar cloak comfy and glamorous.
      Passing your good wishes on to Jin. He says thanks & hi.
      Portia xx


  8. Your weeks are never peaceful Portia, but always fun and beautifully scented.
    Great to hear about Jin’s backdated promotion and lovely to see the pic with Anna Maria.
    These Scent Diary posts always brighten my day.


    • We took that pic hoping that you would see it especially. That’s Anna-Maria’s raging bull, isn’t he a darling.
      So glad to brighten your day in any way.
      Portia xx


  9. Glad that Jin is getting his groove back.

    You look amazing with your make up and headdress!! 😍

    So much detail in your diaries. I look forward to reading them. And I have how many years worth to catch up on???


    • Hey Kate,
      I only started the diary this year, inspired by Muse In Wooden Shoes. I get so much pleasure from reading hers that I thought it might be nice to do one too. So glad you’re enjoying them.
      Portia xxx


  10. SO happy to hear about Jin’s promotion and the retroactive paycheck!! Hoefully there will be enough left over for maybe ONE full bottle of your choice!! And yeah, I love that Vert Boheme, full bottle worthy for sure, so glad you’re enjoying it! Smooches xoxo


    • Hey there Robert,
      HA! Jin would buy me anything if I asked but I never do. He has enough to contend with. He’s got a mortgage so I’d rather he put his money there, that’s present enough for me. Having a financially stable partner is a huge gift.
      Portia xxx


  11. I went to a party at a friend’s house in Newport Beach yesterday. Her back yard overlooks the harbor and Balboa Island. What a life, huh? I’ve known her since high school and she’s just so down to earth-i love her! Wore Hendley’s Bourbon and got several compliments. I was a happy gal.


    • We have a Newport Beach in Sydney Claudia.
      Some of my childhood friends had houses on or near it and I often spent teenage summers there.
      Looking at water is so amazing.
      Portia xx


  12. Congratulations to Jin on his promotion: it’s always nice to get something from the job where we spend the most part of our lives.

    The week just ran away – I don’t know where it went. But on the weekend I got to see some friends and to wear my “special occasion” perfumes – Lancome Climat and OJ Ta’if, which I was reluctant to wear to the office (but I “needed” to wear them – as a part of wearing my Top 20 perfumes in April). I’m almost done with the list, so soon I’ll start wearing random perfumes from my collection again.


    • YAY! The Climat came out. Were the fragrances poo-pooed by the workplace Undina?
      Yeah, Jin deserves this, he has worked really hard to get up to speed. I’ll pass along your well wishes.
      Portia xxx


    • Hey there Megan,
      Glad you like it.
      The Atelier des Ors range is beautiful. So much more than I was expecting.
      Portia xx


  13. That french toast meal made me very hungry. I may have to make some tonight. So happy to hear about Jin’s backdated pay rise – its always nice to have a wee bit extra. I have been spreading the love with a few samples this week – sending to friends. I get so excited and hope they love at least some of the offerings. Today i am wearing Elizabeth & James Nirvana – delicious boozy bourbon rich rose!


    • Hey Pats,
      Yes, sharing samples is one of the great perfumista joys.
      I hope you made the French Toast, so yummy.
      Portia xx


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