PG25 Indochine by Pierre Guillaume for Parfumerie Générale 2011




Hey Swett Scenters,

As you know I madly adore Pierre Guillaume. He makes a bunch of fragrances I love and a few noses that I really admire claim he’s as good as I think he is. That’s enough for me. He seems to be able to make what we modernly think of as a masculine idea, the woods, and create this non bloke=ish, sweet and gourmand event with them. THEN, to add to the joy these woodsy notes remain wearable by both sexes. The sweetness never eclipses the basic woodiness and once on masculine skin WOW! So beautiful.

PG25 Indochine by Parfumerie Générale 2011

PG25 Indochine by Pierre Guillaume

PG25 Indochine Pierre Guillaume FragranticaFragrantica

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Top: Cambodian pepper, Sri Lankan cardamom
Heart: Thanaka wood, Laotian honey
Base: Benzoin Siam

Sweet, honeyed amber is my opening impression. It doesn’t take long though for dry black ground pepper to sneak in underneath and lift the thickness, creating some counterpoint. It’s still filled with a golden glow though and warms me right through. Pretty and comfortable for our cooling temps.

Indochina wears as a sweet peppery amber that gets woodsier as it dries down. I find the honey clean and sweet with only the softest hint of animals. I love how through the day as I personally start to smell a little lived in the fragrance moves and grows more human with me. It never becomes nasty or growly but does lose some of its new minted, just showered feel.

I had a few compliments on this tonight. One of the club workers kept coming over to smell me and tell me all the things it made her think of, plus a couple of other random compliments. A clear winner.

Who could wear Indochina? Anyone who likes their woods sweetened or their honey clean. It is a very intimate scent without the usual siren calls of sexiness. Very dressed up or casual, no problem. Initially sillage is quite prominent but after about an hour & a half it becomes a much closer sweetness. An excellent scent for wearing to undress.

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Do you have a favourite Pierre Guillaume fragrance?
Portia xx


13 thoughts on “PG25 Indochine by Pierre Guillaume for Parfumerie Générale 2011

  1. I tried a musk one of his recently. It is superb, but quite sweet. I am quite keen to try some from the PG line though. I think the musk with overt sweetness was not right for me, but honeyed woods I could be tempted by.

    But it is clear he is talented.


    • Oh yes Kate,
      Even though not everything he makes works for me the ones that do are utterly swoon worthy.
      Portia xx


  2. My favourite is L’Oiseau de Nuit, although L’Ombre Fauve is quite nice too, not to mention Cozé and Aomassai. 🙂


  3. Pierre Guillaume is a genius ❤
    I have Praline de Santal and Entre Ciel et Mer, they are beautiful. I'm planning to order a big smaple box with ALL Guillaume perfumes))


    • Hey Anastasia,
      Yes, that would be a HUGE sample box. he is prolific.
      Glad you love him too.
      Portia xx


  4. This is not a house I’ve had much exposure to; I’ve only tried samples of Felanilla, Coze, Aomassai and Djhenne. Some of them seem a bit sweet for me, and I think I would probably rate Djhenne as my favourite amongst them.


    • Hey Greg,
      Yeah, if sweetness is not your thing then PG will probably be a big miss for you.
      I am not sure if I tried Djhenne. I will seek it out.
      Portia xx


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