Verveine Figuiere by Pierre Guillaume for Phaedon 2012




Hey Fumie Freakazoids,

Pierre Guillaume does some fun & interesting stuff in his Phaedon range. The blurb on the Phaedon Website says: The house of Phaedon was founded by two Parisian aesthetes with a passion for travel and the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean. I love that these scents are affordable beauty, Pierre seems secure enough to release at realistic prices yet still produce absolutely luxe scent. When the brand came out Tabac Rouge was all we heard about but the other scents in the range bear inspection also. So let’s…

Verveine Figuiere by Phaedon 2012

Verveine Figure by Pierre Guillaume


Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Top: Verbena, Fig leaf
Heart: Glycyrrhiza, Cedar
Base: Benzoin, Oakmoss

Lemon Balm and Lemon Verbena are different. I just learned that. Lemon Verbena is a hardy perennial South American plant and is used to flavour drinks, meats and salads. Lemon Balm is part of the mint family. Both can be grown in pots and are often brought indoors during winter. Mum used to use Lemon Balm to sweeten fish, add a pop to salad and in her famous alcoholic fruit punch. The net says that they are basically interchangeable in food.

Verveine Figuiere is quite different dabbed or sprayed. I’m going to talk about the spray today because that’s how I’ve applied.The opening is very lemon and a dry background that smells a little eucalyptus, it’s fresh and refreshing without any of the ozonic or aquatic tropes and is quite photo realistic of my childhood memories of cutting up minty lemon balm. So much so that I can even taste it. The woods take it out of fragrant trick into fragrance.

Verveine Figuier Phaedon François_Boucher_-_Madame_Bergeret WikiMediaWikiMedia

As the minty lemon zing softens, from nothing to a smellable contender comes a crisp fig smell. It’s only very dry to begin with but as the fragrances processes towards dry down the milkiness and sweetness blooms to a beautiful resinous foggy scent. I really love that Vervain Figure does a complete about face from sprightly zing to warm and mellow hug.

Dabbed the fragrance is more cohesive and has a much shorter story.

The other week I reviewed another of Pierre’s fragrances but didn’t include a pic. Sorry about that. Here’s a shot he sent me a while ago. Isn’t he beautiful?

Further reading: Scent for Thought
First In Fragrance have €89/100ml + Samples

Do you have a favourite Pierre Guillaume fragrance?
Portia xx

9 thoughts on “Verveine Figuiere by Pierre Guillaume for Phaedon 2012

  1. Oriental Mint for Phaedon. I love how this perfume acts as a shape shifter, from a minty opening to a full blown oriental tobacco scent. Have to confess I dont have many Guillaume scents to compare with.


    • Hey Jac,
      I loved Oriental Mint also. The house doesn’t get enough airtime, you should try some more of his work.
      Portia xx


  2. From the one of his I have knowingly tried, I can sense Pierre has poured his soul into the scent. He ibviously cares about the end product, and that is a sign of quality I respect in perfumery as an art form/creative endeavour. High time I got hold of more samples and give this talented fellow some attention.


    • But getting back to the the perfume, the only one from his lineup that I have tried is #19 Louange Profane. It was love at first sniff. Not easy to get hold of in 30ml bottles though. And it’s a line that’s not in wide distribution either. Can’t think why that is.


      • Yeah, I know OSSWALD NYC has 30ml. They send to the world too. Also his store in Paris, I bet they send to the world too.
        He is stunning, and vibrant.
        Portia xx


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