The Cannabis Collection by DSH Perfumes 2014




Hey Hey Hoochie Smokers and Non,

When parts of the USA legalised Cannabis in 2014 it created a new industry overnight. Well, I say created but actually I mean it brought an old industry out of the shadows, gave it a sheen of respectability, made them pay taxes and hopefully will keep the supply regulated, cleaner and more stable. Reports getting here to Australia talk about governmental areas that were financially suffering now having an abundance of cash reserves. Everybody wins and it also takes the business out of the shady hands of crooks and legitimises everyone involved.

If only the world would do the same with all other recreational drugs governments would never feel the penny pinch, everyone would know exactly what they were buying and the drug wars would be over.

Don’t get me started…..

The Cannabis Collection by DSH Perfumes 2014

The Cannabis Collection by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

DSH Perfumes

So my mate Dawn brought out a collection of fragrances to commemorate the regulation of the Cannabis trade. The Discovery Set comes with 4 samples and after giving them a quick whiff I think I’ll give you the DSH Perfumes spiel on two and mini review the other two. Hopefully that works well for everyone.

Agrestic by DSH Perfumes:

is a lovely fougere that conjures a sweeping hayfield countryside and the rural locales where many a plant is grown.

I Love You, Mary Jane by DSH Perfumes:

is a flirtatious and fruity cannabis with all of it’s sticky-sweetness showing bright and beautiful.

Rocky Mountain High by DSH Perfumes:

Balsam fir, bergamot, cassis bud, Choya Nakh, cannabis, chrysanthemum, clary sage, juniper, amber, olibanum, galbanum, oakmoss, green pepper, pine needles, sandalwood, sage, basil, Texas cedar, animalic “skunk” accord

There is so much more going on here than just the smell of weed. It’s partly a mixture of all the early Indies. You know that dank, mossy, humus rich, swampy accord that hides behind so many of the naturals? Then I think maybe that’s what bong water smells like in a mountain forest and I’m laughing. Pine backed by warm humanity and dirty water. Actually, 10 minutes in and Rocky Mountain High is beautiful, a balmy woodsiness that smells great.

DSH Perfumes has samples from $6

The Green House by DSH Perfumes:

Grass, vetiver, cannabis, bulgarian rose, chrysanthemum, civet, soil tincture, olibanum, gardenia, woody notes, green leaves, mimosa, parma violet, patchouli, tuberose and violet leaf

Clear, sharp air. The greenhouse starts in the early morning, it must be winter because over the smell of vegetation is the cold smell of snow. You can almost smell the sun coming up and all the plants responding by sending out fragrant whiffs of invitation. Somehow Dawn has created green fragrance that is everything green without the overlording of galbanum. It’s a green alive with promise and a whiff of reckless naughtiness.

DSH Perfumes has samples from $6

These are FUN. You won’t smell like a filthy pot smoking grub but you will smell fabulous, with a minuscule air of mischief.

Do you like the idea? Could you tell people you were wearing a dope fragrance?
Portia xx

10 thoughts on “The Cannabis Collection by DSH Perfumes 2014

  1. I’m sorry she produced these. I live in one of those areas that is (Now!) a primary producer of pot: Calaveras County–and all the hype of money etc. is overblown. Our very rural area suffered in the “Butte Fire” (200 homes lost, creating cleared land for massive grows–over 7000 licenses were released to grow pot, mostly to outsiders in one year who don’t know how to drive a country road. (There were admittedly a few small growers…who sold their pot to Humboldt so people could buy “Humboldt Pot”). Yes, I’ve smoked, yes I’ve done the research, made a few vats of green butter and can live the rest of my life without the stuff. It really doesn’t do anything for me.
    What it’s done for my town: vehicular deaths every day (where we used to have maybe one or two a year in the entire county). We discovered one really astonishing case of massive human trafficking–this is a small, western, rural cow and log town, mind you: human trafficking; I’ll never forget the image. We have a lot of people saying it’s all good now that it’s legal. My creek filled with fertilizer tells me it’s not. We don’t have enough regulation. Oh, and it’s great living with the large killer dogs everywhere, people with guns, high fences and stench. Imagine a trashy, burnt Napa–with pot. It’s not paradise anymore. For all the urban people smoking, drinking or having their wine and pot parties–those of us in a small county are suffering. I’d be delighted never to see the stuff again–unless it really was just for medical. I watch daily as people smoke it in their cars–and drive by (just yesterday, parked, huffing on his joint, pulls out in front of me at stop). There is a dark side, and this is one line of DSH that I will avoid.
    I know this IS about perfume, which I love, and as a non-religious progressive liberal who voted for Hilary, I imagine people may make judgements about me and my views. They don’t live with “Mary Jane”; I do. Our friends from Amsterdam are coming in September to our wedding and can’t stand pot like Americans *think* they do. So, I won’t be buying a perfume that may just smell like the mountains which have burned to bits, pokes of blackened former trees shooting up in the sky, and pot and the stench of it everywhere. The home I lived all my life, gone the incense cedars, oak, mint, lemon balm: now hell. My two cents. I admire a lot of edgy perfumes, but getting on this bandwagon, I won’t.


    • Glad to have you chime in with the other side of the story Shiva Woman.
      What a shame it hasn’t been regulated right. Shouldn’t it be under the same laws as any other market garden or crop farming?
      Portia xx


  2. I don’t smoke but I have never understood the ban on cannabis. Legalizing it will result in benefits for all the stakeholders that far surpass the meager benefits from the ban. There are many idiots in the US including current Attorney General Jeff Sessions who just want to appear tough and are still sticking to stone age beliefs despite what the evidence shows.


    • Hey The Accords,
      they are beautiful. I love how Dawn gets an idea and creates themes. So inventive.
      Portia xx


  3. If you think the cartels will let a good source of income go, I truly envy you your innocence. The wealthier smokers will pay the exorbitant prices for the legal stuff, and less well off smokers will still buy from their local dealers. The industry IS heavily regulated, but regulations are only as effective as the people who abide by them, right?

    We’ve quit going to Colorado altogether. We used to go camping for a few weeks every summer, but our favorite places are overrun with stoners and activities we don’t care to expose our children to.

    And perhaps it’s changed back now, but the first few years after legalization, downtown Denver was getting dodgier by the minute.

    No reason to bother with Colorado now, which is a shame, because I believe it’s the loveliest of the state’s. But Utah is wonderful as well.


    • Ha! Magda, a punchy opening. You’re probably right though. Hasn’t it even pulled the teeth of some of the cartels? And I’m pretty sure those cartels are even more careless about the environment.
      That’s a shame about your holidays, does Utah have mountains?
      Portia xx


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