What Is Making My Bath Bubble In August 2017?




Hi there Fumies,

As many of you already know I am a mad keen BATH person. I love the whole experience. Before I draw my bath I fully clean it, then as the water fills I make myself a cuppa to have while in there and make sure I have my Bath Glasses there for the phone games I love to play while soaking. I can happily spend an hour submerged and often do. It’s the best de-stress on earth.

What Is Making My Bath Bubble In August 2017?

Here is my current set of bath products to create the glamorous bubble baths I love so much.

Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers Shower Gel: Haven’t opened it yet but love the scent. A big pump pack for under $20!

Maurer & Wirtz Tabac Original Cologne: This is a cologne I put in the bath regularly if I have a late night bath. The smell is so lovely and leaves me softly scented for sleeping. It was my father’s scent and one of the things I loved about him most.

Penhaligon’s Blenheim Bouquet Bath Oil: Soft, lightly scented skin that feels smooth as silk on your wish list? Penhaligon’s do it right. Very low on bubble but when you feel and smell this good, who cares. This is a very old bottle that I keep refilling.

Robert Piguet Bandit Shower Cream: Found this recently on some USA site for a very reasonable price so bought a few. Lovely leather bubbles with a spicy wood whiff. YUM

Olympic Orchids Amber & Labdanum Bath Oil: The most lavish bath oil on the planet. Perfect as a base to any fragrance with amber or resins and the scent is almost enough on its own to get you through the day.

Roger & Gallet Cedrat: Zingy fresh citrus that bubbles like crazy, you hardly need any to fill your tub and the fragrance lasts under an hour on your skin afterwards.

Guerlain Shalimar: The one and only. I am pretty sure you guys don’t need to be told how luxurious a Shalimar Bubble Bath is?

L’Artisan La Chasse aux Papillons: The prettiest white flowers lightly sweetened that really does smell like flittering butterflies in spring.

So what do you use to bathe? Do you have a special shower gel, soap, bubble bath? Shares please in the comments.
Portia xx

35 thoughts on “What Is Making My Bath Bubble In August 2017?

  1. Hello Portia, I do love the Tabac original edc and edt. For bath bubbles I use their Foam bath. As I work part time in Germany a cheap supply of Tabac bath foam is always at hand. The other brand in use is dr Kneipp Bath salt and -oil.



    • Hey Jac,
      Funny you should mention it. I just had two LARGE bottles of Tabac Original Shower Gel arrive this week. Next time we talk baths you’ll see it.
      Portia xx


  2. Oh my gosh! I didn’t even know they still made Sunflowers much less in a bath product. I’m going to have to look for that! My current favorite bath product is Alba Botanica’s Midnight Tuberose bath and shower gel. I also love Bath and Body Works newer bath fizzies, especially the Hello Beautiful one. Unfortunately the cheaper products don’t leave much scent behind to enjoy later, but then they also don’t conflict with anything else I want to wear 🙂 Thanks for the heads up Portia!


    • Hey Kandice,
      Yes, it was my first Sunflowers bath product sighting and I couldn’t resist.
      B&BW are excellent fun, they leave only the merest trace which I love to layer over with similar stuff. There are a few in my waiting drawer that will come out soon.
      Portia xx


  3. Currently, shower gels in use are Frederic Malle Lipstick Rose, Lush Rose Jam (guess I like roses!), Mugler Cologne, and Philosophy Lemon Custard, very yummy and visitors like that one too. I remember the smell of a Sunflowers EDT(?) I had, think I will search out the shower gel, sounds wonderful.


    • Heya AnneT,
      LUSH Rose Jam is bloody wonderful, isn’t it? I love it so much. One arrived as a gift this week so it will be back in rotation very soon.
      Portia xx


    • How is the Lipstick Rose shower gel? I was torn between that and the lotion. The lotion is very beautiful but subtle. I am still tempted to get the shower gel just to make my entire upstairs smell like Lipstick Rose 🙂


      • It’s really lovely, scents the bathroom well and you get a good whiff of Lipstick Rose on your skin for a while after. I’ve not tried the body lotion and I’m tempted to get that to make the fragrance last longer on the skin. The shower gel is pretty concentrated so the bottle seems to be lasting well.


  4. Hey Portia, I have just finished my Shalimar gel and hanker for more, it’s lovely. I like the Kniepp lavender bath, quite good bubbles but does not leave skin scented.
    Sometimes I annoint epsom salts with a perfume sample that does not work on my skin.
    Lush has a new soap here called Ros argan, really mild with clay or something and it smells just like Rose Jam. Maybe in Aus soon…maybe!


  5. Top of the morning all!

    Baths are my daily must. Just for getting rid of the day. I have shower gels, soaps and a bit of oil. I occassionally use Evocative Perfume oils or Teone’s oils dropped into a hot bath if I don’t feel like my usuals. If I want a scent, but no product in the bath, I light up a candle.

    One of my favourites is Clinique’s Aromatics shower gel. But I then must wear the perfume later on.

    I love scented soaps. Best ones are Andy Tauer’s. Beautiful scent that fills a room, lovely to have on display and my eldest son loves the tactile qualities of it. Avoid any Dior soaps. Drying on my skin and mild, almost non existent scent.

    Hope your day is kind to you all. Kxx


    • Hey Kate,
      YAY! Another bath person!
      I have an Aromatics Elixir Shower Gel squirrelled away somewhere. Must find and use.
      Portia xx


  6. I haven’t had a bath in the tub for decades, not since I came to Australia. The weather in Queensland just isn’t right for it. Back in Germany, I used to have many baths in winter and mostly used Kneipp bath oils and Badedas.
    In the shower I rotate frequently, but nothing luxurious. At the moment I use L’Occitane Bergamote & Jasmin shower gel and almond shower oil. I also love scented soap, again Bergamote & Jasmin and the delicious Extra Gentle Milk Soap. Ah, and Badedas in summer. It has the freshest smell of them all. There used to be Nivea Shower Oil that was excellent for dry skin and had a very pleasant scent. Then one day it just disappeared, never to be seen again. I hate when they do that. Find something you love, then you can’t get in anymore.


    • Hey Ingrid,
      I remember having Bodegas as a kid but the smell I’ve forgotten.
      Do you ever have cool baths or do you have a pool?
      Portia xx


      • Don’t have a pool, but I’ve had a couple of cold baths many years ago when we had 40+ degrees. With no air conditioning, it was the only way to stay cool. Horrible memory. Now I have a bath tub in the new place but it’s ridiculously small, I might get stuck. And I would be bored to tears sitting in there like the Baldy Man.


  7. Hi there, I am a bath person too, it mainly started when I worked as a swim teacher and had to soak in the bath to get rid of the chlorine. I would add epson salts and a few drops of essential oils. Now I had been without a bath where we were renting for 14 months, and now we have one again and I have been to Lush and bought a few shower gels and bath bombs to indulge all over again. I am loving Twilight and Rose Jam at the moment. I also have a few perfume oils I sometimes add for that extra oomph.


  8. I am obsessed with LUSH products! Their bath bombs are amazing! They make one that’s green and smells like taking a walk in a rainforest early in the morning, when the sun begins to shine on the dew drops and heats them up to give off that wonderful, sparkly, fresh smell!
    I also have a bottle of Must de Cartier that usually sits in the bathroom, I add about 10-20 sprays to the bath water sometimes, and it is so peaceful and relaxing, and fills the bathroom with the most incredible scent for days!


  9. I too love a luxurious soak in the bath. Currently my Bath range includes Fracas, Aesop Geranium, Lacura Sweet Surrender ( – cheap one but gorgeous) Rose Jam by Lush and various bath bombs and bubble bars by Lush too. Weleda Rose Body wash that I use as bath cream, and various bath salts that have been gifted to me. Of course Epsom Salts also.
    My hubby has a lovely Tobacco one from Molton Brown. My 6 year old son has a Pineapple 🍍 Chuppa Chup one I am partial to also.
    Happy bubbles folks!


  10. I am not much of a bath person but I do love my soaps! Currently using Vanille Insensee, one of the many Atelier soaps I bought from Ari’s shop (Scented Luxuries) for Easter baskets for younger family members (yes, that was strategic as I knew they would share them with me!) Also, loving Bath and Body Works Brown Sugar & Fig Body Wash (really wish this came in an EDP format).


  11. I love baths. Lush Dirty Springwash for energizing, Rose Jam for relaxing.
    I have No. 5 foaming bath and a bottle of Shalimar just like yours Portia.
    The Bandit shower cream, Mitsouko soap and Malle’s Gerinium Pour Monsieur shower gel share my shower and tub space along with Barefoot Venus Mustard Bath ( perfect for when you feel sick) and a plethora of small single use packets from Korea and Japan.


  12. Well I do have a bath, but don’t use it as often as I ought to. So ,inspired by a few recent posts of yours Portia, I’ve begun a min collection of shower gels. The one I’m currently using in my shower was on special at my chemist. 3 bucks by LUX it is called Tahitian Escape. I have quite a few soaps… Hubby loves Pears soaps, but ,being glycerine the disappear quickly. Yesterday my package from Frag X arrived, containing a huge 200ml shower gel of EA Green Tea{will be great in Summer} and a bottle of Nikki st Phalle shower gel I’m planning on taking on my up coming holidays to Noosa!!!
    I’m thinking at Christmas I must invest in a couple of bottles of this LUSH Rose Jam.


    • Heya Saffyishere.
      Isn’t the Niki de Saint Phalle shower gel beautiful, so luxurious.
      Green Tea is a pump pack right? I love that one. Creates a lovely soft tea and white musk base. So nice.
      Portia xx


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