Scent Diary: 20.11 – 26.11.2017




Hi there APJ,

This week has been blissfully fragrant and as close to low key as I’ve had in a long time.

A few meals with mates but mostly it’s been Perfume, TV, Computer and Home. Loved it.

Scent Diary: 20.11 – 26.11.2017

Monday 20:

Want a BWF that doesn’t punch people in the face but still manages to remain hefty and a little breathy? Rouge Hermès is the answer. I wore it today and loved every minute.

Went and grabbed the dogs from the trainer. OMG they were so happy to see me. Jinx was sad that Jin wasn’t there but kind of happy I was.

Went to the bank again to re-organise the new card and where it sits on my internet banking. Aurio was there to help, what a handsome, helpful man he is. So sweet. Don’t you want to squish him into a big old bearhug?

Saying farewell to a glamorous friend? Guerlain Shalimar. It was a perfect fit.

Took Gaye’s ashes to Neilson Park. What a wonderful send off. Six friends in a water taxi, some finger sandwiches, wine and champagne. We remembered Gaye, chatted about her wending through our lives , scattered her ashes and threw flowers to mark her passing. As we let her go the sunset went golden and all of us sang “For She’s A Jolly Good Fellow”. What a perfect way to go.

Obviously after such an evening it was impossible to concentrate on my Trivia Q&A so I went to bed.

Tuesday 21:

7am up to do my trivia Q&A Tom Ford Patchouli Absolu today. Soft and plush patchouli. It keeps coming and going all day. I’m now at the nine hour mark and still smell fabulous. A powdery patchouli, MMMMMMM.

Powered through postage, banking, sampling, and the rest with Scott today. He put some vintage Bal a Versailles parfum on while here and the smell was fabulous, seriously gorgeous.

My sunburn is still tender so I didn’t get myself into drag for work tonight. Guerlain Lys Soleia. PERFECT!

Got home, fed and walked the dogs through a cool spring evening. Got home, watched a few eps of The Good Wife, chatted to Jin who is working nights. Spritzed Andrea Mack Sharp, that weird yet cozy, warm, woody, boiling sand scent.

Wednesday 22:

Day doing computer work.

Ex Nihilo Fleur Narcotique from a decant. I don’t really love this but for some reason I keep grabbing it and spritzing. It’s a thin white floral with a bunch of other stuff going on, slightly space age. Hints of freaky that I can’t stop huffing.

Filled in for one of the Queens at a gig tonight. Wore lashings of La Via del Profumo Mecca Balsam. Super spicy, resinous incense. It wafted up to me all evening at work and now I’ve triple spritzed to watch The Good Wife.

Thursday 23:

Woke up like surfacing from the bottom of the sea. Just as I was about to open my eyes the phone rang. It was a very nice way to wake. Wearing Armani Prive Cuir Amethyst, cool and clever fruity leather. I like it a lot.

Another computer day.

Watched the last episode of The Good Wife.

Hopefully this will be my last night not in drag. My burn has browned off but the skin is peeling a bit and it’s still quite tender.

Bath and Body Works Rainkissed Leaves in my bubble bath, Madonna Truth or Dare Naked lotion and L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Intense, inspired by a memory Kate Apted’s post gave me. Smells fantastic.

At around 11pm went to bed with Jin, 2am and I’m up, wide awake. Came and did a very small amount of computer stuff and had a cup of tea. Gave myself some Diptyque 34 spritzes and now back to bed.

Friday 24:

Day of visitors.

TinaG and Jean-Luc dropped in for lunch. We had a great time chatting and laughing, getting shallowly into politics and having a rumble about graffiti. Sandwiches and cups of Mandy Aftel’s tea, followed by fresh mango, strawberries, blueberries and yoghurt. YUMMY!

We opened a whole bunch of fragrant mail, so my next couple of weeks are sorted for posts. Can’t wait to get you all up to speed with this haul.

Then Phil dropped in for afternoon tea. Loads of news and excitement punctuated with belly laughs. Good day!

Jin had a bunch of king prawns in the fridge. I don’t like to eat them but begged him if I could cook for him. He was VERY skeptical but acquiesced. I made him Garlic Chilli Prawns with toast points, avocado, mayo and lettuce salad. So impressed with my work that I forgot to take a photo but Jin was really excited. It was a culinary triumph.

He’s up early tomorrow so we had a little snuggle before sleepy time.

Cacharel Liberté was tonights spritz while trying to get ahead with my Trivia Q&A.

Saturday 25:

Woke up gradually and got out of bed two minutes before the alarm went off. I love that.

Breakfast was delicious. Yesterday I cut up some fruit for lunch with TinaG & Jean-Luc and there were leftovers in the fridge. Mango, Strawberry and Blueberry with Yoghurt on Cereal and Milk. Bloody delicious. You can see my current favourite mug, a birthday gift from my BFF earlier in the year.

Paris was wondering why I am eating breakfast and not patting him. This is his come hither look that I usually find irresistible. He was pointedly upset that I refused his cuddly advances and walked over to make himself clear.

Arriving in the mail today. The BRAND NEW Goldfield & Banks Wood Infusion to review and do a giveaway for. YAY! OMG! I am swooning at this stuff. SO GOOD!

Quickest sluice bath ever, just a L’Artisan La Chasse aux Papillons soap up and a spray really. Then dressed up a bit nice and heavily spritzed Tom Ford Ombre de Hyacinth. I love its fresh spring zing, so green and fecund, smells like the Tarot Empress card should.

Indian dinner tonight for Alice’s birthday. The food was unbelievable. I had Goat Curry and Aloo Mutter Paneer with Garlic Naan. YUM!

Sunday 26:

Vintage Miss Dior Parfum. to go have a solo pedi. LOVED being there alone and enjoying the peace and quiet. Perfect way to wake up.


Then went and met Thierry from City Perfume. We tried Creed Viking (MUCH better than expected. A Patchouli, vetiver, resins bomb), the new Shakespeare line (particularly like Romeo & Juliette) and the new YSL frags Sleek Suede and Magnificent Gold (<My fave of the line).

Don’t forget the 10% Discount Code for APJ crew (AFG17) and FREE AUSTRALIAN EXPRESS SHIPPING if you spend over $150


The Zegna pair are interesting too; quite niche or even indie smelling. Boundary pushers. One smells like drinking a G&T in a wood panelled club room during India’s sweaty summer. So annoyed I can’t remember which one. Weird but yummy.

Came home and had a nap, then I couldn’t even work up the chutzpah to get into drag. BAD PORTIA!!! Luckily the Austral BC crew didn’t mind. Anna-Maria and I chatted about our next international adventure! YAY!


So what’s happening in your world? Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

28 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 20.11 – 26.11.2017

  1. Food glorious food! I am coming to your house and letting you feed me!

    Best fragrant event this week was receiving my draw win in the mail…worst was allowing the vintage Fendi to slip out of my tiny fingers and onto the floor to be wiped up immediately with my skinny wrists which smelled divine all of yesterday!

    You are having too much fun P 🙂 !!


    • Hey CM,
      YAY! So glad it arrived. BUMMER when we drop stuff but you got a good wear out of it, yeah?Smelling divine all day is a win. Does the house stink Fendi?

      PLEASE come over. we LOVE to feed our friends.

      Exactly enough fun I think.
      Portia xx


      • Yup, the house stinks Fendi but that is a good thing!!!

        Keep up the fun..I am living vicariously through you 🙂


  2. Hey Portia
    Fragrant greetings from the northern hemisphere. Just wanted to let you know that you’re one third to blame for this morning’s purchase of some vintage Miss Dior parfum, heehee. Your obsession with it put it back on my radar, then up it popped in my ebay feed, then on Tara’s blog what’s the first thing I see??? So what could I do? Something made me buy it. Not my fault. It was a good price too, so just a little treat to cheer myself up on this very cold, grey and drizzly morning.
    I loved your friend’s send-off, that’s what I’d like for myself as well. Or to have a little bit of me sprinkled in my favourite places. Of course this would involve me leaving quite a large legacy as it would involve a lot of world travel. I’d better stop buying perfume in this case, otherwise there won’t be a bean left.


    • Hey Cassieflower,
      YAY!! I hope you enjoy your vintage Miss Dior parfum as much as I do. If it’s a spritz make sure you spray the first couple into a tissue, it will be oxygenated and probably smell yuk for the first few minutes. Use this tissue in your sock or knicker drawer because the base will be perfect.
      Gaye’s send off was lovely, not a bad way to go at all. Very glam and moving.
      Bloody hell, spend it now, on you. Who cares what they do with your remains? You’ll be dead. Farewells are for the living.
      Portia xx


  3. Hermes Rouge, now that was a blast from the past. Used to wear and love that years ago! Loved your sendoff for Gaye.

    I want to get one of those dog beds like the ones you have, does it have a specific name?

    This week since I am finally (!) well again I have been wearing perfume again. Yay!


    • Hey TaraC,
      Welcome back to the land of the well. That lasted a few weeks, didn’t it? You must be glad.
      Thanks, I think Gaye would have approved.
      Those beds are called trampoline beds. They’re excellent because there’s nowhere for fleas to breed. Once a season we boil the jug and pour it over the bed, that cleans it perfectly.
      Which perfume?
      Portia xx


  4. As always, I adore reading your scent diary!
    Your recent choice of nail vanish is perfect for the nearing of summer. I love painted toe nails on men and i always insist my husband has his done for spring summer. I find it super chic and super sexy.
    I’d love to sample the Tom Ford Hyacinth fragrance. Vintage miss Dior …always magnificent!
    This passed week my fragrance highlights were YSL Yvress…totally dreamy, MDCI La Belle Helene….sensuous pear all fresh and fruity and finally, still working on sampling TomFord Shanghai Lily. I love it in the bottle and it’s lovely initially on my skin but like a few other TF fragrances, it fades very quickly to nothing 😕.
    Enjoy a wonderful week ahead 💗


    • Hey Melissa,
      YAY! I’m so glad your man wears polish too. It’s the best way to keep my manly nails looking swish, and I love the process.
      When Ombre de Hyacinth was first released I dismissed it as boring. NOW that it’s Dcd I can’t get enough. Bought this half full bottle of someone in a FB group. Don’t try it, not worth the heartache.
      Often with Tom Fords I need to respritz at the 30 minute mark. It more than triples scent life.
      Portia xx


  5. Love pecking into your life Portia -thank for sharing. I house sit for some friends who have a white and brown greyhound called Alice. Lovely dog, not as cuddly as the Dalmatian they used to have but when you come home from work she runs circles out the front garden, one way round and round and then she changes directions and then she just stops, and heads for the door!
    Wearing some Montale full incense today, with a spritz of LArt Vanille to calm it a little – i’m getting wafts of ginger, then vanilla. The weekend was all about Bond No9 Scent of Peace and Nuits de Noho, both of which smelt amazing when i first put it on but 20 mins later – couldn’t hardly smell anything. Even after a few top ups during the day it just didnt wanna stick. Which is sad because i have Chinatown and that lasts all day.


    • Hi there Melanie,
      Glad you like the Scent Diary. It’s cathartic writing my days.
      YAY! Your house sitting greyhound sounds cute as. Cuddles are different with a greyhound. To get yours used to it when it lies down come in behind it and cuddle. They’ll quickly get used to having cuddles and become much more tactile.
      I’ve been interested in Montale Full Incense, is it as the name suggests?
      Portia x


      • Portia, re the Montale – i get more ginger than incense. Its toned down a bit from this morning but first up its very fizzy. GInger beer comes to mind. Its quite sharp, thats why i added a little vanilla. Sweet, rather than smokey. Will put on a little more after lunch and see how it goes for the rest of the day.
        I’ve got some Commes des G Kyoto to try too and i think that will be more incensey (is that even a word?) thanks for the info re hugging greyhounds – will give it a go x


        • HA! I think incense-y is indeed a word in that it conveys meaning.
          LOVE the idea of ginger beer incense. I’m going to hunt this down.
          Thanks Melanie.
          Portia xx


  6. yesterday I sprayed a bunch of perfumes on myself, Shiseido Mai then Gendarme cologne, then cerruti essence homme, then vintage Zino and then vintage Van Cleef pour homme. The experiment has been a success and as expected, Zino and Cleef dominate. Can still smell after more than 24 hours but cannot figure out whether the beautiful wafts I keep getting are more from Zino or Van Cleef pour Homme though I suspect it is most probably Van Cleef.


  7. I love your friends send off Portia on the boat!
    Your toe polish and hairy feet look amazing as usual, its relaxing just by yourself sometimes, no need to speak, just vege out time.
    Bought a 30ml Anais L’original edt, that was exciting!


    • Hey Anna-Maria,
      Veg Out Time is my favourite.
      I bet you smell amazing in Anais Anais l’Originale
      Portia xx


  8. I love how your idea of a quiet week would have me panting with exhaustion.

    I had a really quiet week, very little time for op shopping even. I split my time between walking, eBaying and watching the cricket. Sunday I indulged my inner cinephile and went to see the Aardman exhibition at ACMI, including getting to see a real Oscar.

    The fragrance highlight would have to be Saturday’s lunch with a friend, who pulled out the Tauer Stories fragrances and gave me a try of each. I’ve left my impressions over on the SOTD thread.

    I’ve still got a huge amount of niche and vintage perfume to shift via FB and eBay. I’m cleaning out the collection prior to moving early next year, so that’s something I need to get cracking on.


  9. Hey Portia,
    What a week. Hope your sunburn is all healed now. Wow, Paris is a gentle beauty.
    I got to hang out with Mia over the weekend so that was great. We played an imaginary game of survival in the jungle and she threw a party in her bedroom just for me.
    Have you tried Twilly? Natalie from Another Perfume Blog has bought it so I’m very curious.


    • Hey tara,
      Sunburn healed, peeled and browned.
      Lucky Mia, a party for you GREAT IDEA! Was there cake and dancing?
      Nope, not tried Twilly yet. I think there’s a decant on its way to me.
      Portia xx


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