Kyphi by Ellen Covey for Olympic Orchids 2011


Erica Golding


Hello all of you perfume lovers!

Fall down a rabbit hole with me. I have stumbled upon a natural perfume that almost dives into chaotic emotion, yet somehow maintains a deep, peaceful balance. Its purity and elegance are just astounding. I sense echoes of my own vulnerability hovering above my skin as it rises around me.

Tonight, I am intoxicated by the vapors of: Olympic Orchids – Kyphi parfum

Kyphi by Olympic Orchids 2011

Kyphi by Ellen Covey

Kyphi Olympic Orchids Artisan Perfumes FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Frankincense, myrrh, benzoin, labdanum, beeswax, spikenard, henna, lemongrass, wild orange, calamus, cassia, cyperus, saffron, juniper berry, spices

If you love true frankincense and honeyed myrrh, you will lose it when you inhale this gorgeous composition! The intricacy and stealthy complexity of Kyphi make it unlike any perfume I’ve loved. The aroma is woody but not dry, sweetened but not gourmand, spiced but not sharp. Singing accent notes such as wild orange and saffron ring like laughter, easy and genuine.

I want to saturate my life with this fragrance. I want it in my hair, on my clothes, in my atmosphere, and on my linens. Kyphi is truly an achievement, a stunningly gorgeous study in ancient art and modern technique. Wear this parfum if you want tendrils of incense to reach into your spirit and caress the center of your being.

Kyphi Olympic Orchids British_Museum_Egypt Tolomeo_I WikiMediaWikiMedia

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Olympic Orchids has samples from $3

From Olympic OrchidsBased on the common themes that run throughout various ancient formulas for the Egyptian incense that was burned to welcome the night, this version of Kyphi is a 100% natural mix of resins, essential oils, and absolutes, a liquid version of the incense formula that can be worn as an uplifting and offbeat perfume and is especially well suited for meditation, yoga, or other activities that require concentration. 100% natural.

Kyphi Olympic Orchids Sphinx NadineDoerle PixabayPDI

Do you ever love a perfume this much, or am I just crazy? What else from Olympic Orchids do I need to try?

Until next time,
Love and light,

14 thoughts on “Kyphi by Ellen Covey for Olympic Orchids 2011

  1. Woo Hoo Erica,
    LOVE Ellen Covey’s work. Kyphi was one of the first I fell in love with too.
    Try the orchid scents, they are challenging and magnificent. Little Stars, Yellow and Red Cattleya. Genius.
    Portia xx


    • Little Stars has unfortunately been dcd – its one of my faves too and I’m savouring the last 20ml or so I have left 😦 Can’t say the same for Kyphi myself….I scrubbed it. But I love that it appeals to others, its one of the things I love so much about perfume! xx


      • Hi Jane, You can still buy Little Stars (I just sent some out last week) as a special order. You can submit the order by e-mail. There seems to be a lot of demand for it now that it’s discontinued! When I have time I’ll probably put up an “archives” category for things that have officially been discontinued but can still be purchased as a special order.


  2. You must try Gujarat. Spices, Mogul India, mystery, Tiger eyes, the spice bazaar. Safron, rose, cumin, cardamon,ginger, curry leaf,tumeric, mango, spikenard, patchouli, sandlewood. For warmer climes, Javanica is swoony, sweet, feminine, drowning in a dense jungle of flowers. Bergamot, orange, green tea, nutmeg, lily of the valley, rosewood, vanilla, olibanum. All of Ellen’s perfumes are worthy of a long look.


  3. Oops, I see the review was by Erica Golding, so thank you, thank you, thank you Erica! I’m glad you got to try Kyphi.

    I have no idea why all of my comments show up with this “recently posted” line. There seems to be no way to edit anything here.


    • Hey Ellen,
      We WANT the recently posted stuff to come up so everyone can read your latest posts. Lots of APJ people love to click the link and find new blogs, I often click them myself.
      I’d love to try the new fragrances, thanks Ellen. Great to see you over here at APJ.
      Portia xx


  4. I haven’t tried this line Erica, but you got me hooked on HOM and Solstice Scents and I L-O-V-E incense resin wood notes, and this sounds heavenly, so now it’s off to the races. This is more than “enabling.” 😉


  5. I’m obviously a late-to-the-party Luddite. It looks like anyone who posts using WordPress gets their latest post linked. Let’s see if it works the way I think it does … Sorry to take up so much space here, but It’s an experiment and I promise I won’t do it again!


  6. I have used up more than half a bottle of Ballet Rouges, a winter staple. Funnily enough I’ve not written about it. It‘s a deep red velvet rose. I have a bar of Ellen’s patchouli soap in the loo. NO ONE is allowed to use it, it smells divine, and I will keep it there until it no longer does. Hugs to you Ellen, and a marvelous review Erica. Hopefully I will visit Seattle sometime during the next year. xxxx


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