Scent Diary: 4.12 – 10.12.2017




Hello Australian Perfume Junkies,

SO MUCH PERFUME this week. It seems I have spritzed every two hours.

Also loads of fun and excitement in the rest of my life. BIG week.

Scent Diary: 4.12 – 10.12.2017

Monday 4:

MONDAY morning! It started out sunny and warm while walking the dogs but just as we came home soft persistent rain appeared. It’s misty and warm rain, very nice.

Lunch with Jin at a Vietnamese place up the road.

Working tonight, filling in for one of my girls because tonight is Sydney’s gala Night of Nights; the DIVAs. Drag Industry Variety Awards. Every queen and her hairdo will be out to see who won and who lost. It used to be my favourite night of the year, something changed and now I don’t think I’ve been for a decade.

Annick Goutal Musc Nomade bubble bath, Keihl’s Original Musk lotion and Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur fragrance. It’s a musky moment here at Chez Turbo.

Great fun tonight at Stonewall filling in. It was nice to catch up with all the girls and have hellos. I didn’t stay to party but came home, had dinner, watched a movie and cleaned the kitchen.


Now I’m sitting down to finish and send the Trivia Q&A. Just spritzed Parfumerie General Suede Osmanthe. I sit swathed in beauty.

Busy boy, busy life.

Tuesday 5:

I was up at sparrows fart to clean the apartment. Just the regular weekly vacuuming, bathroom (Jin cleans his own bathroom), kitchen and bin emptying. I had it all done by 9am, sat down and had a cuppa then got the dogs fed and out walking.

Wearing Goldfield & Banks Wood Infusion and loving myself sick.

Scotty is here. We got so much done today. Emails, Post Office, Bank, APJ Mailouts, Lunch and general chatter.

Bathed in Bath & Body Works Rainkissed Leaves, wearing Aedes de Venustas Palissandre d’Or. So pretty, a woodsy fragrance but the woods are tempered by a zing of pink pepper and the earthy smoothness of modern patchouli. Aides de Venustas are clever, they do fragrances that are interesting and extremely wearable, this is no exception. Not a big scent but quietly confident.

Wednesday 6:

Up early, well early for me. Dogs fed and walked, had a cuppa and off for a perfume adventure with my mate Tim. A couple of chest spritzes of Guerlain Meteorites from a decant to keep me fragrant till the real sniffing starts.

So first stop was the Annual CosMax SALE. It was quite fabulous. We were like kids in a candy store. I bought Guerlain Angelique Noire and Oriental Brulant, 2 x Burberry wet packs and a 30ml each JPG Classique and Le Male. There was SO MUCH great stuff I could have spent $2000 but only spent $360! YAY!

Then we went to the Estee Lauder Staff Shop where we bumped into Willa Zheng, ex APJ writer and all round good time girl. I bought 2 x Clinique Aromatics Elixir Shower Gels and Scott’s Xmas present, sorry can’t tell you in case he reads it.

Then home for a nap on the couch, then off to work tonight again.

I’m home now but tomorrow is a very early start. Good night.

Thursday 7:

3am bedtime. Original Lolita Lempicka EdP. Sweet liquorice cotton candy. Perfect to float off to la la land.

Woke up in a sweet violet liquorice fog, beautiful scent. Straight in the bath, even before feeding and walking the dogs, because I have a daytime Christmas party gig today.

What to wear for a daytime Christmas Party? Mugler Womanity! What else?

Came home and got undressed, had a little lie down. Got back up, fixed my makeup and went out to do tonights gig. This time I was wearing CHANEL Boy. It fit in perfectly over the Womanity and I got three lovely compliments on how good I smelled. YAY!

Now I’m home and completely stuffed.

A sneaky spritz of Tom Ford Ombre de Hyacinth before bed. NIGHT!

Friday 8:

Neela Vermeire Creations Pichola for a warm morning, full sunshine and not very humid. Perfect dog walking morning. The grevillias are blooming.

Jin and I were approved to buy a new townhouse nearby. This is a big deal. Having sold the Tasmanian properties we now have an excellent deposit for it. With it being so close it means there will be no travel to fix problems. It’s already tenanted with a family that loves it and doesn’t expect us to do a thousand improvements. Borrowing this kind of money makes me very jumpy and nervous and I relied on my Pichola to act as a calming agent, it did.

Parfum d’Empire Equistrius for a shot of gorgeous after lunch.

I can say honestly that my afternoon/evening was spent sleeping and watching TV. Nothing got done, no Trivia work, no house work, almost no blog work. It was blissful. I ate junk food, drank coffee, juice, water and was generally a slob. Currently re-watching The Crown on Netflix. Wonderful time, by myself with the dogs.

Saturday 9:

Arrivals Guerlain Lui & Insolence parfum

For the afternoon/evening I was wearing vintage Miss Dior parfum. Took Kath out for her birthday to our fave steak joint, Alice came too. It was bloody delicious. Afterwards we had ice-cream in cones YUMMMMM.

Bed Guerlain Floral Romantique from a decant.

Sunday 10:

Annick Goutal Songes inspired by a SOTD post this week. Great choice for this warm humid weather.

Jin and I grabbed charcoal chickens for Kath’s Birthday Lunch. It was a very nice morning hanging with the family.

O M G !! Walked into the house after work tonight and Jin had been cooking stuff. It stank. On top of that he had candles of all different scents burning to muffle it. My head exploded in a headache immediately. It was like being in a scent nightmare. I grabbed the dogs and fed and walked them as soon as I could to get some fresh air. Came back and it is much better, not perfect but bearable. PHEW!

It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fun or Fragrant, with Friends and Family or maybe even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

24 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 4.12 – 10.12.2017

  1. That birthday cake!! Yum!!! Looks homemade…and speaking of birthdays, a Marzipan in the house turned 18th this week and was wafting in her newly acquired limited edition Jo Malone Ginger Biscuit which I think is going to replace her Black Flower Mexican Vanilla as current most beloved scent very soon. She also decanted some into a very pretty red metal travel spray with “diamond” studs that we bought on Amazon and sent it to a very kind and generous perfumista friend who sent her lots of makeup and beauty product goodies not too long ago.

    I got a lovely package from a fragrant friend of DSH Campaigne du Bois and SSS Bee’ s Bliss which really made my day when it arrived. They are both fantastic fragrances. Gotta love the generosity displayed in the perfume community!

    And I am eagerly anticipating my decant of Wood Infusion 🙂


    • Hey CM,
      The birthday cake was Baklava, Biscuits and Nougat from our favourite Lebanese bakery. It was a WINNER!

      18! That’s a big deal. Congratulate your baby from us.

      Wood Infusion is the freaking BOMB! I know you’re going to go spare for it.
      Portia xx


      • I WANT THAT CAKE !!!!!!

        yeah, Wood Infusion might end up on my full bottle list (the one that doesn’t currently exist 🙂 !!!) Really looking forward to trying it….


  2. Baklava cake? Oh my!

    Congratulations on the house approval. That must be pretty exciting (if also a little scary.)

    Eventful week here, as I was still on leave from work. It was my first trip down to college for a year, to meet with my supervisors, and plan what’s coming next. Went to a seminar with two excellent papers given by fellow doctoral students, and then to the department christmas party, which was lots of fun. And, while I was that far south, and restarting my studies, I realised it made sense to go to London and get some archive time in.

    So I had a pretty blissful couple of days finally getting my mitts on a couple of the things that are central to my dissertation: some mid-1850s photo albums. One in the British Library, and two more in the V&A’s study room. It reminded me exactly why I am doing this research, having been away from it, and struggling with it before, unsure about whether or not to continue.

    The little side trip to Bloom didn’t hurt, either! (*so many amazing scents* I was almost giddy with the pleasure of it.)

    Long, slow trip home on a very delayed train. Writing up library notes on Thursday.

    And, on Friday, another adventure and a new addition to our household: a wee eighteen month old black and white scaredy rescue cat. And a super-lazy chilled Saturday, hanging out, watching movies, and reading in the bedroom all day while she settles in. (pics in linked instagram). The existing feline resident doesn’t seem too bothered, which is good news.


    • WOW Crikey,
      That’s a week and a half indeed.
      Do you find it easy working on the train. My mind is too busy seeing the world to focus decently but I have been known to blog on them.

      BLOOM! Did you say HI fro us at APJ, I love the bloom girls. We used to go to Spittalfields.
      Portia xx


      • I spend large chunks of my life on trains and have got the knack of working on long train journeys, It helps that I know the East Coast route so well, and so know where and when the landscape is too pretty to ignore. My commute through to Glasgow, not so much, though I think I need to learn to.

        Coincidentally, my supervisor was trying to persuade me to start using that time to write my PhD. (Rather than eat my breakfast and put my make up on and/or snooze…because seriously,he wants me to *think* at that time of the morning when I’m going to my non-study work?!)

        The Bloom crew were lovely. I should have said hi from you. Sorry!


  3. Expensive week here, had to buy a new sofa as the old one was really only fit for dog cuddles. Then today it reached 38 here and the fridge broke…it had done well for 20 years I guess, so off to buy a new one!
    Lavender scents kept me calm, Kiki and Aberdeen Lavander mostly.
    Also made a body oil with lavender and tonka essential oils, that is a nice combination.


    • yum yum yum to that body oil!! I love making body oils from carrier oils paired with essential oils…I just slathered myself with a body oil I made last Christmas that has fir balsam and amber ( I smell like the holidays) but I just shoveled snow and needed some aromatherapy all over….

      you must smell divine! that is a really great combo….


    • OUCHI WA WA in the wallet JackieB,
      When I moved back into our family home after 10 years elsewhere I was a bit skint so bought a second hand fridge off eBay for $50. It lasted a decade and we sold it as a fixture of the house when we left. Best $50 I ever spent.
      Portia xx


  4. Congrats on the new property.

    What is the new PG Suede Osmanthe like? I’m waiting on a sample. Osmanthus is probably my most loved note. Curious.

    Went out last night in the snow for husband’s work Christmas party. His best work buddy attended and I met his perfumista husband! Squee! His nose to my wrist in 3 mins. Hugs all around. Also Mr S won a iPad. Heh!


    • Hi KateSpritz,
      Thank you.
      Suede Osmanthe is like a grown up version of Daim Blond. Not the same but a sweeter, thicker, richer Aunt. The suede is more pronounced and dryer towards the end.

      Woo Hoo! Love having a new perfumista buddy!
      Portia xxx


  5. Nothing terribly exciting here, doing the big dirty job of sorting and organizing my umpteen million samples and decants. How can there be so many??? I swear they multiply in the night while I’m sleeping.

    I did make progress though, on organising the perfume stuff and my earrings. Gave away a bunch of stuff I don’t love to people who will enjoy it, a good feeling. Still working on the rest of the jewelry. Decluttering is good.

    Congrats on the new property! Real estate is so much more of a good investment than perfume. Wish I enjoyed it as much! LOL!


    • Hi TaraC,
      O M G Sorting decants and samples is super fun. How many excellent things did you find that you’d forgotten?
      Portia x


  6. Was a good week for me – some new furniture and bit of re-arranging/styling at home.
    Splashed out on some new room fragrances from Peppermint Grove (candle and reed diffuser) Had my lovely parcel from DAME arrive with so many lovely extras and i just got a text from Aust Post so i think my Tom Ford and Mancera samples are waiting for me!


    • Wonderful week Melanie.
      I like the Peppermint Grove candles, especially that ruched glass they use.
      How fun is moving the furniture around? I do it every time we are in a hotel.
      Portia xx


  7. I found all kinds of good stuff, including a few 15 ml Hermessences and tons of great samples I never got around to wearing. I put the samples in a big box and plan to work my way through them this winter.


    • Interesting Fazal,
      I don’t think of it as such but I do love it and it’s always on my desk or in my travel case. It’s bloody good and works so well in all situations.
      Portia xx


  8. Mia and I experienced our first panto on Saturday night and we both loved it. Christopher Biggins was fab as Widow Twankey in Aladdin. I’ve been wearing Tea for Two non-stop. It’s my run up to Christmas scent.
    Excited for your latest property investment.


  9. The annual CosMax sale sounds fabulous. Lucky for my wallet I live as far away as possible from there.

    I’ve been on vacation in Maui, so not the average week for me. Drank the best tasting pina colada of my life yesterday, (not that I’ve drank a lot of PCs), 😉. Also got rocked by a giant wave and then wondered why I had sand in my teeth later that night. I brought along travel sizes and samples of L’ombre dans l’eau EDT, and Neroli and Basil. Both are so refreshing in the heat. Also, wore the glamorous Bronze Godess shimmering body oil, and the innocent Prynn Parfums Le Mimosa.


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