Scent Diary: 18.12 – 24.12.2017




Hello Australian Perfume Junkies,

Leading up to Christmas week here. Getting as ready as we can and trying unsuccessfully to fit hangouts with everyone in. It has been fun wrapping everyones presents and seeing them during the daytime, when normally they’re all working.

Scent Diary: 18.12 – 24.12.2017

Monday 18:

WOW! 10am and 28C. I woke up in a sweat even though the fan is on. Muggy too. Still I want to feel pretty today so a triple spritz of SJP Lovely. Never fails to bring a smile to my face and in summer is perfectly bracing. I feel chilled through.

Wendy came over today so Jin could help her organise her new computer. We had lunch and chattered, then they watched TV while I ran some errands. It was a lovely day.

Then visited Kath’s Mum who was not in a good way at all. Hugs and tears all round.

Jin and I then went and got Baklava from Sydney’s best and most famous Lebanese sweet shop, Abla’s. Baklava is the universal cure all.

SO HOT, it’s like my skin is burning in hot water. I’m bringing the fan in here. It’s so hot that I don’t even want fragrance on me.

Tuesday 19:

Scott and I worked through the 42C heat and it nearly broke us. Bloody hell. 1pm drives to the bank, post office and around about left us sweating and panting.

It is so hot I made a cool Radox Bath Salts Bath. Instantly my whole body started to feel like it could function again and thought became possible. Getting out afterwards into the superheated air was like walking through warm treacle.

I wore CHANEL Boy tonight to work. It got a couple of random compliments but honestly I couldn’t smell it after the first hour or so. It seemed like more than our fair share of crazies were out last night. Had a rather unsavoury contretemps at the RSL with a slightly unhinged person. It all ended with his eviction and was a little unsettling but no harm done to anyone.

Bedtime; So hot and sticky (31C at 1am) I’m sweating just sitting at the computer. We do have the AC on dry mode which has cooled the living room and Jin, the dogs & I will sleep there. Dogs on their beds, Jin & I on the couch. Neela Vermeire Pichola. It’s plush, creamy white floral over green and resinous base is a perfect heat beater.

Wednesday 20:

WOW! Got a fabulous nights sleep. The whole four of us slept till 9am and then Jin had to go for a medical appointment and I fed & walked the dogs. Got their nails clipped at the local vet at the same time. It was bloody hot out thee and we arrived home panting, me sweating as well.

What better heat beater than Frederic Malle Geranium Pour Monsieur?

It was so cooling I respritzed again after lunch while opening this years Christmas Cards. There has been a drought this year and I did only about 10. If one of these is from you then you are a freaking HERO!! Seriously. I love getting them.

Visited Kath’s Mum in hospital in the afternoon and she seemed sunnier, if no better. Having just been for a walk there was a healthy flush and twinkle in her eye. She already had visitors so we didn’t stay overly long.

Jin cooked Korean Chicken Curry and we had it with Brown Rice. He is a wonderful cook and I love it when we eat together. Today we also watched this cute TV show about otters that didn’t like water and how they got retrained to love it.

Tonight Alice has grabbed tickets to the closing night of an original Australian theatre production. Called the Bodybag it’s a spoof on the Bodyguard. Can’t wait to see it. The producer and star is a mate of mine Trevor Ashley, well know around the Drag Scene as Cleopatra Coupe.

Tonight I’m wearing Teone Reinthall’s Antarctica from a decant. It is outrageous in this heat and has nothing to do with the cold icy turn the name suggests to me. It’s very furry and I’m enjoying it immensely.

Bloody Hell The Bodybag was hilarious. We laughed so hard. Excellent show. Here we are before & after

Thursday 21:

Blessed relief. Woke up today to a sensible 24C and some cloud cover. It’s still like walking through a pool, humidity wise, but at least the air isn’t burning my lungs like a sauna. The dogs were 100% more lively on our walk this morning.

Wearing Hermès Eau des Merveilles again. Such a splendid summer staple.

Went and saw Kath’s Mum, with Kath. The doctor was trying to get a canal out and all of a sudden it was rivers of blood. GAK! Poor Mum. I did ask if they would PLEASE get the nurses to do all the needles, canals and blood relateds from now on. They are SO MUCH BETTER at doing it all.

Then Kath & I went shopping for a while. It was nice to just aimlessly hang out, she’s good company.

Jin and I FaceTimed today while he was working. Isn’t he the cutest thing EVER! It’s weird that we both look so serious, and it was an accidental capture, but I thought you should see him in his work clobber.

Salt-Anne sent me a beautiful pic of a similar Niki de Saint Phalle bottle so I sent her a pic of mine. So beautiful.

Tonight I went to dinner at the Kings Park Tavern. A farewell for one of the teams that have played since before I started there. It was a lovely evening, food was excellent and we had a wonderful time. Bittersweet because I probably won’t be back without my Thursday booking. Very sad. We had so much fun I forgot to take a photo. GRRR!

For bed I popped on some Mona di Orio Oiro, a powdery white floral with soft creamy ylang & amber holding it steady. It smells luxurious and very elegant.

Friday 22:

Up early to feed and walk the dogs. It’s freaky outside, cloudy, not very hot but so humid that I feel wet. Big day out today with friends so I’m going to jump a train and get it started ASAP. Wearing Diptyque 34.

First friend I organised to meet today is Phil. He has a brand new new office and I had an Office Warming gift for him. Then we asked across town to see “Rembrandt and the Dutch golden age: masterpieces from the Rijksmuseumat” at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. It’s a special exhibition and I have been looking forward to it. The exhibition is a really good size, not too much so you leave with brain overload and a very nice selection of the genre. We found our guide lacked the ability to engage us, which was a shame. She knew ALL the facts and rattled them off impeccably but I felt no personal attachment to the works, and gained only a little knowledge under her onslaught. Then we went down to the Members Lounge and lunched. It was really nice.

Met Evie in Macquarie St and we had sidewalk drinks and chatter. She is such good company and wet had OODLES of catching up to do. Then we headed off to the NSW State Library to see “The Sydney Morning Herald’s photography exhibition Photos1440: the best published and unpublished images by Sydney Morning Herald photographers from 2015 to the present.” It was spectacular. Some interesting, moving, shocking and heartwarming photos. All beautifully shot and gave us so much to chat about as we wandered. We also managed to squeeze in a fun Aussie Pop Culture exhibition too. All for FREE!

Jumped a train to Kath’s, we had to go do some Bunnings shopping. It’s our major hardware chain and has everything, for the Non Australian readers. Just some planters and soil for a repotting job. Before we got there though I finagled Kath into visiting one of my favourite warehouse reduction places, Victoria’s Basement. A homewares heaven. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to go there and come out empty handed. It was super fun. I even managed to have a bunch of bowls jump off their precarious perch. We saved three but one hit the floor and became shards.

Met Jin outside Kath’s apartment because he works around the corner. We had to do some last minute shopping and grab some of the food necessary. Dinner was at our second favourite Sushi Train and then Jin treated me to a shared dessert (triple chocolate mousse cheesecake: To Die For and of probably) and extra chocolate at Guylian. It was so fabulous and decadent.

Bubble Bath with L`Artisan Parfumeur La Chasse aux Papillons.

SOTBed Issey Miyake A Scent in outrageous amounts. Just kept spritzing and respritzing till I was a fumigation machine.

Saturday 23:

Jin and I were up early and I had a quick spritz of Guerlain Mitsouko EdT.

Walked the dogs, visited Mum at the hospital, did some early morning shopping.

Came home and Jin has started cooking the pork for Christmas. He also does extra crackling and that is superb.

A lovely lunchtime nap. We have the AC on dry so instead of supercooling the air it takes the hot sting and the water out. It leaves our living room a haven and runs at less than half the cost. We have the dogs on their beds and we take the couch. We didn’t even bother to leave the TV on, just a cool quiet room to sleep in.

Found out today that the hotel that has finished Turbo Trivia after about 15 years will be bringing in a new crew after new year and moving it to a better area. I’m glum.

What better way to beat the glum than triple spritz some perfume? One of the newest DIOR Privee, Souffle de Soie from a decant. Review coming soon.

In the evening I went into town and Kath & I went on our annual prawn buying expedition to the Sydney Fish Markets. We catch public transport down on the 23rd night, grab some dinner and shop. The markets are open for 36 hours in the lead up to Christmas and usually they are jam packed. Tonight was not so busy and we even got harbourside seats for dinner and watched the sunset. It was unbelievably beautiful. I could have stopped there for another hour and just chattered away.

Tonight for bed I spritzed The Scent Of Departure DPS Bali. A fun coconut-centric tropical perfume filled to the brim with yellow and white flowers over a vanilla base.

Sunday 24:

Woke up and gave the house a vacuum, boy cleaned the bathroom, fed and walked the dogs. Gave myself some healthy spritzes of Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Teazzura. A cooling, dry, tart and lightly creamy sweet concoction that lasts about an hour, two if I’m lucky. In this heat I’m getting about 40 minutes before I’m left with a soft laundry musk and a sparkle.

TinaG dropped by on her way to family Christmas and we had Sue’s Christmas Cake and fresh cream with Fortnum & Mason Royal Blend tea and Wirra Wirra Mrs Wigly Sparkling Moscato. Jin was awake and we had a lovely festive time.

Did some blogging in the afternoon but it was pretty lethargic, it’s too hot for prose. Felt the need for some divine beauty this evening so Fort & Manlé’s Charlatan got a lovely wear in the heat.

Made tomorrows Potato Salad, cut the Pork & Crackling and then lay around the couch under the fan till walking the dogs tonight.


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fun or Fragrant, with Friends and Family or maybe even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

20 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 18.12 – 24.12.2017

  1. When one door closes another one opens so I am certain you will find another gig for another 15 or more years of fun and memories.

    I want that chocolate cheesecake mousse!!!!!!

    The eldest Marzipan is home for a few weeks from college which is lovely. Will be getting together with my eldest childhood friend of 50 years in the upcoming week for some Indian food at our favorite local Indian restaurant so I am looking forward to that. Christmas will be very quiet this year which is exactly how I like it. The sloth that I am will be celebrating it in my Pjs and bathrobe with lots and lots of good food to feed my insatiable appetite.

    Hope everyone has a peaceful and blessed holiday!!!!!


    • OOH and I forgot to add, have you ever come across the Nikki bottles that have your zodiac sign? they are quite interesting and have a personalized touch.


      • Hey CM,
        Yes, glum but not worried. There will be more gigs.
        HA! That chocolate cheesecake mousse was freaking AWESOME!

        Enjoy your Indian catch up and low key Christmas

        Yes, I’ve nearly bought those Zodiac NdSPhalle bottles dozens of times. I currently have one in my cart. OOOPSIE! Might have bought it. SHHH!
        Portia xx


  2. A good week – work Xmas lunch was great – work all done until the 3rd.
    Had roast pork tonight with ‘better half’s’ kids tonight but I can’t match Jin’s crackling! Potato bake and sticky date pudding made ready to add to table for Christmas lunch with family tomorrow. Looking forward to new Hugh Jackman movie for Boxing Day.
    Enjoying some tunes & a glass vino before Santa arrives… cheers everyone xx


    • YAY! Holidays Melanie! Yippee!
      Jin’s crackling trick is ZERO OIL! He cuts it, salts it and throws it in the oven, on the top shelf and voila! He’s a freaking GENIUS at it.
      Have a lovely family lunch and yes, I’m looking forward to the P T Barnum movie too.
      Portia xx


    • Yes, that movie sounds great! Hugh Jackman is the best…he donated a massive amount of money to WAAPA, where I teach, and I just love him. So there.


  3. I have been sick with flue and a sinus infection but I did make the homemade eggnog yesterday. A creamy, whipped delight. I have to ask, Portia — pork cracklings and potato salad — what is your tradition for Christmas? What all do you eat with those two items? Does it change each year? Growing up, we always did turkey and trimmings at Thanksgiving then a ham at Easter; so, Christmas we alternated a turkey or a ham because my mom’s company always gave her one. Later in life, we decided that got old and turned to homemade lasagna every Christmas, which takes two days to make and one to “rest” before cutting. Then, dad died two years ago, and it’s just the two of us. We ate lasagna out the yin yang last year. So, a new tradition this year is prime rib, roasted carrots and parsnips, and scalloped potatoes. Taa daa!


    • Hey Gina,
      Get well love. Missing Dad heaps I bet too?
      OK, so often in Australia each household gets asked to bring a meat and a salad or dessert. Jin does the BEST pork and crackling of anyone I’ve ever known so he gets that job and my Potato Salad is the pick of my dishes so I do that. Kath is bringing Prawns and Smoked salmon. Someone else is doing Turkey, Ham, Chicken and various salads and desserts. It means no one family has to do ALL the work and because it’s so hot here almost everything is cooked the days before and eaten cold.

      LASAGNA is my freaking favourite. You lucky ducks.
      Portia xx


  4. Have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones, my friend. Hope to see you soon, perhaps in February. Need to do some more perfume shopping 🙂
    Martin and I will be at home over the holidays, nice and quiet, no stress. It’s too hot to go anywhere.


    • YAY! Thanks Ingrid.
      Can’t wait to see you again. February is perfect for us.
      Enjoy the peace and quiet.
      Portia xx


  5. Merry Christmas to all APJs. Shopping completed this evening. Spent an hour in the woman-crèche (wine bar) while hubby did ‘important stuff’ by himself. Dinner prepped for tomorrow and desserts done. Phew 😅 Pressies left out for the grand-kids. They will probably be up at silly o’clock. Hectic few weeks gone by and now kicking back. New year will be spent in Munich with mad friends, a whole change of scenery. If I should stumble upon one of the shops selling Parfumerie Generale I just might HAVE to buy some Louanges Profane.


    • Thanks Cassieflower,
      Sounds like a terrific holiday season to me. Congratulations on being done early. Good luck on the Parfumerie Generale hunt, I hope you find it.
      Portia xx


  6. .Santa was superbly generous to my 7year old. We’re having a quiet and cool afternoon- I’m browsing through DSH and Velvet & Sweetpea’s sites. I really, really want to try Laurie’s body frostings.

    Tonight I’ll make Kasmiri pilaf, lemon-dill paneer and beetroot with orange and pistachio salad. We taped the last hour of Carols by Candlelight, so will watch that.

    Portia – sending magic vibes for another awesome gig.
    Merry Christmas to all APJers! Wish you a fragrantically fabulous day ❤️


    • Jyotsna! You sound like you are having the perfect Christmas. Food, Family and Fragrance! Heaven.

      Thanks for the vibes. Fingers crossed.
      Portia xx


  7. Ha too hot for prose! best line Portia! but I agree its been too hot this week.
    Jins’ pork is the best!
    I roasted my first Turkey this Christmas Eve, Marc made the lasagne and we had all the kids home. It was a great afternoon but very hot.


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