NEW! Souffle de Soie by François Demachy for DIOR La Collection Privée 2017 + GIVEAWAY




Heya DIOR fans and lovers of fine fragrance,

Sorry I didn’t get to this beauty earlier but there has been a slew of new and old that needed my nose on it. Having already written about Sakura I put the others to the side and continued to work my way through the backlog. For some reason though Souffle de Soie jumped into my hand this morning and this evening I thought I’d give it another round and report on it for you all.

Souffle de Soie by DIOR La Collection Privée 2017

Souffle de Soie by François Demachy

Souffle de Soie by DIOR La Collection Privée

I could only find on Basenotes that Iris and Black Pepper are the notes but nothing else so I’m flying pretty blind as we meet Souffle de Soie together. Once the note lists come out we can all laugh at what an incompetent I am at parsing notes.

Light wet and cool like peony but warmed through with pepper, resins and spices. Creamy herbal green like basil or cardamom, some clean, lightly tropical white flowers. The iris is wet cardboard and cool earth with a very small whisper of dough. We are about 5 minutes in and Souffle de Soie seems to have become a skin scent. It’s still changing the air around me but is not noticeable as a perfume. It’s become a soft wash of scent that could almost be me but is far more beautiful.

If you need your fragrance to stand up and shout across a room, or even a table, then Souffle de Soie is not for you. BUT if you love the idea of smelling luxurious buy don’t think it’s anyone else business then this could be your new go to. Only those you hug will even know you have such a gorgeous scent.

Souffle de Soie GIVEAWAY


This week there will be 2 winners who will receive:
1 x DIOR Souffle de Soie decant (from my decant)
P&H Anywhere in the world


Open to everyone worldwide who follows AustralianPerfumeJunkies via eMail, WordPress, Bloglovin or RSS. Please leave how you follow in the comments to be eligible. I must be able to check that you follow so if you have an email address on your gravatar that’s different to your follow address then please email me so I know. Yes, you can start following to enter, in fact it’s encouraged.

You must tell me how you follow APJ


Please tell us a DIOR scent that you love or hate and what it is that makes it so


Entries Close Sunday 31st December 2017 10pm Australian EdsT and winners will be announced in a separate post.
Winners will be chosen by
The winners will have till Thursday 4th January 2018 to get in touch (portia underscore turbo at yahoo dot com dot au) with their address or the prize will go to someone else.
No responsibility taken for lost or damaged goods in transit



38 thoughts on “NEW! Souffle de Soie by François Demachy for DIOR La Collection Privée 2017 + GIVEAWAY

  1. For me, it will always be Poison. I bought a bottle for my mum with my first paycheck. She had never tried it before and never stopped after that. I made sure she ALWAYS had a bottle (and a backup or two) 😄 I could never wear it but I love it. 💕

    I follow by email. Thanks APJ – gorgeous giveaway.


    • I haven’t tried this but the name, “Absolutely Blooming” reminds me our amazing legend of an horticulturist, Peter Cundall. He would wish viewers a “blooming marvellous time.


  2. Hi Portia. DNEM as this would not be something I’d be interested in. I’m not a fan of iris, and I do like my perfumes to “stand up and shout across the room.” Ha. (Loved that line.). But it sounds lovely for someone wanting a quieter scent. Thanks for the review.


  3. I follow on Facebook and email.

    As for Dior, I own:
    Leather Oud
    Bois d’Argent
    Patchouli Imperial
    Fahrenheit (vintage 1995)
    Miss Dior
    Miss Dior Originale
    Grand Bal
    Cuir Cannage
    Oud Ispahan
    Pure Poison
    Cologne Blanche
    Homme Sport
    Homme Intense
    I love leather oud, patch imp, vintage Fahrenheit, Dune and Cuir Cannage. My only hate was Cologne Blanche.


  4. Thanks for the opportunity, Portia, I follow by email.

    My favourite Dior is Tendre Poison. There is, to me, simply nothing else that comes close. I am not good with notes or descriptions, but to me it is a warm green, a spring green of big white flowers, buds and leaves, blossoms and sunshine but with something darker and more mysterious at its heart. Utterly unlike any other fragrance.

    Tendre Poison is also what sent me down the rabbit hole, first desperately searching for backups for my stash, then the futile attempt to replace it in my heart with something else, then just collecting lovely things with the understanding that this one will always be my ‘always’.


  5. I’ve always liked Diorissimo because of the realistic lily of the valley, the flower I got for my birthday from my father every time until his death. I’ve tried the latest version and it’s still lovely.
    I follow via email and thanks for the giveaway.


  6. I love Grand Bal and Ambre Nuit, but don’t own bottles, yet. For summer several scents in the Escale range are sooo nice in hot weather, I’m on my second bottle of Escale á Pondichery (please excuse any spelling mistakes).

    This new creastion seems a bit too quiet, but I am still intersted in testing. I like the smøøthness of all the creations in the private range, smooth but not boring.

    I follow via email.


  7. I follow your blog on WordPress and my favorite Dior scent is Dior Homme, before they ruined it and made me mourn it’s loss and hate it’s nasty impostors.


  8. I have recently gotten acquainted with some of the Privée and fell in love with Gris Montaigne 🙂 it’s so polished and calm and gorgeous! I follow by email; thanks, Portia!


  9. Thanks so much for the chance. I have fallen in love with Cuir Cannage, and it was my planned ( and purchased) holiday indulgence last year.

    I enjoy following by email and Facebook


  10. I own a few from Dior, my favourite being either the original Addict or Miss Dior Le Parfum, I honestly couldn’t pick between those two lovelies!

    I follow by email.


  11. I love vintage Dior, Miss Dior (the original one) being my absolute favoutite amongst them all. I also own and wear Diorissimo (the cologne version is quite good), Dioressence, Diorella and Dune, – its salty vibe is excellent! Poison is, alas, a poison, I can only sniff it from the bottle once in a while.

    As for the current Dior, I rarely find something full-bottle worthy, the latest one was Dior Homme Intense back in 2014. We don’t have their more exclusive perfumes where I live, so maybe I’m yet to meet a modern Dior I might love.

    I follow by email, by the way. Thank you for a great giveaway!


  12. I just know I’m going to get some shade here, but not a Dior fan with one exception: Eau Noire–luhv it. I’m a sucker for coffee and this perfume is one of the all-time greats, discontinued as I understand and a fortune on ebay. But it’s fantastic and I adore the green color as well. I’m draining the last of my vanilla-rootbeer Hypnotic Poison and not planning on replacing it; over the years, the synthetic smells are doing me in, and this has a plastic note that I do not enjoy. I am planning on some Mitzah and hunting down VINTAGE Poison, but overall, not a house I frequent!
    This one does sound interesting, but I too like a perfume that throws a little.
    I follow on ebay; thank you for the giveaway.


  13. The only Dior that I really know is Mitzah. I love its creaminess and that it smells great from the opening to the drydown. Genius stuff. I follow by email. Thanks!


  14. Hi Portia, I’m a newer follower through email? TBH, feel embarrassed to say that I have not tried Dior perfume before….

    But I’d love to get the chance to try.

    What I (think I’d) like about Soufflé de Soie is the intimacy of the fragrance, just for yourself and those close to you. 🙂

    Thank you for the giveaway!


  15. I follow by email.
    Dior is by far my favorite house. I have so far, Miss Dior, Addict, Hypnotic Poison, Dior Homme, and my newest love Ambre Nuit. Of course I still have to get the elusive Midnight Poison and the original Poison. Ambre Nuit is like nothing I’ve ever owned before. It’s creamy, warm and comforting, like a big hug from my late Grandma, who I’m still mourning. That’s why I love Ambre Nuit, it’s like a big hug, not that it smells like my Grandma, she smelt of Cashmere Bouquet powder.
    I would gladly be broke and have Ambre Nuit as my signature scent, I would spray 10ml on everyday.


  16. My favourite Dior is Amber Nuit. I love amber fragrances and this is one of the very best. Too expensive for me to buy just yet, though! I have to be content with my little decants.
    I follow via email.


  17. Like a few others, I don’t have any Dior favourites although Miztah captures my attention every time it gets a mention here. I am giving Miss Dior a trial care of a few samples. No need to enter me Portia, while this perfume sounds delightful I prefer my perfume a little louder. Good luck everyone!


  18. Dior has a special place in my heart: Diorissimo was my wedding perfume, and I was wearing the mouth-watering goodness of Escale a Portofino when my now-husband proposed.
    I follow via email and would live to try this!


  19. My favourite Dior Scent has always been Eau Svelte – it’s my signature scent and has been for years. I’m trying to learn to love Diorrisimo as I have a gorgeous fresh vintage bottle, but I just can’t get past the Lily of the Valley. It gives me a headache which is heartbreaking.


  20. I LOVEEEEEEEEE Dior Homme in first formula and continue to hoard it. I didn’t know I love the smell of lipstick so much until I smelled dior homme. in fact, I didn’t even know it is possible to capture the smell of lipstick so brilliantly in perfume until I smelled dior homme. i don’t know how lipsticks smell today but I remember how they used to smell so irisy in 80s and 90s, judging from the lipsticks my sister and cousins had. I follow APJ by email and FB.


  21. I followed by email
    One Dior scent I really enjoy is Eau Noire, it is not really subtle or practically not there but it does smell very natural sweet and herbal and kind of brings to mind another version of myself…


  22. hello Portia! I had Miss Dior Originale from France, it was the real thing. I had hardly used it when one day decided it was too talcy and powdery. Crazy what. I sold it on eBay. Not long after I started pining for it. Seller’s remorse, kicking myself for getting rid of a good one. So I went and bought another 100 ml edt Miss Dior except it was just the edt without the Originale tag on it. It is thinner, lasts way shorter, and there is something synthetic about it. Very similar but not as rich. Still Miss Dior is my favorite, I’ve had all those Poisons at younger age, but no more now. I follow via WP and email.


  23. Hi Portia, I’m really excited for these new Dior Collection releases and it was great reading your reviews for Sakura and Souffle de Soie. I’m very interested in Rose d’Egypte as I’m very interested in buying a great rose fragrance and am also interested in some of the other new ones like Lucky and The’ Cachemire. Have you been able to try those and could you let me know what you think? I’d really appreciate it. I live in Los Angeles, so it is probably going to be awhile before they come out here unfortunately, so your opinions are really helpful. Thanks so much and hope to hear from you.


  24. Hi Portia, Sorry for the error – I believe the new Dior rose is called Rose Gipsy, not Rose D’Egypt (I don’t remember where I saw it listed as such). Anyway, I was just wondering whether you’ve sampled it, and any of the other ones. Thanks so much!


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