Scent Diary: 8.1 – 14.1.2018




Heya APJ Crew,

Whirlwind week. Perfume and peeps, art and travel to Adelaide with Jin, Eve and Lola. There’s been loads of great food and adventuring. Life has been very good to us, now I need a bloody rest.

Scent Diary

Scent Diary: 8.1 – 14.1.2018

Monday 8:

It’s late Sunday night. Came home, got out of drag, chatted with Jin as he went off to sleep, spent a couple of hours doing nothing on the internet, spritzed some Oliver & Co Ambergreen and I’m off to watch TV

Up at sparrows fart.

Caught the bus & train to the Art Gallery and met up with Sue and Marion. We wandered the Dutch Masters and then had some lunch.

Afterwards we caught the ferry round to Marion’s in Rose bay where we met up with her family. Chatter turned into afternoon tea, turned into dinner. It was a sensational day.

I got home completely buggered and still had to write Trivia Q&A.

Tuesday 9:

Finish Trivia Q&A about 2am. Still 28C. Jin is asleep on the couch with the AC on and a ceiling fan above him. I join him.

RAINING! Like looking into a fishtank. Jin can’t ride his bike in this weather and his car needs fixing so I drive him to the station at 4am.

Just getting back to sleep, it’s 6.45 and the Doorbell goes! Freaking delivery.

OK, spritz some CHANEL Antaeus. LOADS of it.

Finally, I think I have one hour and 15 minutes to sleep and I’m dozing. Suddenly I’m bolt upright in a sweat. Haven’t edited Val and Erica’s posts into the blog for today & tomorrow. SHIT! I have NEVER worked so fast to get two posts in before.

Whores bath. walk the dogs, get them in the car and go collect Anna-Maria for our days adventure on my way to the dog trainers where the boys will be spending the next week. On our way to the gallery we stop at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair for a photo. Best spot in Sydney for it.

BACK to the Dutch Masters with Anna-Maria at AGNSW. It’s even better the third time, I feel like I know the works, have heard them described and stories of their creation. Now I get to look, with my knowledge, and drink in the magic and majesty. So good.

We grab some lunch and spritz a decant of Le Labo Jasmine 17 because it’s in my bag and I love it.

Bubble bath. Rainkissed Leaves by Bath & Body Works.

Divine EdP.

10.30pm and our flight is cancelled tomorrow. MAD SCRAMBLE to get new tickets and organise Eve & Lola.

Wednesday 10:

Instead of 7am flight we are now leaving 3pm. Lazy morning on computer, doing post, hanging with Jin. Very nice.

Guerlain L’Homme Ideal Cologne. Eve was very impressed and enjoyed it, complimenting me when we hugged hello.

Arrived Adelaide safe & sound. Went for dinner and then a walk up Rundle Mall.

Our apartment is very nice.

Thursday 11:

Today is our first full day of Adelaide Holiday. Each day one person gets to decide the activities. We gave this first day to Lola and she filled the day to the brim.

I wore a few spritzes of CHANEL No 19 Parfum today. It held up beautifully well into the afternoon and then I lost it BUT when I took my shirt off to shower at midnight I could still smell the oakmossy/vetiver far dry down.

Jin cooked Bacon and French Toast

Beachhut Fun Park. Dodgem Cars, Putt Putt Golf, Water Dodgems, Arcade Games, Water Slide Tubes

Stand Up Paddleboards while Jin & I were ankle deep.

Mojitos and cards. We hung out at Boards On The Pier and had the BEST Mojitos I’ve ever had, they were so delicious Jin tried to steal mine.

Met up with our girlfriend Carol from the Ghan for frappes and chocolates then wandered around Glenelg for a bit.

Eve & Lola cooked Beef, Noodles and Greens Stir fry, bloody delicious. Coles faux Almond Magnum Ice Creams for dessert

More cards.

Watched Tom Cruise & Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow from 2014. Excellent action Sci-Fi.

Blogged, Showered, Bed.

Friday 12:

Super spritzed Phaedon Tobacco Rouge. Especially YUM for our cooler day today. Clouds and rain but still comfortable and warm enough.

Central Market where we had Kimbab Korean Sushi for breakfast, and I had a Potato Topped Pie.

Then we went to some wineries, lunch at Maggie Beers, more wineries and home by 5.40pm. Jin and Eve were happily boozy and I was designated driver. While they were boozing Lola and I played cards and met the wineries dogs. As you can see Jin went from happy smiling person to rancid drunken mess, he was so funny.

Dinner was a Soy Chicken Thigh, Onion and Wilted Baby Spinach with a Potato, Bacon and Cauliflower Cream side. We had Piper Heidsieck champagne.

Then we watched Dr Strange movie and bed. BIG day.

Saturday 13:

Got up and had breakfast. Mushroom, Onion, Gruyere Omlettes, Toast and Salad. More Phaedon Tobacco Rouge

Walked to the Adelaide Zoo in time for it to open where we had a guided tour till 11am when the Giant Panda feeding and information event happened. Then wandered around till about 12 till we discovered the Sausage Sizzle and Hot Chips rotunda. Four hungry people fed for $20!

Uber-ed up to the Central Market where we had Crepes and Coffees.

Wandered back to the apartment. Spent a while recalibrating and then Jin and Lola decided they would stay around.

Eve and I wandered down to the South Australian Art Gallery and took a tour.

Dinner around the corner from our apartment  in Peel St. Super cool and rocking even early, we had TUMMT burgers and a few drinks. Very chill and fun, yes we played more cards.

Tonights movie was the very enjoyable Suicide Squad.

Sunday 14:

Sorry. Few pics or story.

Got our stuff together, jumped on a plane. Wore CHANEL No 19 parfum. it was cool and perfectly poised.

Train and bus to Parramatta. 30 minutes at home and then off to Trivia at Austral BC.


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fun or Fragrant, with Friends and Family or maybe even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? How is or was your New Year?
Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

20 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 8.1 – 14.1.2018

  1. Portia,
    I think my favorite thing about following your scent diaries is the amazing friends and family group you have! So many adventures, with so many different people! I know you realize how lucky you are. I live in a lovely suburb full of lovely large homes where everyone is so busy working, and taking care of their homes and running their kids to 10,000 activities that it’s hard to carve out quality time with friends. Stage of life, I hope – someday we’ll downsize to less house maintenance and start having daily adventures again. I’m living vicariously through you! Have a wonderful week!


    • I live in a suburb as well with lots of folks working two to three jobs to make ends meet so I understand the challenges we all have in carving out time for friends….or even family. I am fortunate in that I have a best friend with whom I communicate with daily via email and that helps me feel connected…..I guess it is better than nothing 🙂

      I too hope that once all three are off in college there will be more time for adventures…like you said, stage of life we are in. And I would like to downsize as well..our house is quite small but the property is not and between mowing in the summer and snow removal in the winter it has become a bit of an undertaking for two old geezers (hubs and I 🙂 )


  2. Like MMK I am also living vicariously through you!!! That bath! I cannot remember the last time I took a luxurious bath!!! (and I love Bath and Body Works….especially when they are having their sales!)

    Mojitos and ice cream and all that wonderful food!!! Love it !

    My week was so so…was sick for the first half and spent a good amount of time drinking herbal tea and living in my essential oils rather than wearing mixed media. Given that I have a substantial essential oil collection as well as numerous concoctions I have made combining with other ingredients I might just continue for this week…..they do count as SOTD, right? Just checking 🙂

    The eldest goes back to college today…hubs has a seven hour round trip drive 😦
    She is very excited to go back so that makes me happy.

    Waiting impatiently for spring to arrive as I am so done with cold weather and snow!

    hope everyone had a great week!


  3. It’s been a calm week, thankfully. I went out to see the Greatest Showman, and I liked it a lot! Yes, at times I did wish for more musical numbers but mostly because those are quite good. It’s always a pleasure to hear and see Hugh Jackman in a musical, the man is awesome.
    Almost forgot: I wore Hypnotic Poison. I wish the almonds in it were more bitter but other than that, it’s a nice addition to the Poison family.


      • Melanie, I’m glad you liked it, too! I’ve already downloaded the OST and I hope to see TGS again tomorrow 🙂 The best thing about it, as it always happens with good films, is how happy it’s made me feel.


  4. Sounds like a fun week! But you get package deliveries at 6:45am??

    We had a nice quiet week here, a bit of cooler weather and rain, but back to 24C yesterday, just perfect. Been doing a lot of yoga, journaling and perfume sampling. Nothing has really grabbed me, although the Mancera Choco Violet is weird and fun. 🙂

    Made a batch of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall killer brownies last night for my stepson’s birthday treat. Total chocolate decadence. The recipe is available on The Guardian online (it is the cocoa one, not the beetroot one). Yum!


  5. What a fun/delicious holiday you seem to be having! I hope every minute is wonderful.

    However. (Ahem. Stern look from under the brows.) You have neglected to tell us what color polish you have on your toes in that lovely bath photo. DO TELL.

    Also, I despise the EdT version of Rainkissed Leaves — it was highly, highly chemical on my skin — but I wonder if I would do all right with the shower gel. I often find that situation with B&BW scents, that the body products are fine when the liquid fragrance is too something-or-other.

    No. 19 is so great in the heat, isn’t it? xo


  6. I’m happy that I have time again to read your funny perfume blog. The days in December were filled with various obligations and I couldn’t follow for a while…Chanel Antaeus – is it still so beautiful as it was in the eighties???
    I was on a Peru trip with my daughter for 10 days. We travelled from Lima to Cusco to Ollantaytambo and then to Machu Picchu. It’s a beautiful country with lovely people. The sceneries were out of this world. Nature is truly amazing. I’m so glad we’ve done this trip it was worth every sol (Peruvian currency). The perfume of the trip was Jasmine Angelique from Atelier Cologne. It fitted the humid climate during the day and the cooler evenings.


  7. I am having a big, silent hissy fit! Portia and Jin in Adelaide again and I am away … and sick as a dog. Some kind of virus with fever, headaches, body aches, coughing, and now a lost voice. Full kit and caboodle! Glad you’ve had such a great time in Adelaide. I love reading about you with your lovely community of friends and family, too.


  8. My daughter came up from Sydney, we spend a day on the beach and discovered a great rooftop bar with terrific life jazz music. If and when you ever come to visit, Portia, we’ll have to go there! Saw a movie “Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri”. Brilliant! Did some shopping at Pac Fair and spent way too much money.
    I don’t feel so good about myself at the moment because my self-imposed famine isn’t going very well. I’m good for 2 or 3 days, then I eat 5 ice creams. But your scent diary always cheers me up.


  9. What a lovely, fun filled week Portia – thanks for sharing! Your post reminded me that the Masterpieces of the Musee D’Orsay is coming to the Adelaide Art Gallery in May. I’ll put a note on my calendar 🙂
    Back at work with only a few people in the space so thats been nice. I’m housesitting for some dear friends (its a regular gig!) so i save 45 minutes on my work commute. I’ve watched stacks of tennis and happy there is two more weeks of it here. There’s foxtel where i house sit so i usually get sucked into a few episodes of ‘say yes to the dress’ Found new oz perfume site with some pretty amazing prices (parfums de luxe – melb based – opening specials perhaps?) and have been enjoying my recent lot of samples. Been to the movies again – Coco (by Pixar) was fantastic and then took sister & nieces to see Greatest Showman – love it!


  10. What a lovely week you’ve had Portia! good you got to sleep in for the flight on Wednesday.
    My week off work I got to see AGNSW with you, one day at Bondi, and the rest just home resting, netflix and reading. Wearing the latest La Vie est belle, a gift from Dom. Its actually stronger than the original and I dont hate it.


  11. Your lovely post made me realize two things. 1. I have not had enough ART in my life lately, I need exposure! and 2. No 19…Dear sweet perfume gods, I need more in my life right now!


    • Yes! Moar Art and Moar No 19. Yes! Great gobs for everyone.

      I haven’t had much art but am making daily sketches. And I’m wearing 19 right this very minute!


  12. So much fun- woot! I am a bit jealous but at least this week there weren’t all those pictures of food. I’ve only ever been to Adelaide on work trips.


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