Café Tuberosa by Jérôme Epinette for Atelier Cologne 2017




Hello lovers of NEW!

There were already rumblings about Atelier Colognes newest frag before it was released. It was the kind of hype I’d not felt about a scent in ages. The using of polar opposite ingredients, breaking with tradition, interesting, exciting, NEW! So obviously as soon as LuckyScent had some, and because it comes in a very freaking sensible 10ml spritz I grabbed one while ordering something else.

When my package arrived Café Tuberosa was the very first thing I opened and spritzed. Since then I have found myself utterly ambivalent and find myself unable to put into words why it produces such mixed reactions. Especially when a few noses I really admire are RAVING about it. Seriously giving it 5 unreserved stars. Then I wonder if I’m smelling it in Summer to their winter, or maybe my skin is giving it a weird twist.

Café Tuberosa by Atelier Cologne 2017

Café Tuberosa by Jérôme Epinette



Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Calabrian bergamot, Sicilian mandarin, Guatemalan cardamom
Heart: Rose oil, Indian tuberose, coffee
Base: Madagascar vanilla, cacao pod

So today I’m going to let all my previous wearings (I reckon I’m down about 2-3ml) be history and we can wander through this experience together.

Radiant white floral for a split second and then a dark milk coffee vibe. Milk Coffee Ice Cream is how my skin is throwing it today, orange-choc-coffee ice cream. We have a thing here in Australia called Jaffas, it’s choc-orange. Add a splash of coffee and you’ve got it exactly. Sadly this fabulously fun opening doesn’t last. We now enter the tuberose section, a cool, minty tuberose with  chocolate as the backdrop. Yes, we still stay gourmand but now I’m getting an After Dinner Mint vibe, that isn’t terribly minty but suggesting it. It is fresher and cleaner than most tuberoses and feels clear, sandblasted of all it’s breathy, fleshy, sensual qualities.

Café Tuberosa Atelier Cologne Jaffas WikipediaWikiMedia

The weight and heft of Café Tuberosa diminishes considerably about now as it hits a radiant white floral with hints of vanilla and chocolate like a Top Deck. Here’s where the fragrance becomes linear and lasts for hours humming away softly but insistently. A perfect choice for people who need to maintain a moderately soft fragrance all day or night long.

Yes, Atelier Cologne took a chance. Yes, they did a good job, the fragrance is smooth and wearable. Do I want to smell like this, yes and no. I really want to wait for the cool of autumn to give it another try.

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LuckyScent has from $26/10ml

So what is your take? Is Café Tuberose a sin or a win?
Portia xx

17 thoughts on “Café Tuberosa by Jérôme Epinette for Atelier Cologne 2017

  1. Hey Portia! I gave this a good old whirl at Sephora in NY in October last year, and my reaction was pretty much like yours. The opening of coffee and cream is fun and pretty, but then it develops into the same sort of creamy chocolate tuber-floral-truffle thing that Tom Ford’s got going in Noir de Noir, Black Orchid, Velvet Orchid, and the like – like an almost overly rich mixture of honey, cream, truffles, and white flowers, etc. Seriously, an hour after putting it on, I kept sniffing my arm, wondering why I smelled Black Orchid, and then Noir de Noir, when I hadn’t sprayed any on. I worked out later what it had been (sprayed a lot that day!) and was tickled to see that Atelier Cologne had cheekily figured out the secret ingredients to Tom Ford’s special sauce! Would I want to wear it? Nah, it’s too amorphously rich for my blood, but then again, I own Noir de Noir and rarely want to wear that for much the same reason. Big kiss to you!


    • Hey there Claire,
      I’m so glad you had a similar experience. Sometimes I really question what my nose and brain are telling me because it’s so different from many other bloggers.
      I don’t have Noir de Noir but now I want to at least try it.
      Portia xx


  2. I absolutely love this fragrance which was a surprise to me. While I love tuberose, I don’t usually care for chocolate or coffee notes in my perfumes. This was also a surprise coming from this brand as I haven’t fallen in love with any of their other perfumes up to this point. I will say I can’t imagine wearing this is summer. It’s winter right now where I am, and it’s absolutely perfect for the cold, dreary days. Another plus in my book is that it comes in a small travel spray through Sephora. It’s only $26 US dollars which puts it far ahead of any of the Tom Fords which are not in my budget right now. For me, this fragrance is a huge win!


  3. Hi Portia!
    I loved the opening of this, the coffee is amazing. But there was definitely something about the dry down that didn’t make me want to run out and buy some. I gave it a few tries at Sephora and felt the same way… and it’s winter here!


  4. I love it! Love the coffee blast and hours long floral drydown. I get compliments every time I wear it so it does work well with my chemistry. I bought a big bottle.


  5. I love love love coffee and very dark, unsweetened chocolate notes in perfume. With the exception of about four or five Atelier perfumes I really have been overall unimpressed with the line up until Cafe Tuberosa. I started with two travel sized bottles and am considering a larger one. For me, the first ten minutes are just pure joy and heaven. The next two hours is pleasant and I agree with many that the dry down in the last 5-7 hours is gently sweetened vague floral, and yes, office friendly. This is all remedied by occasional hits for the opening. The scent for me does conjure up a coffee shop specifically in Santa Cruz, California where you walk in and are greeted by the incredible rich roasted smell of coffee along with vases full of flowers.


    • Hi there Shiva-woman,
      Interesting that this is the first to strike a chord from the house. So good that you keep trying them just in case and you got a win.
      Portia xx


  6. Love love love it! which was a huge surprise to me; the combination just pushed a button for me in the best way possible. But you’re right Portia, for me it is a classic cold weather scent, wearing it in summer with the milky and coffee/chocolatey notes doesn’t appeal. xoxo


    • Hey RobertH,
      Great to see you! Always a happy surprise when you drop by.
      Yeah, I’m pretty sure that cooler weather will render it MUCH more wearable. Can’t wait to retry it.
      Portia xx


  7. I really like this house and gave CT a whirl a few times in Sephora as I am always on the hunt for a good coffee fragrance. I liked it but not enough to purchase a full bottle. For now my large sample is good enough 🙂


  8. I have not tried this yet. It IS ony radar though. I’m a tragic coffee hag and I am a complete sucker for tuberose. Remains to be seen if I like it… I never imagined I’d ever like Coco Mad or love Jasmin et Cigs, but it is proof anything is possible.


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