Winter 2018 Agence de Parfum Launch




Hi there Fumies,

Wednesday saw the Libertine crew and Agency de Parfum hosting their annual Winter shindig to launch the newest scented stuff to be available at Australian retailers. I chose the morning session because my day was cook a block with catch ups and meetings. Luckily Ainslie Walker was also there and we got to chatter and sniff together for an hour. Some interesting new launches to get up to speed with.

Winter 2018 Agence de Parfum Launch

About 12 of us were there. Bloggers, journalists, TV and all sorts seeing what new stuff we can expect. Gavin took us through candles and Michael showcased fragrance.

Cire Trudon, L’Artisan and Carrière Frères 1884 all have new candles.

Lalique is making a serious bid for the perfumistas dollar with two new lines. I really love the feel of the bottles in the less expensive selection. Can totally imagine having a couple off these in my collection for sensual tactile pleasure alone.

The very expensive Lalique line is already becoming popular among perfumistas. I’m seeing pics and reviews on Facebook and blogs. The one that really stood out to me as particularly beautifully done was Lalique Fleur Universal 1900, a light, feminine and pretty look at the floral chypre genre.

One of my favourite houses Miller et Bertaux have a new sandalwood based fragrance and it is good. REALLY GOOD! I will be laying down some cash for this baby in the very near future. Miller et Bertaux Indian Study/Sandalwood +++

Creed is bringing out Travel Sizes in Winter 2018. 3 x 10ml and you can but a case for safety. This will be excellent to share with a couple of your fume friends.

L’Artisan also has a couple of new colognes which were quite nice. Very wearable.

My goodie bag held a bottle of 1976 by Floris.

Other highlights included

Penhaligon’s Empressa EdP: Giving Empress a base, heavier on the patchouli. Excellent lasting power with a fizzy sizzle right down to the base especially good if you love Coco Mademoiselle.

Penhaligon’s Elizabethan Rose. If you like your roses like Perfumer’s Workshop Tea Rose but want some extra bells & whistles then this could be the one for you.

Penhaligon’s Belgravia Chypre. Here Penhaligon’s further adds a warmth to the depths of a chypre. Anyone dreaming of being a high society hit will want to smell this beautiful baby.

All of these products available at Libertine Parfumerie with Free Australian Shipping.

For some of you overseas these products are not brand new. We get stuff a little behind you all.

Till tomorrow, please be kind to yourself.
Portia xx

10 thoughts on “Winter 2018 Agence de Parfum Launch

    • Hey Diana,
      Yeah, it was fun and informative. Always good to be able to touch the product and have a sniff among others.
      Portia x


  1. Thank you for the pictures and the information. I don’t think I have seen Lalique’s expensive line so far. Creed in 10 ml travel size, he? Good that many houses now turn to the travel size, but each house has a different case and that makes it a bit expensive.


    • Hey Neva,
      Yes, totally excited for 10ml Creeds. Let’s be honest, I’ll probably never use more than that of the ones offered but I would LOVE to have them in my collection.
      I don’t think you need the case really. A little Bubble Wrap would keep your stuff safe en route.
      That Lalique Prive Line is pretty fab.
      Portia xx


  2. Wow! Lovely! those Lalique bottles! and yes do get your hands on Indian Study….I am looking forward to a possible review from you on that one 🙂


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