Sepal by Corey Newcombe for Criminal Elements 2015




Hey there Perfume Lovers,

Criminal Elements is an Independent Australian Niche House now run by Corey Newcombe, but originally a joint enterprise with Aelfric Spector who has changed continental addresses. The house is making wonderful Indie fragrances. They are not safe and comfortable but raw, interesting, filled with passion and adventure. If you have spent your life this far smelling department Store scents then these are going to blow your mind. They may take a little adjustment time but once you get them, fabulous.

I continue to spruce Indie Houses because I believe that they are the only ones really pushing fragrant boundaries. They are not so tied to economic constraints, can experiment without being test marketed into mediocrity and are full of the real passion of the perfumer. Criminal Elements are just such an outfit and I urge you to try their stuff.

Sepal by Criminal Elements 2015

Sepal by Corey Newcombe

Sepal Criminal ElementsCriminal Elements

Criminal Elements gives these featured accords:
Clementine, mimosa, orange blossom, ambergris, musk, magnolia, civet

Creamy orange blossom and sweet orange open Sepal. The waxiness of the mimosa adds an interesting counterpoint, keeping Sepal grounded. If warm sunlight on a cool day had a smell then this would be it. Sepal smells like that instant defrosting your body does after you’ve been cold as soon as the sunlight hits your skin.

A clear, bright fragrance where the orange blossom is king. Simple but not dumb, Sepal manages to have an excellent depth and story. I love that the opening stays around for so long. With only nuance changes really the first half hour manages to maintain the excitement and beauty of the initial blast.

Sepal by Criminal Elements late beach afternoon dimaswijaya550 PixabayPDI

It’s amazing to me that this perfume has been made without coconut or vanilla, I keep getting mental flashes that it’s a coconut/vanilla/white floral but somehow this tropical leaning fragrance is done without either and manages to invoke the spirit of standing on a beach in the last rays of sunlight before dusk appears. A cool breeze awaits the dying of the sun to refresh and awaken you for evenings activities.

Criminal Elements has samples from $5/2ml
They also do a terrific Sample Pack in their signature briefcase $45/8 x 2ml. VERY freaking cool.

Criminal Elements Sample Pack in their signature briefcaseCriminal Elements

What is your favourite India house?
Portia xx



19 thoughts on “Sepal by Corey Newcombe for Criminal Elements 2015

  1. That briefcase is to die for! Love it! Sepal sounds right up my alley as I love a good orange blossom.

    Right now my favorite indie house is St. Clair Scents 🙂

    Thank you Portia for introducing me to another great Australian indie house.


    • Oooh also Chez Marzipan I just noticed Goldfield & Banks popped up on Luckyscent’s spash pages … not that I was there browsing or anything…


      • OMG!!!! I need to start saving my pennies! Glad to see that a US niche online store picked them up because the fragrances are stunning 🙂


    • Hello CM,
      Great to see you.
      This is Orange Blossom done SO right. I think you might love it.
      Yep, the briefcase is freaking stunning. I play with it regularly. Snapping and unsnapping the locks. Too cool.
      Portia xx


  2. Sepal sounds lovely and I think their sample pack is so cute! My favourite Indie line is Teone Reinthal Natural Perfumes – my collection is slowly growing and I fall in love with each new one I try. Teone weaves magic with her notes and creates heaven in her bottles. I’m so glad I found this line, and the amazing woman behind it.


  3. You are absolutely right Portia, there are so many great Indie Houses out there and at a certain point it’s absolutely necessary to explore them. If you’re a fraghead, of course. Sepal sounds amazing and the notes are beautiful too.
    My favourite Indie Houses are Charenton Macerations and Bruno Fazzolari.


    • Ooooh! Very cool choices Neva.
      You know I only sniffed one of the CM guys and I loved it. Never did look for the others. Thanks for the reminder.
      Portia xx


  4. If they ever start shipping to the US that briefcase is mine!! So awesome. I’m a big fan of indies; Sonoma Scent Studio is (was) my first indie love, have been trying some DSH, Olympic Orchids and Mirus Perfumes of late. It’s definitely a different experience than just sniffing at Nordstrom or Sephora – I have smelled plenty of perfumes that I would never wear (but very interesting to experience), also found some that made my list.


  5. I wish they shipped to US! I adore orange blossom and would love to sample Sepal with ambergris and civet. Intrigued! My favorite Indie house include DSH, Auphorie, and Areej de Dore.


  6. I’ve been a huge fan of Criminal Elements for a while now. I’ve gone full bottle a number of times – Hearth, Pyrus, Blackwater Thistle, snd Simon owns Hollow – but Sepal is my firm favourite. I’ve received many compliments when wearing it – a friend loved it so much that she bought her own bottle!

    I’m writing this in bed, still half asleep, and still smelling of the Sepal I sprayed on before bed last night. This stuff has some serious longevity! Thanks for wring such a great post about one of my favourite fragrances. xo


  7. I support indie Houses too. The best way to find something extraordinary in perfumery!
    Are Criminal Elements available offline somewhere? I’m going to Melbourne at the end of March and planning some perfume shopping.


  8. I got a sample of Sanguinem Harena when I entered their naming comp and I was super impressed. I actually want a full bottle. Keen to try the rest of the line!


  9. That briefcase looks awesome! I’ll keep them CE in mind, they sure can make an impression.

    Currently, Dusita Parfums seems to be my favourite indie house. Also, I’ve never tried but heard a lot of great things of Fort & Manle.


  10. My favourite India house is Taj Mahal 😉
    I love Criminal Elements. I got kindly sent a decant of Sepal from AFN member and fell in love so much that I got a full bottle. Get lots of complements on that one even from my husband who usually tells me that I’m wearing too much perfume.


  11. I brought myself CE orig. sample pack, which doesn’t contain Blackwater Thistle. I do love Sepal, but Hearth has my is perfect on a cold Winter’s day.
    Opus Oils and Neil Morris are indie brands I’ve tried a few samples of. I’ve also purchased Obsidian from Neil Morris.


  12. That sample pack is gorgeous! Must try Sepal. Not such thing as too much orange blossom. I love that there is another Aussie indie fragrance house. I am currently in love with Fort and Manle, and Teone Reinthal.


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