Scent Diary: 9.7 – 15.7.2018




Hey there APJ Crew,

This week was low key. I still managed to see some buddies, wear a bunch of perfume and have a good time.

PLUS…… Tara Arrived

Scent Diary: 9.7 – 15.7.2018

Monday 9:

Up at sparrow fart to get myself into the Dentist bright and early. As you can see fro the Circular Quay train station view the weather in Sydney is perfect right now.

I was worried because normally I see my Dentist every 3 months but it’s been 6, because it slipped my mind, and the last week I’ve had some bloody gums while brushing. Fortunately things were pretty good. I love visiting Ryan the Dentist, I’ve known him for decades, trust him completely and send anyone looking for a Dentist to him.

Wore Giorgio Armani Prive Cuir Amethyst. Beautiful.

Then caught the train to Rhodes Shopping Mall to go to IKEA. Jin met me for lunch.

We stopped off at BFF Kath’s Mum & Dad’s house to do some small electrical work and a spot of gardening for them.

Came home and both had naps, then I started watching the Twilight films that I’ve not seen before. Jin has scuttled off to Night Shift and I’m about to write TRVIA Q&A.

Trivia Q&A nearly finished but my head is swirling. Going to bed.

SOTBed: Neela Vermeire Creations Ashoka. Love the figgy/woods.

Tuesday 10:

Jumped out of bed, fed and walked the dogs. Finished my TRIVIA Q&A and sent everything to the girls. Printed my own set out and organised it for the week.

I’m sitting here in a cloud of Boucheron EdP in the old bottle. A big assed old white and yellow floral with a hefty base of animal and woodsiness. Heaven.

I thought Scott was supposed to be here for Office Day ay 10am but it’s his week off. So instead of doing my work I bummed around with jin, had some lunch and a nap.

Bath time today was the gorgeous Aromatics Elixir Oil again which bubbles slightly, then same oil used as lotion and fragrance. It’s beautiful, dry and spicy, incredibly warming on this cool winter day. Suddenly I can’t get enough Aromatics Elixir.

We had an excellent night at Parramatta RSL with more than 70 players. A few new teams and the regulars.

Came home, fed and walked the dogs. Bloody Jinx had pissed on the verandah so I did a very rudimentary clean, washing most of it away with the hose. It can wait for the full job till tomorrow.

I’m still quite fragrant from this evening after six hours but I want to add something over the top. DIOR Sakura, bitter cherry, peony and a hint of vanilla floating effortlessly. I have a 5ml decant I’d like to use up before I hit my new 40ml bottle.

Wednesday 11:

Morning came and Jin got home from night shift around 7am. Normally I sleep right through him arriving but today he must have been a bit noisier. I had a cuppa and decided to grab the greyhounds and have a cuddle till 9.30am when I have to feed and walk them. BLISS!

This pic wasn’t taken today but some time last week, how cute are Jin and JinX?

There are guests coming tomorrow so I’m frantically trying to get the house in some kind of order. The last of the perfumes need to be put away from our frag wardrobe cataloguing. The apartment needs to be scrubbed and everything spick & span. I’m wearing Aussie fragrance crew Map of the Heart V4 and loving its milky, spiced coolness. Perfect cleaning accompaniment. Bloody hate the bottle though, bleaugh. I wish they’d done a super expensive limited run of 200 of these bottles and the rest in a simple square glass bottle. I rarely reach for V4 because it’s tucked away in its box in a bigger box because I can’t find anywhere to keep that ghastly bottle.

I get distracted and come back to the computer to answer comments. It’s so exciting having the blog back and I love seeing familiar faces and new chatting up a storm.

Got bored of organising so I grabbed some of Jin’s curry and some mandarins from my friend Rita’s tree and took them up to Wendy, my Wednesday Night Trivia Buddy. She’s under the weather and the BEST remedy on earth is Curry and Mandarins. Seriously. We got to chatter an hour or so away too. Very nice.

Came home and did some desultory cleaning but then I grabbed the dogs and we had a late afternoon nap. During our nap Neela Vermeire called and we chattered away a very happy 40 minutes. I bloody love her, one of my dearest mates.  She’s in London dealing with the oncoming Trump invasion.

Fed & walked the dogs and find myself peckish. I think I’ll have some of Jin’s delicious Chicken Curry with Rice. YUMMY!

Tonight while finishing the cleaning I am rocking Diptyque Eau Duelle EdT. It will be my SOTBed too I think.

Thursday 12:

Jumped out of bed. Looked after the dogs. Spritzed Miller et Bertaux Indian Study Santal +++

Really started cleaning. 2 hours later my girlfriend Sue arrives to teach me how to make Sausage Rolls. A talent heretofore unknown. O M G! So easy!! Bloody delicious. There will be MILLIONS of Sausage Rolls in our future.

Marian and Linda arrived a bit later and we set to on the food they’d brought. Salmon Sandwiches, Egg & Tomato Rolls, Crack Toffee Choc Biscuit Slice and another Slice. Washed down with a lovely sweet bottle of Prosecco, Stove Top Coffee and Tea. Brilliant afternoon.

After we had talked ourselves hoarse I started bringing out perfumes. we had a lovely little sniffy session. The most admired were this lot.

I can’t believe I forgot to take a pic of us all. It was so bloody fun. Here is the aftermath of our afternoon tea. I’m still smiling at how lovely my three girlfriends are and how much fun we had chatting.

While all this was happening Jin was sound asleep but now he has gone to work and I’m home. Had a fabulous, boiling hot Niki de Saint Phalle Bath Oil soak on the tub. My knee is still playing up so I gave it a super shoot of Dencorub, the hot/cold already feels better. Now I am going to have a Nana Nap.

Watched the Hannah Gatsby Nanette. There were times during it I had to turn the TV off because it was so real, raw and ultimately true for me. I was crying so loud and messily that I couldn’t even hear the TV. Full on Muriel’s Wedding crying. Had to walk away from the TV and calm down. She paints a picture of growing up gay in 1970s Australia so graphic and bleak, and real. On Netflix, do yourself a favour.

Reheated and ate the last of the Sausage Rolls for dinner. YUM!

SOTBed: Miss Dior EdT vintage. MMMMMMMM

Friday 13:

Good Morning. Up with the dogs bright and early. I love having them because people recognise us in the street and come over for a little pat and chat. This area is quite village like and there’s always someone up for a light chinwag. I’m wearing some more Miss Dior and wafting beautifully.

Doing some clothes and linen washing today in excited getting readiness for the arrival of Tara (A Bottled Rose) arrival on Saturday evening. I can’t believe she’s really coming! So much adventuring and fun will be had.

Went in to town today and met my mate Tim (another perfume HO). We had the most delicious cheese platter that included pate, 5 cheeses, marscapone stuffed figs and apricots. Served up with bread and fried flat bread. We chattered and laughed a happy hour away.

Then a guy I’ve been assisting in small ways with his script for a drag movie came to talk with me about character development. The whole thing had been grating wrong from the start. There’s something slightly off kilter with his story and today I realised it is because he is ever so slightly homophobic. Not go out and punch you in the face homophobic but uncomfortable, repulsed and intimidated by male to male PDA. When confronted with his instinctive homophobia he laughed it off and bricked up. Last time I help.

I went and bought Jin’s Dad’s Thank You Gift for the wedding. I got Mum a Tiffany gold Eternity necklace but for Dad I have been looking high and low, racking my brain. It was going to be a Mont Blanc pen but Jin said no. Then we thought a watch but my budget didn’t extend to anything I really liked and watches are so personal I worried it would be money wasted. SO, bright idea today. I’ll get him a scarf. YAY! It gets really cold in winter South Korea. I remembered a few years ago Ermenegildo Zegna did some very nice cashmere ones with a tasteful but obvious logo. NOPE! The only logo ones are ZZEGNA, the diffusion line and they looked like Vietnamese market fakes. The girl was super great though and said I should go check out GUCCI. Bloody hell, the perfect idea. They get the understated obvious logo idea better than anyone. Walked in and was served by David, the most handsome, urbane gent you could imagine. He had me at the scarf trays and within moments we were wrapping a dark grey and black scarf with the GUCCI go faster stripe down the centre. This is the womens version but it’s pretty close.

Jin grabbed me at the station and we went for Sushi Train (he paid, I felt thoroughly spoiled).

Afterwards we came home, chilled out, watched some TV and looked after the dogs. It was fricken BRISK on our walk tonight. BRRRR!

Now I’m home and blogging. Just gave myself a juicy spritz of Tom Ford Patchouli Absolu. Smells good.

Saturday 14:

5.20am woke and RAN for the toilet. Molten lava. What did I eat? Grabbed Paris and cuddled on the couch. MMMMM WARM!

I’m wearing Neela Vermeire Rahelle.

WHAT A DAY! We had the most fabulous lunch with some of our closest friends with a family restaurant I’ve been eating at since the 1980s. It’s called Balkan, they do steak and seafood and the service is friendly. Most of us have been there before at some stage, in one of their various addresses. We drank and ate till bursting, then sat and chattered for an hour or so. Jin telling stories about my farting. Then we went for ICE CREAM!


Jin and I came home and napped before heading out to collect TARA! She arrived and we were waiting at the wrong gate for her. Yes, we are THOSE idiots. Anyway, we found her and got her home.

I drew Tara a Bandit Bubble Bath which she luxuriated in for a short while then she got home made Sausage Rolls and Korean Chicken Curry. YUM!

I gave her a Temazapam and now she’s gone to recuperate from her 24 hour flight.

I’m going to bed too.

SOTBed: Guerlain Jicky EdT. MMMMM

Sunday 15:

BUSY!! Wearing Jean Patou 1000 EdT

Breakfast. Shopping. Kath, Tara and I went and had the final meeting with our Wedding Venue.

TinaG came for morning tea.

Tara came to Anna-Maria’s place for a cuppa.

We all went to Austral BC for Turbo Trivia


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

37 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 9.7 – 15.7.2018

  1. Commando at the moment – in Paris and want to have the opportunity to try something on skin if we happen to go by somewhere interesting. Have a wonderful day!


  2. Portia and Jin-
    PLEASE ADOPT ME -LOL!!! I just love your scent diaries and I am living vicariously through you….what fun and food and fragrances!!! Love it all! I want to cuddle with JinX as well 🙂

    Highlight of my incredibly busy week was a trip to the city…middle Marzipan wanted one last trip to Koreatown and the grandparents wanted to see the kids before the older two head to college next month….I tagged along on the train but parted ways once we got to Grand Central Terminal in order to finally visit Saks Fifth Avenue Beauty on 2….the whole second floor with every niche brand you could imagine!!!! It is spacious, light and roomy with huge windows that over look Fifth AVenue…P, you and I are a goin’ sniffin’ there one of these years!!!! The highlight was the EB Florals which was located in its own space full of fresh flowers (which they also sell)….I spoke to the manager, Darren for a good twenty minutes as he walked me through the entire line…he was knowledgable, funny and so sweet….and he made me a very large sample (about 4ml and filled that vial to the tippy top!!!) of Velvet Lavender….while I liked all 35 fragrances I sampled from a whole slew of niche lines I have never gotten to try before I was most impressed by this house….the scents are extraordinarily seamless and timeless and remind me of true vintage classics….exquisitely done…..I won’t be buying any bottles soon (they are pricey) but I did get to enjoy and appreciate their offerings……..


      • I met up with middle Marzipan and my mom in Koreatown after they ate…we went to K Mart and bought a whole bunch of goodies to bring home….she is making rice cakes with go-chu-jang tonight….I am looking forward to it! She is obsessed with everything Korean (food, beauty, K-Pop) 🙂

        I hope you have loads of fun with Tara…and you and Jin would NEVER drive me crazy (probably the opposite would occur-LOL!!!!!!!)


        • Oops! She reminded me that it is H Mart (not K Mart which is a US Dept store…oh lordy, my mind is a going!!!)


          • Oh no, P, it’s the middle Marzipan that needs to meet Jin…she is the one doing all of the Korean cooking 🙂
            Her meal last night was absolutely delicious! She also bought these “cakes” in the shape of fish that were filled with sweet beans (don’t have a clue as to what they are called) and then rice wrapped in seaweed in the shape of a triangle (I bet Jin would know what these are).


  3. Had a fun afternoon in Gastown with perfume pals. Litchfield, a new-to-us store, had Naomi Goodsir and other lines, so it’s not just one of those Curated stores with a couple of perfumes chosen for their obscurity and good-looking bottle. Stopped for mid-afternoon snacks and rosé at a bistro celebrating Bastille Day.


  4. Portia, I have nothing to report other than to say that I am just over the effing moon that your blog is up and running again. I so enjoy your weekly re-caps and was sincerely bereft when your blog was down. Yes, that sounds dramatic but to me, you have an astounding gift for enjoying life’s simple pleasures. You are so genuine and unassuming, I always feel cheered and positive when I read about your walks with the dogs, tea with a mate or even your dentist visit. We don’t share the same tastes in perfume, but I adore you, your honesty and your joie de vivre.

    I follow a lot of blogs and Instagram accounts. They are fun, well done and occasionally inspiring but often give me FOMO or make me feel somehow inadequate. With your blog, everything always feels real and authentic. Thank you for being YOU.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Cee,
      We missed you all too. It was a wretched let down as we watched the blog get eaten up inside.
      Glad to be back and so happy you love coming along on our journeys. It’s so special that you love it
      Thank you.
      Portia xx


  5. Ah, that sounds like a splendid week! Eau Duelle has always flown under my radar, do you prefer the EdT to the EdP?

    I am wearing Slumberhouse Pear + Olive today as I am enjoying a little me time and I freaking love that scent, such a masterpiece! Sadly, I can only wear it when I am on my own since three people commented on the “weird / unpleasant smell” when I wore it and I see that as a sign that not everyone appreciates its beauty.

    Also, my little Frederic Malle travel spray is empty and I am not sure if I should order another 10 ml of Iris Poudre or if I should jump and decide for one of the other FM scents. I am familiar with most of them and thought about giving Musc Ravageur another try. I heard it’s not quite as harsh after the reformulation as it used to be. Any thoughts on the Malle line?

    Enjoy Tara’s visit, I guess you two will have a fabulous time together 🙂


  6. Ah, that sounds like a splendid week! Eau Duelle has always flown under my radar, do you prefer the EdT to the EdP?

    I am wearing Slumberhouse Pear + Olive today as I am enjoying a little me time and I freaking love that scent, such a masterpiece! Sadly, I can only wear it when I am on my own since three people commented on the “weird / unpleasant smell” when I wore it and I see that as a sign that not everyone appreciates its beauty.

    Also, my little Frederic Malle travel spray is empty and I am not sure if I should order another 10 ml of Iris Poudre or if I should jump and decide for one of the other FM scents. I am familiar with most of them and thought about giving Musc Ravageur another try. I heard it’s not quite as harsh after the reformulation as it used to be. Any thoughts on the Malle line?

    Enjoy Tara’s visit, I guess you two will have a fabulous time together 🙂


    • Hi Witnessofsense
      I am not sure if the Eau Duelle had an EdP when I purchased.
      I’ve not been and side by sided the Malle line yet. I’m reading from my mates whose noses I trust that the whole line has been moderated for general public enjoyment. This could be true but I also think that most of these peeps bought the original bottles of them and are comparing OLD with brand new. They say cleaner and it may be true but really you must go wear them for yourself.

      Already having a wonderful time with Tara. She is a gem.
      Portia xx


    • Hi there! If you don’t mind me chiming in I recently tried Musc Ravageur and did not find it harsh at all and it was in fact quite tame…sweet, musky with a cinnamon touch to my nose. I had no idea that it was reformulated which would explain why it did not smell as I was expecting it to smell. I also sampled Portrait of a Lady which gets loads of love from perfumistas all over the world….rose and patchouli nicely done.


  7. Lovely to read Tara arrived safe and sound! I hope you will all have a great time.
    The Netherlands are suffering an unusual drought, and the risk for forest fires is high. I live in the middle of one of the wooded area’s, and today we had a very big fire close-by…pfff Fortunately the firebrigades are extremely well organised in the Netherlands so it almost has been extinguished, at the moment a Chinook helicopter is doing the last bit of the job.
    Have been wearing Rose Opulente (Maitre et Garnier) for days, I brought a sample to Italy and really really like it there, as I do here.
    Does Tara’s visit mean Jin and yourself will get married one of these days?


    • Hey Hamamelis,
      Bush fires are terrifying. We lived in a fire prone area growing up. I know that fear.
      Wo Hoo! You are in Italy! Lucky duck. Enjoy every m,minute.
      Yes, the wedding is very soon. Excitement is building.
      Portia xx


  8. My God, Portia, your low key week doesn’t seem that way at all :)) I love reading your diaries, you have a gift of transcending a positive vibe through your writing.
    (Sorry about that film guy but good riddance, really).

    My week was mostly work, the World Cup matches, watching TV series & films, and sniffing perfumes, obviously!


    • Hey Diana,
      Yeah, reading back it doesn’t look low key at all but it felt it as I lived it.
      Sometimes it takes a while for people to show who they are. Good riddance indeed.
      Have you enjoyed the World Cup? It’s FEVER PITCH around here.
      Portia xx


      • I’ve no doubt that this week will be just as great 🙂

        I did enjoy watching the World Cup, it was exciting and so-o-o unpredictable! Too bad, though, that my guys (I was rooting for Croatia) lost.


  9. What a week wonderful week! Fabulous to have Tara here, and great to be able to catch up with you & Jin. The next few weeks are set up to be fab – so blessed to be able to share this time with you.

    My highlights were lunch with the gang on Saturday, seeing Tara, and spending some time with my parents & brother.

    The low part was coming home last night, dropping in on a friend coz I had a nagging feeling something wasn’t right, and finding out they had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. We had a glass of wine, sat, cried & hugged for a while. Fuck cancer.

    Im going to keep a fragrance journal this week, starting with some samples Tara gave me. We’ve got so much to look forward to!

    Lots of Love


  10. Home made sausage rolls are the best and yours look awesome. Reminds me of baking them with my Nanny Burr when I was a child – perfect every time.


  11. Heya Portia!
    Finding your scent diaries much more interactive now that I have visited and met Jin, JinX, Paris and others! Poor Jinx messing up again, oh no. If you ever need to send him on a holiday for naughty pointy bois, he’d probably fit in my suitcase. 😉
    My week has primarily been recuperating and preparing for work. Lots of little things like picking out work-appropriate clothes, hunting for comfortable yet presentable shoes and working on the dreaded decade-old resume. Going to the dentist and getting my teeth cleaned and scaled is also on the list, as your post has reminded me.
    At the same time, Pokemon Go is constantly baiting me to go out on adventures, even when I’m already exhausted. Yesterday I caught up with a good friend of mine and we wandered the CBD catching pokemon together. We’ve never been able to do this before as the concept of “Morrigan in the city” is so new and novel. We stopped by David Jones and he indulged me in helping him find a perfume. He settled on Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille (great taste).
    I also bought a bottle of Bracken Woman from Thierry as his price was so, so good. Waiting for it to arrive in the mail! When it does, it will certainly be the scent of “trip to Sydney”. It’s crisp, unique, long-lasting and I find it so refreshing; the perfect symbol for this time of rejuvenation.
    The only downside to the week is that all of this exertion has finally come to roost and I’m fighting off some blah cold and flu symptoms. Often these are just indications that I’ve pushed myself too far, and not an actual cold or flu. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

    M ❤


    • Hey hey Morrigan!
      JinX is trying SO HARD to be good. The dogs got a wash today and are 100% more presentable.
      Woo Hoo! Morrigan In The City is excellent news. Also the grand job hunt. I really think you’d make an excellent bar or waitperson, other than all the stuff you’re trained for.
      Bracken woman! You are super glam. I can’t wait to smell it on you.
      Get well princess.
      So good to hear from you.
      Portia (and the Parramatta crew)


  12. Nanette is by far the best thing I have watched this year. Nothing else comes close.

    A quiet week–with little high points like one of my colleagues bringing his frankly adorable springer/poodle pup to work for the day, quiet hanging out time with snarl, finally getting my presentation finished for the Germany trip, and being back in the gym (though still cautiously and lightly). Failed to make it to any of the big protests this weekend (wasn’t very well and was mostly asleep on Saturday) but was glad to see Scotland turn out in large numbers (and also to see our first minister at the front of the Pride march in Glasgow rather than courting a certain american visitor.)


  13. So glad to see Tara arrived safely.

    Hope you are not overwhelmed by marriage preparations! Marriage equality is important, but most of all it will be you and Jin’s special day. I’m not famuliar with the situation in Australia, if it has been possible to register partnership before marriage became a possibility? Also, is that a Korean tradition with gifts for the parents?

    The picture of Jin and Jinx looks like total bliss!

    The highlight of my week was ordering a new bed, quite a step up in quality from the one I’ve had for many years. Hopefully it will help me sleep better. I also collected a parcel with new table mats.No bad thing with some interior design impovemwnts. Yet I’m trying to buy items which will last for years.

    I tried to enjoy the heat and that was easier once I got into vacation mode. Still, the number of bush fires is worrying and we’re not used to this kind of prolonged drought.


  14. Hey Porita, another lovely week of fun, perfume and lovely friends!
    Bit of a mixed week for me. Some family adventures involving a wrong bus and a closed carparks – which kept us laughing. Some bad news with me losing my job. Lots of emotions – it will be a tough few weeks getting to my last day, given i was doing the same nearly a year ago. Never mind, it is what it is. I’m quietly confident i can find something else, maybe something closer to home too.


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