Scent Diary: 1.10 – 7.10.2018




Hey there APJ Crew,

A bit livelier this week. Though there was ample down time it felt like I was back in the groove and ready for action. Saw some mates, did some shopping and dining, wore ALL the perfumes and had a wonderful week.

Scent Diary: 1.10 – 7.10.2018

Monday 1:

Beautiful morning. Jin got home around 7am from work and we cuddled till 9am when I feed and walk the dogs. It was lovely.

When he got out of bed at 11am we had Bacon and Smashed Omelette (a halfway point between Scrambled Eggs and Omelette with Eggs, Milk, Tarragon, Bolognese Mix, Salt Pepper, some finely chopped Garlic, Onion, Beans and Cheese all smoothed together. I can never get it looking neat so I just smooth it all up at the halfway cooked point then turn the heat off and leave it too finish cooking with its own warmth while I butter toast and plate up)

Jin is home today and has a sore back. He mainly slept and watched TV. Poor boy. I didn’t clean the house today because he needed to sleep. Instead I wrote most of my TRIVIA Q&A in the daytime.

Afternoon tea was a cuppa and Yoghurt. MMMMM

We had some Bulgogi and Vegetables for dinner. It was yum.

I spent the whole day fragrance free. It was a nice reset.

Finished my last TRIVIA Q&A by 12.16am!! So early.

SOTBed: Nasomatto Nuda. How did this warm, lush, sensual jasmine ever get DCd?

Tuesday 2:

Office Day with Scotty. BUSY beavers.

A small load of splits arrived today. These were ordered a long time ago and I’d forgotten or tried everything in there by now. Still it’s exciting getting a package and I’ll have some New Sniffs for Thursday!

Fell asleep on the lounge. Jin brought me Paris and we slept curled up together for hours.

Jumped up and bathed. Wearing my MUSK Trilogy tonight. Annick Goutal Musc Nomade Bath, Kiehl’s Original Musk lotion and fragrance. MMMMMM

Work was a bit quiet with a few teams in Europe and the Pacific. We had a wonderful time though.

Poor Jin is still on the couch and uncomfortable. Hopefully the physio will do him some good tomorrow.

Wednesday 3:

Went to the bank and our joint homeland is fully approved. Now that we are married I felt we needed to combine our resources to pay off Jin’s loan. It means we will be jointly going hell for leather to pay it off. It will also mean that Jin will be upping his fortnightly instalments heftily. We will be a little bit more frugal for 5 years. It feels nice to be doing this together.

I also picked up my two new pairs of glasses for the year. Photos when I wear them.

The rest of the day was spent in abject slothfulness and a little bit of business work.

SOTEvening: Tonka Imperiale by Guerlain. A very smooth bean iteration. i love it.

Grabbed Wendy and went off to Trivia. She did so well that all by herself she won the whole night! It was amazing.

Home again. Watching ZOO.

Drinking water because I have my Sucrose Test for Diabetes in the morning. Zero food except water after 9pm.

Thursday 4:

Up SOOOOOOO early (for me anyway) to feed and walk the dogs in the spitting rain. It was delightful to wander around the park and streets in the cool and damp. Everything looks and smells so clean.

8am I was at the Pathology to have my Sucrose Test for Diabetes. 2 hours there reading The Song Of Achilles. 2 lots of blood drawn, 8am and 10am. It was oddly soothing to be there and watch the wash of humanity flow past.

Home by 11am and LUNCH!! Hello……… starving.

Lazed around the house with the dogs, did some desultory blogging, slept on and off. Aren’t these two boys the loveliest ever. Sound asleep, cuddled up together.

ZOO finished the third season. No wrap up, no ending, just stopped.

Bathed and fragranced with Equipage Geranium by Hermès.

Caught the bus to dinner with Jin and Matt for my final 50th Birthday event. We had Korean Fried Chicken (Spicy!). Freaking delicious.

Late tonight I tried to do a Thank You thing but Sainsbury’s in the UK only accepts UK Addressed Credit Cards. Bloody buggering bollocks to Sainsbury’s. So, I got my mate Tara from A Bottled Rose onto the job. Well, she is a bloody ripper. I PayPal-ed her the dosh and she did all the hard yards!! YAY!

Had a wonderful chat with my mate Neela Vermeire. Loads of laughs and interesting chatter.

Friday 5:

Woken up by the Doctors Surgery wanting me to come in for test results. That’s freaking OMINOUS! I’m going on Monday.

Walked the dogs through the rain. I LOVE RAIN. We all got home, dried off and spent some quality TV time.

I was supposed to go to the Libertine Christmas Season Launch today but I just couldn’t leave the house. I am officially a shut in today. Sorry world. I don’t wan’t to be a part of you.

SOTDay: Ambre Céruléen by Huitième Art. Sweet, simple amber. So comfortable.

Did a fair spot of time wasting on the computer but a spot or two of blogging.

This next picture from the North Shore of Sydney Harbour. Rainy Day In Sydney by TinaG Oct 2018. Isn’t our city spectacular?

Watching Season 3 Lucifer. Loving it.


SOTBed: Exultat by Maria Candida Gentile

Saturday 6:

Up SUPER EARLY! Dogs fed & walked. About to walk out the door in a cloud of Keihl’s Original Musk and Jin reminded me he had his first Russian lesson today and that he’d drive me in. YAY!

Met my childhood friend Evie and her daughter Lola (my God-Daughter) in David Jones City Store for her first bra fitting, with a qualified corsetière. One and a half hours, two daily bras, one sports bra and one pretty colourful bra later they were done. There was also a Mid Season Sale on so all this cost only $160. I was expecting to shell out at least that per bra. Are they a LOT cheaper now than when I was growing up?

Here I am waiting, reading Song of Achilles. It’s the part where Patroclus dies. I had to stop reading because I was crying in the Department Store. It could have turned into ugly Muriel’s Wedding crying if I didn’t.

Then they took me out for lunch to a Thai place. It was delicious.

On our way out I took them to Hermès to try fragrance. Lola fell for Twilly (I’ll be getting that for her for Xmas) and surprisingly Evie fell for the new Vetiver Terre d’Hermès.

Then I took them to the movies to see The House with a Clock in the Walls. FUN movie.

Afterwards we all had coffees and macaroons. I was beat. All I wanted to do was go home and curl up in a ball on the couch.

SOTCouch: CHANEL Coco parfum. LASHINGS of it.

Sunday 7:

It’s cool a drizzly in Sydney. We got 40 minutes or so of dry-isa weather to walk the dogs this morning and then back to rain.

SOTMorning: Kenzo Amour. I really felt like the smell of sweetened rice in this cool weather. MMMMMMM. the bottle always makes me think of nails polish.

Jin made us Dumpling Soup out off the leftover dumplings we made and froze last week. Delicious does not begin to describe how yummy it was.

SOTEvening: Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Intense.


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

50 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 1.10 – 7.10.2018

  1. Your food!!! Always love reading about it. I love Lucifer too . Am currently binging on the Blacklist. Unusually busy at work and it’s going to be a rough year which is why half of my Reglisse Noire is gone LOL.. like you said I need a vat. Got a small surprise package from my marine scent loving friend. And finally I am commando today as well… just soap.


    • Hey Brigitte,
      Sometimes we need to go scent commando to reset our noses.
      Food is the glue that binds us together around here. So much time shared preparing, shopping, talking about and finally eating. We eat together more than we sleep together.
      Portia x


  2. Tonight Mr B was reading over my shoulder and recognised the Kiehls Musk picture…he used to have the oil rollerball. He is now insisting I get the body lotion which he never knew existed. Yay what a man!

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  3. You are always so busy, in a good way. I understand the need for a day at home, very grounding. I love how you phrased it; sorry world, I don’t want to a part of you! I occasionally feel that way and after a day at home, I feel very refreshed. My husband is in Dallas for vacation with his brothers, and therefore, I get the house to myself. A rare event! I have been wearing Perfume D’Empire Ambre Russe which is wonderful in the cool fall air while walking with my dog. I’ve also been sampling some of the four and five star, and best animalics from Luca Turin’s 2018 Perfume Guide. Portia, thoughts are with you with hopes that you get favorable results tomorrow from you glucose test. xoxo


    • Hey Kathleen,
      You totally get it.
      Lucky you having the house to yourself, it’s blissful isn’t it? Especially knowing that it’s a short term thing. You get to really luxuriate in the freedom.
      Have you had any luck with the LTs?
      Thanks, whatever happens it will be OK. I’ll just have to buckle down and take better care of myself.
      Portia xx


      • Positive vibes sent your way!
        LT reviews are entertaining and I agree about 50%. I’ve enjoyed Masque Milano Times Square, Auphorie Lanterne Rouge, Parfum S’Empire Tabac Tabou, Bogue Mai, and Nishane Patchouli Khozl.


  4. I am not a big Hermes fan but fell for Twilly, too. $160 for four bras??? Holy hell. I have big boobs and only pay $20/bra.


  5. Sounds like a good week Portia. You got stuff done, even the ‘I don’t want to do it, but I will’ stuff. And your dogs!! All cozied up and snoozing. I am a real dog lover. This is the first significant period in my life that I have spent dogless and I miss it.
    It will be a foody day around here today and tomorrow. Canadian Thanksgiving. There’s an eighteen pound turkey hogging all the space in my fridge. Preparing stuffing right now. And Pumpkin Cheesecake with whipped cream for dessert! You know I’m all about the whipped cream.
    Played around with some new perfumes this week, most notably Russian Oud. A bold, extravagant fragrance with significant funk that never dominates. I think it’s a bit too ‘big’ for me to pull off, but I honestly think it would suit you to a tee! I’m also scentless today. Possibly tomorrow as well. I’ve got a bit of a cold/sore throat/laryngitis thing going on and just not in the mood to smell perfumes. And I do think it’s good to give your nose a day or two off sometimes.
    Well, good luck with the test results and I hope that next week finds you in top form.


  6. Portia, I can only apologise for sending you books that make you cry in public 🙂

    I’ve found this week vintage Miss Dior is just fantastic in the mild autumn weather here.

    That pic by Tina gives me the feels. Such a special city.


    • HA! Tara I love that I’m 50 years old and still able to feel anything. Isn’t it heartbreaking though when all the drama happens. I knew it was coming but still.
      VINTAGE MISS DIOR!! Perfect for every occasion.
      TinaG often has the most delicious photos of your city, she’s very generous letting me steal them.
      Missing you Princess.
      Portia xx

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  7. Fun week, Portia! Love that photo by Tina, Sydney looks amazing no matter the weather.

    I had a bad cold the whole week so I stayed at home, watched my new TV favourite – a police procedural sitcom called Brooklyn 9-9 and drank a whole lotta gluwein. I finally feel alright so today I went to the cinema to see Venom (glad I did).

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        • You looked it up already 🙂 Yes, it’s best to drink it while it’s still hot. I recently found out that people call it “autumn soup”, – it is, indeed! With the colder days and nights one needs to be properly nourished, lol.

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          • I have an Austrian girlfriend and some time ago a bunch of riders from our barn had a Christmas party. We hired a large horse drawn sleigh, loaded up with fur throws and enjoyed an evening sleigh ride through the quiet snowy winter woods. Her husband brought along several thermoses of hot gluwein. It was absolutely delicious. Probably a little too tasty given the quantities we consumed. Thanks for jogging my memory.


          • I spent last New Year in Munich with friends and they had a gluwein stall in the marketplace so after a long day of exploring we were feeling chilly and in need of a little pick-me-up. Well, they had their own slant on it as they added a generous slug of golden rum. It Was so delicious that we had more than enough to warm ourselves and ended up singing with the band🤤


          • Marcella, Cassie, I loved your stories! I guess all the freeze cats like us have at least one great memory associated with gluwein. Keep ’em coming 🙂

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      • It’s mulled wine, Brigitte, I wasn’t sure if that’s what you call it in the US. I heat some wine with cinnamon and clove, adding some lemon peel and juice and honey. I think it was Cassie who wrote a recipe for something similar but with whiskey instead of wine on this week’s thread but I wouldn’t be able to drink half a bottle of liquor with no or little consequences.

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    • Gluwein is 😋 and so is Tom Hardy. It must be cold season, lots of peeps being struck down. I’m avoiding the plague so far.


      • Put yourself in the bubble Cassie. This thing I’ve got is vile. Voice is sort of back. More like a croak, but I’m completely knackered all the time. Tom of Finland. C’est quoi ça? ELDO?? Or something more nefarious?


        • Definitely more nefarious. Tom Hardy of England 💪🏻 I have no idea how he smells. Will you have any appetite for turkey tomorrow since you’re feeling dodgy? Hope you have help in the catering department? Fortify yourself with some of my potion!

          Liked by 1 person

          • Tom Hardy of England. 😂 you’re brilliant Cassie. Based on wit alone you deserve to be a card carrying member of The Ladie’s League. Jeez, I’m too soft when I’m fighting the typhoid. Git back in yir corner ya ornery git.


          • Oh ya. Loads of help. Both my little girl and big girl have been briefed. They’re aware that they will be required to work. So’s the hubbie, but he won’t be bothered to fuss about. That’s fine tho, he’s a big klutz in the kitchen. He’s just grateful. Still eats like a teenager. Six foot two and still growing, I think. He stays lean though. I have a couple of interesting guests as well. Friends of my Big Girl, one recently arrived from China. I got the bulk of the work done today and my thermos will be near me at all times tomorrow.


      • Good Lord. My brain is completely fried. I read Tom of Finland, not Tom Hardy 🙄. Hahaha, I did head over to look into Tom of Finland though. That’s some mighty erotic ad copy over there on fragrantica. Jeez. What lengths they will go to in order to drum up some hype for a scent. Pretty funny stuff, though 😂😂


      • Cassie,
        Yes on both accounts! I blame myself for having got sick: I should’ve begun taking herbal supplements when it started to get colder outside. Lesson learned, I hope.


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