Scent Diary: 15.10 – 21.10.2018




Hey there APJ Crew,

Some weeks remind me how good it is to be alive. How wonderful my friends, work, husband and life in general are. This week is a prime example. Worked Monday & Tuesday, hung out with mates, jetted off to a tropical island resort with Jin & the BFFs and came home to Sunday work. Spectacular week. Even got to wear some excellent frags.

Scent Diary: 15.10 – 21.10.2018

Monday 15:

Spritzed YSL Opium Fleur de Shanghai on waking this morning.

What a day. Took the dogs out to their trainer for the week. Missing them already.

Met Anna Maria for a cuppa tea on the way back.

Lunched with BFF Kath at Macquarie Centre.

FINALLY found and bought a 75ml CHANEL No 18. Also grabbed the Deauville shower Gel. It was also first day of the Red Bottles released for Xmas 2018. I thought there was going to be a 15ml Extrait. NOPE! 900ml extrait only for AUD$40,000. The regular bottles look nice but I really have no need of them. BUMMED!

Got home and cleaned the house.

Started my TRIVIA Q&A.

Met Jin and the gym for leg and abs day. BLOODY HELL! I can hardly walk. Jelly legs.

Dinner at home on the table griller. Steak, onions, sweet potato, mushrooms and asparagus. DELICIOUS!

SOTNight: Pour Un Homme de Caron.
Lavender lollies. It’s been a lovely calming fragrance to write Q&A to. Very pretty and understated but still caught my attention a few times through the night.

Jin has hit the hay. I’ve caught up on the blog. TRIVIA Q&A. DONE by 12.30pm. YAY!

Night all.

Tuesday 16:

This going to bed at 12.30pm is knocking my body around. I wake up groggy and disoriented. Like coming back from the dead. It’s quite disturbing.

Cleaned up the bathroom, kitchen and dining room. I don’t know how we make so much mess. Sometimes it goes days without a clean and looks fab, others it doesn’t last 6 hours.

Spritzed Lotree from the Loant Collection. Woodsiness in 21st century niche style.

Scotty came and we did some desultory office work. we did head to the Post Office, pay some bills and cancel a credit card. Mainly chatter and perfume though today. It was really fun.

You know, I hadn’t work Clinique Aromatics In White since the first couple of weeks it arrived. I was spritzing it today and Scott took a photo of my face. He couldn’t stop laughing at my reaction.

Might have had two new arrivals in the mail. SHHHH! Sherwin by Huitieme Art and Foudre by Crosier Collection. Both Pierre Guillaume babies.

Also in the mail a postcard from my buddy Celia! Princess Mary!

Had a lovely long bath.

SOTWork: Methaldone by Aether Parfums. So fabulously weird yet wearable.

Work was fun. Regular crew, they had me laughing.

High heels after my first leg day back at the gym was horrific. Walking like a ruptured spinster. Stairs were a KILLER!

Packing to go on holidays tomorrow. Clothes were easy but perfume proving trickier.

My bag is EXACTLY 7kgs. Carry on only. Atelier Cologne Cafe Tuberose and Oriza L. Legrand Extra Virile Cologne. We are heading to the sunshine so I thought two choices enough. Both travel sized 10ml I think.

Wednesday 17:

When you get sent a picture taken over 30 years ago. Yep, me in front with the suck dolly face.

Woo Hoo! Packed and ready to go. On board our flight and it starts. Freaking screaming children EVERYWHERE! Jin is NOT HAPPY! I’m not thrilled either.

The view from our apartment balcony. Thinbk we can handle this for three nights.

Dinner is a group activity. Alice did the most fabulous chicken tacos. O M G! We gorged. laughed, chattered and then I tried to teach the crew Canasta. First night jitters, We’ll try again tomorrow.

Thursday 18:

Up and breakfasted. Jin went SCUBA diving, Alice went snorkelling and Kath & I played Trivia. We came fourth of 8. Second guessed ourselves out of the running.

We grabbed the guys. Isn’t Jin the freaking cutest?

These are my peeps. My heart is full.

Sunset from the balcony where Jin cooked the most delicious BarBQ.

Friday 19:

Spent the morning swimming in the pool, hanging, breakfasting and wandering the shops.

Headed up to One Tree Hill for some beverages with the crew.

Kath and I decided to go for a walk. Only about 25 minutes each way through the scrub and over some small hills to a deserted beach. I would love to bring a picnic here next time and have some swims.

We wandered back to the buggy as the sun started setting. It was cool and beautiful.

Tonight we had Thai Green Curry with chicken and veg. Alice did the cooking. Then we all played Canasta till our eyes were drooping. BED!

Saturday 20:

Up early. Jin made breakfast omelettes and toast.

Packed, cleaned the house and dropped the girls down to their half day cruise around the islands. One last look out of our apartment balcony.

We took the keys back to the holiday home crew and the buggy back. They so kindly gave us a buggy to collect the girls and bring them back to the airport! YAY!

Jin and I scarpered up to the One Tree Hill Cafe and while I spent some time blogging Jin watched TV on his phone. Here is the view. Bloody lovely.

Sunday 21:

Lazed around the house.

Bathed and wore Mitzah by DIOR due to all the amber chatter about it.

Collected the dogs after work. They stink and need a wash.



It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

36 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 15.10 – 21.10.2018

  1. What a gorgeous week you have had P!!! Love love love those photos.

    Nothing extraordinarily exciting on my end…work work work

    Perfume wise I am giving my Reglisse Noire a rest. I will save the rest of her for spring. This week I may concentrate on my Arz el Rab and finally thunk that bottle. Ginger, Iris and Cedar are good notes for the autumn weather and I think I will enjoying wearing it all week long.


  2. Oh! Good to know about the N°18. I would have still got it for you. Have not been anywhere to buy it since I got mine.
    Have you opened it yet? You wear more in a week than me in a month. ❤️


  3. hey Portia, $40,000 for a bottle of perfume? Wow….ridiculous.. Hubby has gone away and tonight ,as I write this he is Sydney!!! I’ve been working all weekend whilst he’s been driving through NSW. I’m scheming that whilst he is away, I’m going to get my hallway painted. A friend at work’s hubby is a painter so they are coming to my house tomorrow to check it out. I’m hoping hthe painter, Gary will have the time to get it done before Craig comes home. My only other obstacle is deciding on a colour.
    btw… HI looks fabulous.


  4. That was such a stellar week, Portia!
    Adore you Chanel purchases. Bet that Deauville shower gel is divine. 900ml exttait? All the lols.

    Are you shrinking already? Looking great in the walking shot
    The antique shop was closed yesterday but spied a nice chest of drawers through the window. Going back Monday. Treated mum and dad to Persian food for lunch to make up for the wasted trip and all their help with the move.

    What a great pic from back in the day.


    • Hey Tara,
      A stellar week indeed. Sometimes i have to pinch myself at my good fortune.
      It’s ONLY $44/ml. Very reasonable for CHANEL No 5. NOT!
      Don’t know about shrinking but I’ve dropped from just over 120ks to 116.2 this morning after breakfast. That’s just over a kilo a week. VERY happy camper here.

      BUM about the antiques but any excuse to eat Persian is a good excuse. No trip with you is wasted, I bet they had a ball.

      Can’t wait to see the new digs.
      Portia x


  5. Fabulous week again, Portia! Your trip to the islands must have been so exciting . the screaming children on a plane nonwithstanding. And that photo is so-o glam!

    My week wasn’t really fun: a relative died so we had to go to the funeral. Better days are yet to come…


  6. Wow, I’m as jealous as hell. Would love to be taking off to a sunny island for a few days. It looks lovely, hope you’re feeling nice and rested after it. Funny that your scores at trivia weren’t at the top of the class on your busman’s holiday😉
    I made do with a trip on our friends boat down the river for a couple of hours, probably the last time we’re gonna be out this year. Monday was a beautiful day so took the opportunity and enjoyed it. Monday was also my daughter’s birthday but won’t get to see her until next weekend, she’s a busy bee. She’s getting the Fragile I bought a couple of months back. She will be delighted with it, I know.
    I had to go back and re-read the bit about the 900ml extrait😲 Not even when I score my lotto-win! Nothing else of note happening here, will be keeping quiet(ish) for the next month, no squandering of money for me until the tooth is paid for, dammittohell. Do your pups cope well when they’re away on their holidays? My diva used to fret and pine like hell when she was kenneled. She would go into a full moult for weeks afterwards so now we have a dog minder come in to her. She craves human company so much. She’s terribly spoiled but she’s an old girl now, 11 on Tuesday, so she’s gonna live out her days in comfort.


    • Happy birthday to your daughter and puppers!
      I would buy that bottle if I won lotto and then decant for all of you…I could do an 18 way split with each person getting 50 mls…I would have to find some fancy bottles though 🙂


    • Hey Cassieflower,
      I cannot tell you how wonderful Hamilton Island was. It was very affordable. Under $800 each including airfares, accomodation and the buggy. We self catered the food from the IGA Supermarket and bakery on the island.
      A boat ride with friends sounds lovely too.
      I bet your girl will LOVE the Fragile.
      TEETH! So expensive. Worth every cent though.
      The dogs go back to their trainer. They are so excited to see him and he lets them have the cages they grew up in. We have no worries about leaving them there and though they are thrilled to come home I think they like having all the other dogs around them as well.
      Your baby sounds adorbs, what type of dog is she? Is her name Diva?
      Portia xx


      • That’s her in my gravatar, a weimaraner.
        Nice score on your trip! Works out at under €500. Oz certainly is a country of outstanding natural beauty. Last time I was there I went out to Green Island, and though I don’t dive I enjoyed snorkeling.


  7. What a great holiday! This week we continued to enjoy our new puppy and did more unpacking and organising after our move south for the winter. It’s a big job and will take at least another week. No fun but has to be done.

    Meanwhile puppy love is a joy after the months of grief we endured this summer.


  8. Hubby is in Berlin for a few days and is going to pick me up something from Harry Lehmann. I have no idea what he will pick though I did send him off knowing what types of perfume I was looking for (vintage, powdery, animalic, orange blossom). It will be very interesting to see what he brings back :). I just finished watching Mystery Road on Acorn TV. Now I am going to have to check out the movies.


  9. Oh what a lovely week– what a beautiful place to spend time with people you love.

    Busy week here: out and about in Dundee for Mr Cirkey’s birthday. Went up to see the new V&A which, annoyingly, is an awful disappointment. It could have been *so* much more. But we had excellent wanderings on a bright and cold day–including a really good exploration of a “legal wall” full of some pretty fab street art after a tip from a local artist, an ice cream soda float thing for snarl’s nostalgic indulgence, sight of a good new work at the contemporary art gallery, and a lovely dinner with friends at a tapas place.

    Kicked off the research interviews for my thesis work with a couple of ridiculously enjoyable conversations–leaves me with masses of typing to do to transcribe them, but well worth it. And a full day yesterday helping run the table at a powerlifting competition–nice to catch up with people from that world, see some good lifting from the juniors, and make myself useful. And feel very virtuous about NOT eating any of the tray of brownies and fudge that someone had baked for the volunteers. (man, they smelled so good though.)


    • Hey Crikey,
      It was lovely. We know how lucky we are.

      They have a new V&A?
      The birthday sounds like super chill fun. Wish him our best too please.

      Amazing! So glad you started with really positive interviews. I hope it sets the tone for the whole thesis. Congrats on NOT eating brownies. I’m yet to be given that temptation.
      Portia xx


  10. Portia! You look amazing in that striped blue and white t with those dark blue jeans. That outfit works so well.

    AND I am freaking proud of you for taking on board your fitness. It is hard yakka, but you are giving it a go. Power to you, baby.


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