There Is No Cumin In Rubj Extrait. A Letter to Vero.


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There Is No Cumin In Rubj Extrait.  A Letter to Vero.

Dearest Vero

You successfully slipped off in the most Bowieesque of ways.  Those of us who knew kept it private as you knew we would.  Your much loved Verophiles were the only ones who got a short advance warning, as you wanted.  And you know what Vero?  We even kept it off of social media until your family gave us the go ahead to share the news.  L and I coordinated down to the exact minute as to when we announced it, and posted the news at the same time.  Took about three seconds for a reaction.  And then it went crazy.  You would have loved it.  Everyone was stunned.  People had noticed your lack of presence on FB but most had assumed you had moved over to spend more time on Instagram, which you did.   Really Vero, hundreds of comments, that kept L and me on our toes for the next couple of days.  Not giving us much time to take a breath, nor to feel the intense sadness, and the hole that you left behind in our hearts.    That came a little later.

I received some really beautiful letters from the people whose lives you had touched deeply with both your creations, and your vibrant personality.  People who you had taken time to connect with, on a personal level, or through the online world.  These letters I had printed out and given to your family.

Many people took time to get in contact with me personally, to offer their sympathies at the loss of my friend.  When we first met in 2013, I had a perfumer friend, but over the years you became a friend, who was a perfumer.  I have peace in my heart Vero.  You knew you were loved.

We had many Skype sessions over the years huh?  And laughed a lot.  We got to know each others friends,  both inside and outside of the perfume world.  I got to know the Campomarzio Crew through you, and Jeroen, and the Grossmiths, and Camille.  We had a blast together, going around Milan with Judith, and Florence with Chris.  I had the privilege of visiting with you in Zürich, spending time in your atelier.  Brilliant times, thank you.  And remember the lunch with Antonio?  One of the best meals either of us had ever had.  Italian food at its absolute best.

Vero, a lot of people have asked me what is going to happen with your business, but that has absolutely nothing to do with me.   Personally I would like to see it slowly come to a stop.  Turning your perfumes into unicorns.  I will be watching with great interest.

There were a few leeches, as we knew there would be, one or two trying to turn your demise to their advantage.  And you know exactly who huh?  We always knew.

And before I go, you can be damn sure that people will continue to be reminded that there is no cumin in Rubj Extrait.

Until we meet again.

Ich hab dich lieb.

Val xxxxxx

VERO KERN 1940 – 2018






All photos from my private collection.


49 thoughts on “There Is No Cumin In Rubj Extrait. A Letter to Vero.

  1. Dear Val! Thank you for your beautiful tribute to Vero! I always saw you together at the fairs in Milan! I have big love in my heart for Vero! She is in peace now! My condolences to her family and her closest friends, including you!

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    • Thank you so much Tanja. Yep, always rushing through the fairs as fast as we could. This year I will stroll through a little more slowly. But she will sure be watching where I stop off. Hahahahahaha. x.


  2. My heartfelt condolences to you and everyone who loved Vero. Is it inappropriate for me to ask that you offer me reassurance about what has become of her constant and beautiful little four footed companion?


  3. My heartfelt condolences to you and everyone who loved Vero. Is it inappropriate for me to ask that you offer me reassurance about what has become of her constant and beautiful little four footed companion?

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    • Hi there Katy. Vero always left Isi in a pet home when she travelled, or should I say if she had to travel without him. As she started to feel unwell, she gave Isi to them, to concentrate on herself. Isi loved to go there, and last I heard they were keeping him. That might have changed now, and I will let you know if I get an update. You can rest assured that he has another home, and that he will be happy. Was a totally cool pup. xx.

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  4. Starting to tear up all over again. Thank you for your friendship, Val, and for this beautiful tribute to dear Vero. Thank you for letting me be a letter writer, it was such an honor. I may be with you on that unicorn issue. Much love for your deep personal loss and thank you, I knew my Rubj extrait had no cumin. :D. I shall be happy to have Vero surround me with her beautiful creations, even if I never met her in person, and I hope to meet you in person one day.

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    • It drove Vero crazy, the number of people who wrote about the cumin in the extrait or voile. Hahahahaha. Lost count of how many we informed between us that it was not there, and neither was the passion fruit. Her edps were more “controversial“ and they sold less, but I absolutely love them. Kisses back. And thank you. xxx


  5. I, too, am an enormous Vero fan, but the very last thing I want is for her gorgeous and utterly unique scents to become “unicorns!” Instead, I want and desperately hope that the “Campomarzio Crew” will help her legacy continue to live on. Her fragrances are far too beautiful and vivid to die a slow and pitiful death. Instead, why not help them to continue to fill perfumistas’ hearts with joy for years to come, and allow her scents to reach even a brand new audience? This is the wish of every artist–to have created something wondrous that lives on after we are long gone. Viva la Vero!!

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    • Hi Valerie. Unconfirmed to me, is that Campomarzio will do another run of Veròs Voiles and Extraits, but not the edps. I have mixed feelings on the continuation, but luckily it is not my call. As soon as I know something for sure, I will update everyone here on APJ. I donˋt think they would die a slow death …… a couple have already been out of stock for more than a year. Vivid us such a good description. Thank you for dropping in. Hugs, Val. xxxx

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