What’s Your Insta Handle?




Hey Crew,

It’s the 5th Tuesday so I’m filling the gap. Val had a fabulous idea. Let’s find out each others INSTAGRAM handle so we can follow each others lives visually. It’s not nearly so intrusive as FB and much more sharing that Twitter. I reckon the idea is good.

What’s Your Insta Handle?

I need to give you fair warning though. My Insta is a jumble of friends, food, fun and finally fragrance. For some reason it’s the place that gets the biggest hodge lodge. So if you’re looking for a page that is frafg only then you will probably want to bypass mine.


Go check it out if you like.

Now tell us yours so we can all follow along.

Portia xx

79 thoughts on “What’s Your Insta Handle?

  1. I have two Instagram accounts, and one is devoted to my SOTD. I am enjoying taking a photograph of my bottles (or even samples – harder to be creative) and like having a visual representation of my wears. I’m not nearly as good at keeping up with my other account.

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  2. @slowlight

    Perfume and dinosaurs, street art, moggies, training, videos from moving vehicles, squirrels.
    I post to the stories most days, main stream only rarely.

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  3. No Insta handle, and minimal FB, only when really necessary. I can’t handle social media other than occasional perfume blog comments!


  4. I don’t have an Insta handle. I occasionally look at Instagram and “follow” but I am very uninterested in social media generally. I love to read and choose to read books and blogs that only really interest me, for sake of time ( mostly fragrance, dogs, weight lifting/training, skin care, and nutrition).

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  5. I think Instagram was made just for me! Until I found this outlet to show my NST buddies what I made for a dessert contest at work, I had not shared photos of my travels and quirky in the moment photo captures. Now I am unstoppable 😱
    I sometimes post themes (e.g. Primary Colors, Animal Bird Fish, related things at a location or event, Shopping A-Ha Moments, etc.). 99% of the time, I don’t edit my pictures or use filters. I get a thrill when my iPhone does not suggest any straightening!

    I am @hajusuuri and if you permit me to do so, I am pimping the link below so I can get to my first post with 100 likes. I follow a lot of photographers to get ideas for my trips but I think I will purge a good chunk because I have found that my spontaneous pictures actually come out best. My eyes like to frame sights and I just snap away! I have 16,000 pictures and these exclude pictures I have yet to find for some of my earlier vacations.

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  6. I follow most of you already, or will start following you today. In October 2018 I began my Instagram account @vancouverperfumepeeps to meet more perfume people in Vancouver. So glad I started this because we’ve met in person 2 new perfumistas, and 2 more will be coming to our next meetup.

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  7. I have an instagram account to follow some people but I don’t post to instagram. I posted three books for a book marathon I participated in. That’s about it. I am most active on Facebook.

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  8. To demonstrate how inept I am with this platform, I’ll tell you that I think my handle is @undina_ba but I’m not 100% sure 🙂

    I have no idea why I do not use Instagram more: I love taking pictures, and I could probably see hajusuuri’s 16K of pictures and raise another 10K. AND I have tons of pictures of my cat. But somehow I end up questioning each picture I think of posting: is it really worth being out there? But this year I’ll try to do at least 1 picture per month: I should be able to get at least 1 cat picture worth publishing, right?

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  9. How did I miss this post? Lovely to have a few new accounts to follow. Mine is easy. @mikasminion I always intend to post things other than cats and gardening stuff, but rarely do.

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