Hiram Green Lustre by Hiram Green 2019


Val the Cookie Queen



Hiram Green launched their latest creation, Lustre, at the Esxcence 2019.    A rose soliflore,  it is the luminous pearl in the otherwise brightly coloured collection of scented jewels, and perhaps the most exquisite.

Hiram Green Lustre by Hiram Green 2019


I have followed Hiram Green´s handcrafted works  since the launch of Moon Bloom.  Vero Kern had me send samples of each of the Hiram Green´s to her.   She was not one to lavish praise upon anyone, but she thought that Hiram`s work was not only unique, but that he was a perfectionist in his creations.


Photo: Unsplash 

Giving the illusion of simplicity,  Lustre it is anything but.   I believe it takes great skill to create a soliflore that remains gorgeous throughout and does not sit sourly on your skin like something from the local health food chakra oil shelf.


Notes:  Bulgarian rose, citrus, orris, olibanum. 

Lustre opens green and citrusy, the rose present from the beginning.   As it warms up it becomes rich and luxuriant, a coruscating shower of rose petals.  The longer it is on your skin the deeper the rose becomes, orris and olibanum silently reinforcing the depth, the merest hint of honey as it eventually fades from the skin.  As with all of the Hiram Green collection, each fragrance is made using only natural materials and the longevity is outstanding.

“I gotta new rose, I got it good, Guess I knew that I always would, I cannot stop to mess around, I got a brand new rose in town.”  The Damned. 

Lustre is utterly exquisite.

Bulgarian Bussis.



25 thoughts on “Hiram Green Lustre by Hiram Green 2019

  1. High level lemming duly created, and sample en route from Hiram G. I know it takes a lot to knock your socks off, ditto Vero’s, so I always sit up when you are broadsided by another beauty. And rose is a favourite note for me, in all its styles.

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    • Hi Vanessa! It is an absolutely gorgeous rose. Despite what I may or may not post on Instagram, this is what I have been wearing pretty much non-stop since Milan. I look forward to your thoughts on it. Hiram has a unique way of working and his perfumes stand out in the sea of mediocrity. Great stuff. xxxx


    • Hi there Wendy 🙂 I would say it is rose, rose, rose. I understood from Hiram that the orris and the olibanum complete the rose, but are not there to stand alone. So if you are looking for orris, then to my nose, it is not noticeable. But you do know that it is not rose alone that makes the perfume. Does the make any sense? If you Loe rose it is absolutely worth getting a sniff of if you have the chance. xxx


  2. Wearing Lustre today, the bottle arrived a week ago. Utterly gorgeous, it is one of those very rare rose perfumes you just want to enter in with your whole being and never leave.
    Great review Val, I got it good too.

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  3. Hey Hamamelis! I just knew you would love it. The way the bottle feels, the way it sprays, the way the gauzy droplets land on the skin, the absolutely beguiling rose – you are right about not wanting to leave. I have ben getting up each morning excited to wear it again. And twelve hours later when I have a bath, the warmth of the water reignites the rose. It is one lovely perfume. xxxx

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  4. All of HG’s scents are finely crafted jewels. Can’t wait to smell this latest one, as I am a rose lover. In fact today I am wearing another favourite, Papillon Tobacco Rose. Pure bliss.

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    • Well if you did, and of course we are not quite sure yet, you will not regret it. You can drown yourself in it and be at peace the whole day. Drop me a PM on Insta or something, and let me know. You know I bought and love and wear Hyde, but I need to be in the right groove to wear it. Lustre is the polar opposite, inasmuch as it is just perfect all the time, Cannot wait to wear it in high summer temperatures. And looking at the unseasonal sleet out of the window am not quite sure when that will be. Hugs. xxx


  5. Sounds exquisite. I totally want to try it but I really wish they still had travel sizes. I don’t love rose enough to buy the full bottle – it takes a lot to get me to buy more than 30ml these days given my limited budget.

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  6. I thank Vanessa for the phrase high level lemming. I am aspiring to high level lemming status, but slowly working my way up. I think I’d like to try Lustre – I’ve never found a rose that I could wear all day, which is peculiar because I adore and grow roses. Anyway, Moon Bloom and Dilettante (in decant form) are making me fangirl – can Lustre be far behind?

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  7. It is just not viable for the independent/solo/artisanal perfumers to do small sizes. Costs are more than the bigger bottles. Perhaps you‘ll come across it. None of us need 50mls. None of us need anything tbh. Lustre could make you love rose. 😉 xxx


    • Slowdive. Rich in beeswax and honey and spices. Hiram is really gifted, his works are worth looking at. I hope I can work with him again next year if he does the Esxcence. You are the boss, turn up whenever you please. Very kind of you to do so whilst on your honeymoon. Hugs to you both. ❤️


  8. I was on a rose kick all this week so I’m in the right mood to read these praises, and I’m waiting impatiently for Luckyscent to get this perfume so I could order a sample.

    I think it’s great when you meet perfume that allows you to write about it an inspired review.

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  9. Val, now you have me intrigued with Lustre! I respect your fragrance opinion and even though Rose fragrances are not my favorite, I am feeling that Lustre will change my mind. I adore HG fragrances, I have Shangri La, and I asked my sister for Slowdive for my bday gift from her (she wanted to buy me perfume and asked for my wish).


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