IUNX Talc EdT by Olivia Giacobetti 2019.


Val the Cookie Queen



Remember I did that radio interview back in March?  I loved doing it so much that I asked the radio station powers-that-be if I could do my own show.  And they said sure, why not?  So here we are.  This coming Friday 7th June at 18:00 Central European Time will be my first broadcast.   I will have an hour at the controls, forcing my music on an unsuspecting public.  Well let’s be honest here, I will play the music and do the talking and there will be someone with me doing the technical stuff, theory being that I can learn as I go along.  After three or four shows I will be on my own.  First Friday of each month.  “Baking Bad with the Cookie Queen.”  I will share my SOTShow each time, without naming the perfume house because I am not allowed.  Talking of perfume I bought the 20ml travel size of IUNX Talc.



by Olivia Giacobetti 2019.

A blind buy.  Sometimes you just have to take a gamble.  I have two good perfume friends, and the IUNX Talc came highly recommended by them both.  As friends of Vero’s they know what I might like.   IUNX fragrances are only available from the IUNX boutique in France, but they will ship out of the country if you email them privately.    No samples available.

IUNX, (pronounced “iyonks” as far as I know), is the line from Olivia Giacobetti.  Included in her portfolio of earlier works are Diptyque’s Philosykos, Malle`s En Passant, L’Artisan’s Dzing and a host of others.

IMG_7846.JPGRice absolute, white orris powder, white cedar wood essential oil, ambrette seeds

A silver tinged, exquisite iris opening.  Threads of violet in the outset, leading into the musky base, continual swirls of powdery rice and orris that you cannot quite touch.   The cedar wood and ambrette  keep it from becoming a powdery scent,  as well as enhancing the beautiful sensuality of  a warm body.   Graceful and elegant, it needs to be worn on bare skin.


IMG_7856 2.JPG

Do read Colognoisseur’s review.  I am looking forward to working my way through the rest of the IUNX collection.

What a week in football.   European Champions.  YNWA.

Powdery Bussis.







18 thoughts on “IUNX Talc EdT by Olivia Giacobetti 2019.

  1. Talc sounds stunning in that beautifully understand Giacobetti way. There will be never be too many iris perfumes in the world for me. Wish more perfumers used rice powder.

    Pronounced “iyonks”, huh? Good to know at last!

    You were born to have your own radio show (and book deal).

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    • It will be our book deal. ☺️ I think you would love the Talc, it‘s really beautiful. We need to go to Paris together next time I am home. There‘s a train huh? Let‘s plan it.


  2. Seconding Tara on the lack of rice powder in perfumes, though I get excited every time I see it listed. Am not a talc wearer myself, though I like the concept. This is true with me of so many beauty aids, from scrubs to blending brushes and beyond. I like the IUNX line though, enough to once own a light sabre ‘bottle’ of L’Eau Frappée which smells of lemon sorbet crossed with lemon rose petals. Its quirky truncheon case foxed the security people at CDG airport. And it came by the yard, which was more than I needed really and I sold a foot or so on.

    Cannot wait for your first show! And all the others…Hope you are allowed to mention the name of the music you are playing…;)

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    • Oh yes. Hahahahaha. I will not only name the tune, but add a little background info, the way I like to hear about songs but no one does anymore. I love Shazam – it‘s brilliant, but it‘s cool when the DJ says what is playing too. That IUNX sounds divine. 💞


  3. Yaay!!! Your own show! Let us know where they’ll be archived so we who are far away can listen at our leisure!
    I’m so glad you liked Talc! I love Giacobetti’s work and Iunx (pronounced Yonks….just drop the “I”) is such a great line. Blanche is one of my favorites. My only quibble is that the full-sized bottles are the size of police truncheons and don’t really fit well on a shelf. First world perfume problems, right? xoxo

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  4. Ah ok. I was told it was a very slight i before the Yonks. Like iYonks. An inflection. You know? I am perfectly happy with the 20mls. I honestly don‘t need more. I think I will order L‘Ether next, although I want Blanche too. Argh.
    I‘ll put a link up after each show. I‘m way excited to do it. Hugs. ❤️


    • I think you must be right about the pronunciation of the name. Wish I was a talc user, but I’m not really. And I missed out on your show this time, what a pity!


  5. Congratulations on the radio show! I have a few IUNX (I’ve heard it pronounced younx). Ether, Eau Sento and Splash Forte. But what I really love is their candles. Incredible throw, highly scented. My favourite is Papyrus.

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  6. Exactly. Younx. That is iYonks in my book. Ta. I wanna try them all. I like scented candles, but can live without them. But I will look into these. I saw them on the website. Just wrote my final playlist. I‘m exhausted. And wonder why I decided to do it. Hahahahahah. I have a session with my trainer beforehand so hopefully will be pumped to do it. ❤️


  7. Whee! You will be fantastic Val hosting your own broadcast. Congratulations! I hope us in the US can tune in, please keep us posted on how to connect to your showtime or archives. Music and perfume! Yes please! You are one cool chicky!
    Ever since you mentioned IUNX Talc I’ve been wanting to smell it. I’ll look into the IUNX boutique in France. I’m not averse to blind buys if I know a perfume is highly recommended.


  8. Congratulations on your own show, Val! Sorry to have missed it yesterday 😦
    Talc sounds delightful. Not surprised since it’s a Giacobetti scent: she’s such a gifted perfumer.

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