IUNX L’Ether EdP by Olivia Giacobetti 2003


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I lived through my first radio broadcast, and was happy enough with it, despite the mistakes I made.


The technics lady who was teaching me left me alone for half of the show assuring me I could do it.  She sat outside where I could get her in if I needed.    Coordinating the music with the faders, and talking into a microphone took some concentration, but I did it.   What nearly killed me was a deadlift training session that morning that caused my hands to bleed.  Honestly, you would have thought that I would have learned by now.   As a reward for surviving everything, I ordered my next IUNX perfume.

IUNX L’Ether EdP by Olivia Giacobetti 2003

According to ancient and medieval science, aether, also spelled æther or ether, also called quintessence, is the material that fills the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere.  

“The word aither in Homeric Greek means ‘pure, fresh air’ or ‘clear sky’.  In Greek mythology it was thought to be the pure essence that the gods breathed, filling the space where they lived, analogous to the air breathed by mortals.  WIKIPEDIA. 


Myrrh, white incense, sandalwood, rose essential oil.  

The word ethereal, means “of the highest reigns of the atmosphere, light, airy, spirit like.

IUNX  L’Ether is all of the above, and never was a fragrance more perfectly named.  It opens with a blast of cedar, clear, and fragrant, and camphoraceous; a slight bitterness from the myrrh.  The way is prepared for the incense, which stretches itself out in wisps of light smokiness, creating a tranquil haze.  Its gracefulness inviting peace.  L’Ether has a glowing  inner warmth , and yet is light enough to not overpower in the heat of the summer.  The incense rises from a carefully laid bed of sandalwood, and they smoulder simultaneously.   It envelops the skin in a transparent film of quietude, and is very graceful.


Source:  UNSPLASH. 

An incense fragrance has been missing from my perfume wardrobe.  Many are too rasping, other notes quickly disappearing and leaving a harshness that sits on my skin, metallic and ugly.   I have long felt that it might be a material that just does not work for me.   The incense in L’Ether is never left alone and it melts into my skin as though a part of it.  This truly is the breath of the gods.

Luminescent Bussis


17 thoughts on “IUNX L’Ether EdP by Olivia Giacobetti 2003

  1. Wow, amazing post. I’ve long heard great things about L’Ether and it sounds just my kind of soft, airy incense. Everyone should have one in their collection. I’m glad you’ve found yours.

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  2. Hey there Val,
    IUNX is an excellent brand that rarely gets the love it deserves anymore. I think in part because it’s so hard to get and also because the staff in the store are notoriously foul tempered and bullshit artists. Fortunately Anna Maria and I had an excellent experience there last year, there was a new girl and she was fantastic.
    Tranquil is a wonderful word for them, my personal favourite is Splash Forte but there are decants of the rest around here that also get some skin time.
    Lovely review and congratulations on becoming a RADIO STAR! Those boards are a big deal, eh?
    Portia xx

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    • I have only ordered by email. Excellent service, and really friendly contact. I would love to visit the store, and will one day. Then I will report back. My next purchase will be Eau Baptiste, wheat, neroli, orange flower and beeswax. Sounds divine huh? I think radio start is little exaggerated. But it is fun to be doing and learning something else, and being able to slip some perfume talking it. Love you. xxxx


  3. So glad you are enjoying Ether, I have a vintage bottle, the black plastic one shaped like an elongated computer mouse. I also have Eau Sento and Splash Forte, would love to go back and sniff them all again.

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  4. Look at you rocking bare feet at your gig! Cedarwood, myrrh, incense and sandalwood – what an amazing combo – glad you love it xx

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  5. Your version of breath of the gods is a lot nicer imho than ‘Breath of God’ by Lush, which smells really great on some people and like ‘Breath of Dog’ on others. You richly deserved this present after your radio debut, and now you will have ‘the scent of myrrh on your skin’, to quote a certain band. Loved ‘luminescent Bussis’!

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    • Richey deserve, that you Vanessa. Indeed I do believe I will richly deserve one every month, let’s see how that pans out eh? I have tried Breath of God but cannot remember. Hmmmmm. I need to play some tunes from a certain band. Stay tuned. xxxxx


  6. What a lovely post to read, thank you. I hope to listen to your show soon! But so so busy, pffff. L´ether sounds divine, and I sure could need some tranquil haze. Have you contacted IUNX by mail before ordering (as it says on their site to phone first, in my best French…not)? xxxx

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  7. Lovely review of a lovely sounding fragrance. I can’t even imagine how this smells, but transparent film of quietude and graceful sounds perfect. I really need to try IUNX perfumes.
    Congratulations on your first radio broadcast solo!

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