Saturday Question: What Is Your Warm Weather Vanilla Fragrance?




Hello Fellow Fumies,

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Saturday Question: What Is Your Warm Weather Vanilla Fragrance?

Vanilla! It’s one of my favourite notes in perfumery. It goes with almost everything and smells great on most of us. From amber like L’Artisan L’Eau d’Ambre to bakery like Guerlain Oriental Brulant, thick and ropey like Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights to the salty aquatic fun of Vanille Marine by Micallef (also excellent in summer).

Here’s my problem. Though I love vanilla as a note in fragrance, most of my ambers get too warm and cozy in summer.

I know they can all be worn in summer but what I really want to know are the ones YOU wear in the warmer months that are vanilla-centric? What have you, in the Northern Hemisphere especially, been wearing in the summer of 2019?

My Answer:

Whenever I really want a hit of hot weather vanilla the sheer and weightless oddity that is Hermès Vanille Galante is my favourite pick. I’m happily on my second 15ml Travel of it, and nearly through it. Though I can’t imagine going through 100ml it is a staple in my summer travel arsenal. Hefty enough to keep me interested, light enough to not sweat and suffocate. Really, it’s mainly lily but the vanilla is there.

My Saturday Question to you is:

What Is Your Warm Weather Vanilla Fragrance?

121 thoughts on “Saturday Question: What Is Your Warm Weather Vanilla Fragrance?

  1. Dang it but I can’t think of a vanilla centered hot-weather scent🤔 Any that I have are more suited to cooler weather. I’ll have to ponder on this one.


  2. My thunder has been stolen. Like pl67 I’m voting for Eau Duelle. Cookie Queen mentioned Shalimar which I also wore a lot this summer, but I don’t necessarily classify it as a vanilla. Either way, both of them wear superbly in summer. Which sadly is now a distant memory here. But local strawberries are still available, so there’s that!

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  3. Positively balmy here this evening. 19 whole degrees at 6.30 as I was in my way to work, and there’s a strange yellowish thing in the sky. I’m stumped.


  4. I cannot name a single vanilla which would be good in warm weather, but then I don’t own many perfumes with vanilla as a main note. Too much vanilla usually feels suffocating. In my book vanilla pairs best with spice and amber.

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  5. I think I can wear any vanilla any time,but I’ll give another vote to Vanille Insensée and Vanilla Hinoki. Eau Duelle lasts 5 nanoseconds on me.


  6. Good morning all. And I have finally thought of something!!!!!! Although I do enjoy it mostly in Winter, and at night as a ‘comfort’, it still ‘sings on my skin’ in warmer weather, too. Jessica Simpsons, Fancy. I also concur with an earlier post, re Fancy Nights.


  7. This is a difficult question for me because I am not really a huge fan of vanilla note, especially when it dominates such as in SDV though I think Shalimar parfum is amazing. it is even more difficult to choose a vanilla fragrance for warm weather but if I have to go for one, I would go for Givenchy Pi which I like a lot. Years ago it felt too sweet to me but now the bar for sweet has been set so high that Pi actually appears easier on the nose than many too sweet gourmands. I also have a certain fondness for Pi because I still remember thinking in the late 1990s that Givenchy Pi’s astronaut ad was one of the coolest. Since then my interest in space has grown multiple-folds so I love the original pi ad even more.

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  8. I just thought of another one….I have been wearing it to 🛏️….I Profumi do Firenze Vaniglia de Madagascar…. it smells like vanilla orchids….no cupcakes.. I think it’s great in warm weather.


  9. Years ago, I segregated my fragrances into seasonal categories, just like I do with my wardrobe. For me, vanilla note dominant scents are in the winter category, and I just cannot imagine myself wearing them in any other season. I do very much love vanilla as a note, both sweet and dry.


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