Holiday Perfumes; and Jumper Love?


Val the Cookie Queen.


Well hello APJ

I am roaming around Scotland as you read this, although I am sat here writing it a good week beforehand.  It is gonna be the shortest post ever as I am up to my eyeballs in cookie dough, packing, decanting, and attempting an online checkin.  altho I lived in England for some years I never made it up to Scotland.  I have always wanted to go and we finally booked a week there.  A couple of days in Edinburgh and the we will head up to Fort William and see that happens along the way.  What scents am I taking?

Holiday Perfumes; and Jumper Love?


Pretty straight forward.  Left to right.  Frederic Malle Le Parfum de Therese.  IUNX L’Ether.  Frederic Malle Rose & Cuir.  Frederic Malle L’Eau d’Hiver.  Hermés Cèdre Sambac and Cardamusc.  I am meeting two very good perfumista friends in Edinburgh; in fact that is one of the main reasons for going and I am sure I will grab a few more things to try whilst I am there.

Pullover Love?

Portia recently reviewed Mandy Aftel`s Embers and Musk Extrait on Perfume Posse, and mentioned that it opens like a well worn jumper.  I remarked that it sounded lovely but that I owned no jumper.  Portia was surprised, especilaly as I live in a country with cold winters.


I hate jumpers and anything similar that has to be pulled over my head.  Did not like them as a kid and do not like them now.  I asked around the family and the answer was the same.  Ugh, no.   T-shirts are no problem of course, but then they are not jumpers.  I don’t like sweatshirt that pull over my head either, although an oversize baggy hoodie, as long as it is made of cotton is ok.  I wear a snug long sleeved Lululemon undershirt with a flannel shirt on top, or t-shirts and big hoodies and warm scarves.  I keep warm just fine, but definitely no jumper love.

So I have a theory that more people will dislike jumpers as love them, based on, well the fact that I cannot bear them and cannot believe anyone else can either.  Very scientific.  Drop a line into the comments with a hate or love, or Mommy makes me wear one, and let’s see.

Bagpipes and Bussis.





23 thoughts on “Holiday Perfumes; and Jumper Love?

  1. I have a few jumpers I enjoy, but they are with large v-necks that are designed to be worn with a layering shirt underneath. My winter uniform is pretty much that: long sleeved t shirts under a baggy v-neck cashmere sweater. I loathe anything knit up against my neck throttling me. I do love a big soft cotton hoodie sweatshirt though, as long as it’s loose around the neck. I normally buy zip ups instead of kangas to avoid pulling over the head though. Have fun in Scotland, it’s on my bucket list. Have been everywhere else in the UK & Ireland except there. Love your perfume selection for the trip.


  2. So American – we don’t call them jumpers, rather sweaters (which honestly is not really a nice name, who wants to sweat??) but I am with you. I don’t wear pullover sweaters any more. I do have a love of cardigans, but mostly because as a music teacher of small people I often start my day cold and quickly heat up so it’s important to have something easy to remove.


  3. I like jumpers, but not heavy, cumbersome ones. I feel like the Michelin man in them. Plus, my coats don’t fit nicely over them. I like fine knit and no higher than the base of my neck, so no polo-necks as I feel like they’re strangling me. I love cardigans as they’re friendlier for those times when my internal combustion engine is misfiring or overheating 🥵 For very cold weather I wear a thermal vest or a tight fitting long sleeve t shirt underneath. And I have loads of scarves to snuggle up in. Have a great time in Scotland.


  4. Say hello to crickey 🙂

    I am constantly cold so I love sweaters/jumpers and will indeed wear turtlenecks. this year my work wardrobe is entirely black (some of you have seen photos of my minimalistic all black wardrobe hanging in my closet) so I have two black pullover crewneck sweaters, two black turtlenecks and one black cashmere sweater. For the weekend I have a pink, a mint green, an aqua blue and a red cashmere crewneck sweaters. Even in 60 degree weather I will wear these sweaters.

    Have fun!


    • About 80% of my wardrobe is black as we wear black for night work. It helps that it’s slimming (who am I kidding 🙄). The rest consists of grey, red, green and turquoise.


      • Ha so funny. I never thought of hating pullovers as even a possible thing! I love sweaters in all of their forms although I have gotten to an age where I don’t like turtle necks or anything to tight around the neck. I am sort of a cashmere addict and now have a cat who literally eats cashmere. I have to hide everything.

        I also have lived in some *extremely* cold places, which is likely a factor.


  5. HA! Love this post Val,
    As you know I love jumpers. There are three crew necks and one V neck woolly jumpers. Also three zippered cotton hoodies. My polo necks are cotton skivvies, so they go underneath the jumpers but I’m not averse to having them made of wool/cashmere and keep a beautiful black one here in case I ever lose another 20kgs.
    Fabulous frag selection. What would we do without those Hermès 15ml travels?
    Portia xx


  6. No love for the jumper/sweater here. Especially the polo/turtleneck. With one exception: a mock polo that must be very fine knit and ultra soft. Cashmere or merino, thank-you. I’m typically a cardie person. Long and bulky, waist length and close fitting, oversized, whatever. I love them all. Rather uninspiring colour choices: blacks (duh), various gray hues, one each in coral and sky blue. Oh! and one in sapphire blue sequins. Very glitzy and glam.


  7. I hate jumpers/sweaters, they are extremely uncomfortable and unflattering on me. I can’t wear wool (itchy and rash) and I don’t like anything high on my neck.
    I prefer long-sleeved light cotton t-shirts and tunics, and I love longer cardigans on top for when it is cold.
    Have a wonderful vacation in Scotland!


  8. Dropping in from Scotland. Thanks for all the comments. I read every one of course!! I have not worn a sweater, a jumper or a pullover on my trip. The weather has been fantastic. Brought all of our winter stuff and never needed it. I have however worn a big baggy Champion hoody every day, which does pull over my head. But with a wide neck on it I’m fine!!
    I wore Rose et Cuir the most, with Eau d’Hiver coming in second.
    Forgive me not answering individually – y’all know I usually do. Big hugs. Val xxxx


  9. Not sure if they count as jumpers, but my standard work uniform in cool weather is a cashmere t-shirt, or short-sleeved sweater, over wool slacks. It’s like wearing pajamas, except for the leather pumps I wear with them, lol! I have several colors. I’m at that stage in life when I really don’t want to think much at all about what I wear to work, but I still have to look professional. I don’t mind jumpers generally, though.

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