Thank You 2019




Hello APJ,

Another year has passed us by. A decade is coming to a close. There has been joy, pain, highs and lows, wins and learning. What a roller coaster the last 10 years has been, even the last 12 months. Believe me, I know I’m one of the luckiest people on earth. It’s been so much more sunshine than pain.

Thank you for all of it. What a ride.

No matter who you are or how you’re doing we are so glad that you are a part of the Australian Perfume Junkies family. Contributors, commenters, lurkers and perfume lovers everywhere. We salute and embrace you and wish you prosperity, chances, choices and a little bit of good luck as you head into the 20s.


Wearing Shalimar by Guerlain. Vintage extrait and Ode de la Vanille Shal-lemur.

Tonight I’m hanging with Kath & Alice while Jin works. We are at home on the couch, eating enormous amounts of food, watching TV and enjoying the laziest New Year Celebration ever.

Whatever you do, stay safe, treat yourself and those around you with respect even if they’re annoying as fuck. Have a wonderful end to 2019 and a 2020 in which you can be proud of yourself.

What’s everyone else smelling like right now?
Portia xx



111 thoughts on “Thank You 2019

  1. Happy New Year Portia! 🥂🎉🎊💃💕
    Like you, I will be at home with family, warching tv, eating, chatting and waiting until midnight to welcome a new year and a new decade with a glass of champagne. We also have our grapes, lentil soup and red/ yellow undies ready for later tonight, you never know….. 😀 . I will be wearing Guerlain Encense Mythique D’Orient.
    Wishing everyone a very happy, healthy, peaceful, adventurous and fragrant 2020!

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  2. Dearest Portia I started using your phrase of ‘pergolating instead of procrastinating’ some years ago, and now I will add more Portia speak: to treat myself and others with respect even in they’re (I am…) as annoying as fuck. Ha! Thank you for your voice, and thank everyone here for theirs too, unheard or not.
    I have been wearing a lot of Lustre, Liquid Dreams, Calling All Angels and now Cuir de Lancome. Forgot how gorgeous it is. We watched the Boy who harnessed the Wind, sad and hopeful, and the two Popes, which offers some redemption in view of what is and has been very wrong in the Catholic church. Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce are impressive. Quiet evening with husband and dog safely inside, in the Netherlands the fireworks are irresponsibly crazy and everywhere. Animals,birds and wildlife suffer, and sensitive humans too. Trying to respect those who perpetuate this ridiculous ritual, even though it is annoying as fuck!

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  3. At work until 5:00 when the public library closes. Then stop at gas station, grocery store to get bananas & bread, head home to the swamp before drunks get out on road. Will not make it awake to midnight, but hubby usually wakes me to “see the ball drop”. Wearing the very soft & comforting Bourbon French Musk Oil today.


  4. Portia, you are a treasure! I’m so grateful for being part of this lively community and to you for being our host. You are incredibly refreshing in this day of political correctness gone awry. So yes, I agree, let’s treat ourselves and others with respect, even when they are “annoying as fuck”. Words to live by!
    I’m going to try to wear vintage Shalimar perfume. It is traditionally both my Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve scent. However, we were planning on going out to a comedy club to catch a special NYE show with friends. We’ve done this the past several years and had a riot. The comedy acts were raunchy but smart. I’m still too bloody sick to go. I probably won’t even be able to stay awake much past ten. So slothing on the sofa will be it for me.
    I wish you, Jin and all my delightful APJ friends a terrific new year and a brand spanking new decade. All shiny and filled with hope. Of course, there will be the usual triumphs and disasters, but I hope that the wins outweigh the losses by a great margin, and that we grow and learn through the downs. My cousin and I, when we were young, would always give each other a rabbit’s foot for good luck on NYE, so, I’ll send you all a virtual rabbit’s foot hoping that a bit of luck comes your way. Party on….happily and safely 🍾🥂

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  5. Thank you Portia for this fun and supportive forum! Since we’ve met in person I can hear your voice in my head when you write, which makes it even more fun. :-). Looking forward to a better 2020, determined to start off in a positive frame of mind. A coworker used to have a sign over her desk that said, Change your attitude, change your life. That will be my watchword for the year.

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    • You met Portia in person?? I am so jealous lol 😂 I would love to meet all of you in person, actually…an APJ IRL moment.

      One of my favorite quotes…think it was Wayne Dyer-
      Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.

      My mantra for 2020-

      ” I am the rock in the stream with all the chaos flowing around me”


  6. Happy New Year! I hope 2020 will bring many happy moments and a more predictable, safe and peaceful world. I love this space with such a sense of community and humour!

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  7. Happy New Year, Portia, Jin and the APJ Family!!!!!! I am still in bed but am going to wear The Body Shop Frosted Cranberry with Poesie Messe de Minuit for the holiday. Cranberry and pine. Spending it with my mom at her house in our jammies. We plan to watch the music shows and ball drop, eat our munchie traditional foods and do some crafts. Blessings to all!

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  8. I arrived in Canberra last night to visit the Ancient Ones. It was very smoky and the fireworks were cancelled. There is a bushfire this morning in the next suburb over, and there is a pall of smoke covering everything. Will keep an eye on my mother as she has been wheezing a lot.
    The whole East coast seems to be burning, terrifying.
    I hope everyone has a happy and safe new year xxx


  9. Happy New Year, everyone! We are having a low key party with a group of “parent” friends that we met when my son started elementary school. I’m wearing Olympic Orchids Amber-Labdanum oil topped with DSH Dark Moon. So amber-labdanum-red wine-chocolate. Delicious!


  10. Happy New Year Portia, Jin, and all APJ friends! Wishing you all a peaceful, healthy, and prosperous year and decade.
    I always appreciate your kindness and words of wisdom Portia. Love the plan of treating all with respect despite the annoyances and differences. I’m also praying for buckets of rain and relief of the fires in Australia.

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  11. Sssaake😡 my third attempt today. WordPress hates me so much. I commented this morning and nada happening. I’m on my way home from gallivanting around Brussels, lighter In my wallet and heavier round my middle. Enjoyed every second. Great food, oceans of alcohol and my bestest friends. Couldn’t ask for more. I know I’m lucky. And appreciate it. My scents of the past few days were Iris Poudre yesterday, Hypnotic Poison today, TF Vanille Fatale on Sunday. No recollection of Monday.
    Wishing all the APJ family the very best this year. Lots of you are dealing with crap and hopefully it has gone down the sewers. You all are the best bunch to hang with. And I can get away with being a bit naughty. I am the annoying as F person🤪 so thanks for putting up with me. Warm wishes to the super duper Jin, long may he cook crispy pork.

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    • Oh

      Kate!!!! I have missed you 😩🤣😬
      So many times you have popped in my head because of fragrances and random thoughts! For example, I recently received a roller ball of Fresh Scents by Terri called Zoe…you and only a handful of folks know this brand.

      Hope you are well..and a very happy 2020 to you 💜💜💜💜

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  12. Dear Portia,

    I wish you and all your loved ones a happy, healthy and prosperous decade. ❤️

    Dear APJ family, thank you for your company: I don’t get to participate too often, but I smile a lot reading your comments and conversations. Warmest wishes to all of you.


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