Saturday Question: What Are Some Good Saturday Questions?




Hello Fellow Fumies,

At APJ we have a Saturday Question. Everyone gets to chime in with an answer, chat with other responders and it’s a fun event each week. Taking sides never means taking offence and everyone keeps it respectful and light, even though we can sometimes trawl the depths.

The idea is you’ll see it on the weekend or chime in through the week. Hopefully you will come back regularly and see if anyone has responded to your comment and you can reply to them. The aim is to generate real conversation and connection even though we are scattered around the globe.

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Saturday Question: What Are Some Good Saturday Questions?

I’ll be honest. After a couple of years of Saturday Questions I’m drying up a bit. HELP!!!

If you have a question or ten that you’ve not seen addressed here I’d love to read them. Obviously I won’t be able to use them all but it would be extremely helpful if you could give me a bunch of new topics please.

The only thing they really need to be is interesting, and conversational.

Try and keep them pretty short and I may edit them a bit for length, precision, clarity or ease.

Let’s keep the Saturday Questions going.

My Saturday Question to you is:

What Are Some Good Saturday Questions?

135 thoughts on “Saturday Question: What Are Some Good Saturday Questions?

  1. Oooo!!! Love this!!!
    What was your first bottle of perfume?
    Who/What sent you down the rabbit hole?
    How many years have you been wearing perfume?
    What’s your favorite perfume decade?
    Are you a closet perfumista or do you share /discuss your hobby with family/friends?
    How many bottles do you buy per month or in a year? Same question for samples.
    Who is your favorite indie perfumer/ indie house?
    What’s your favorite fragrance from Sonoma Scent Studio or which one of the brand are you most hankering to try?
    What’s your favorite Chypre/Oriental/green/ freshie, etc, etc?
    What perfume would you pair with your favorite character in a book/movie/ show?
    What perfume do you enjoy wearing in the opposite season it’s intended for?
    How did you get your avatar name?
    How did you stumble on APJ?

    Ok I will think of more as time goes on.

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  2. If you could create your own custom perfume what notes would it contains?

    What would be your one ( or two) stranded island perfume (s) ?

    Which perfume gets you the most compliments?


  3. OMG Brigitte you are on fire! Those are all questions I would love to read everyone’s answers to. Umm, that’s not grammar innit?


  4. L
    THIS! This is the best Saturday question ever. Obviously you are dead serious and I don’t mean to offend you but reading the Saturday question just struck me as hilarious. I dunno, maybe I’m overtired or something 🤪
    I haven’t read Brigitte’s suggestions yet (and from the look of it, she has been very productive) but how about
    What perfume did you give away and now regret that you didn’t keep?

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  5. What is the smell you would like to be made into a perfume (e.g. dog paws)?
    Which perfume that you have never smelled you would really want to smell (i.e Iris Gris)?
    Which nose/perfumer would you like to make a perfume for you?
    What is your most worn perfume ever?
    What makes you decide which perfume to wear on any given day?

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  6. Which of the modern perfumes do you think will become classics in the future.

    What perfumes do you wear only to bed.

    What perfume brings strong childhood memories.

    What perfume you don’t wear anymore despite loving it, because it brings bad associations.

    Do you have any perfumes that you wear only for special occasions.

    Do you have any perfume you don’t love much, but still keep it in your collection and why.

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  7. Is there a note that ruins a perfume for you?
    What is your saddest perfume story? Happiest?
    What is the first perfume you have a memory of (although perhaps we have done this?) – from a relative when you were young?
    Perfume “starter kit” for a teenage boy/girl?

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  8. What song or music do you connect some of your perfumes with? I thought of this one a while ago when it happened to me. There is a song in the Netflix series Lucifer. I love the series and the song, which made me think of SL Iris Silver Mist. It’s called My Love will Never Die, co-written by Aussie singer Claire Wyndam – in the Irish Gaelic style.


    • That’s a good one. I don’t actually think I have any, except for the puke inducing body spray my daughter occasionally wears. It’s that Brazilian Bum Bum cream, but in a spray form. Stay well away. And while you’re at it, you’d best avoid me when I’m wearing Dans Tes Bras.


  9. This one was inspired by Greg

    What’s your least expensive op shop/ thrift shop/ online/ TJ Maxx fragrance.

    Still can’t believe that he got vintage Obsession for a dollar!! Greg, I am so jealous!!

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    • AWESOME! Great question. Frankly, the sheer number of new releases probably has the opposite effect companies are hoping for. It actually drives me away. I tried not one new release in 2019. And I don’t see this changing any time soon.


        • I am jaded too.
          You reminded me that I did make a sample purchase last year….St Clair Scents Pandora and Eve.

          I tried quite a few 2019 releases but hardly any made it to a full bottle list.


  10. How do you package and ship perfumes when you send through the mail, or, what is the best method to prevent bottles to leak in shipping? I know the answer, at least for me. This is a pet peeve. I’ve bought thousands and people who claim to buy and sell perfume have not the faintest clue how to ship it.

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  11. How do you organize your perfumes? By house? By type? By dominant note? By season? By size?

    How would you approach a person who wears nuclear levels of perfume so much so that you can’t even smell your own?

    What do you most wish for as a gift to celebrate a milestone? From whom will you receive it and for which occasion? (Answer should be what can be bought now and not an impossible to find perfume.)

    Which perfume blogger is your scent twin?

    Which perfume blogger is your evil scent twin?

    Which perfume blogs would you recommend (besides APJ, NST and Perfume Posse)?

    Is it necessary to let your perfumes (FB and samples) rest before wearing / trying?

    With so many perfume launches and buzz about both new and old perfumes, how do you decide which ones to pursue?

    Tell us about some of the best / funniest / worst perfume-related gaffes by perfume blog commenters.

    Which 7 perfumes would you include in a newbie pack? Only choose perfumes that can be bought now for < $50 or < $100 or < $250 without having a black belt in perfume shopping.

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  12. Portia, you know that you do not have to have them absolutely unique, right? Even if exactly the same crowd answers (which is never the case with blogs but let’s assume), you can ask the same question if it allows a different answer. Of course, “what is your first perfume love?” would always produce the same answer, but “Top N brands/perfumes to save from fire/lemmings/etc.” will change over time. And for those who has previously answered, you can ask something like: “If you answered before, has you answer changed and why?”
    Actually, if you think about those factual questions, people love answering again and again about the first bottles they bought, best memories and favorite perfume note – so these can be repeated once in a while as well – both for new readers and for “power users.”


  13. I was only thinking to myself the other week how does Portia come up with these great questions EVERY Saturday!

    There’s some great ones suggested so far, especially by Brigitte and Perfumelover, wow 👏

    My answer is far less exciting, but I always enjoy reading people’s answers about their favourite from certain houses. The favourite from Guerlain we had recently was a good example. Favourites for each season, containing certain ingredients, style (I would love to see favourite Fougere, Chypre for example), all time, desert island etc are always an interesting read too.


  14. I would love to read about everyone’s choice of perfume to stay focused (when preparing for a difficult conversation, to meet a deadline at work and so on).

    And also something along the line: “What perfume do you use to perk yourself up on a day when you wish you could just sleep a little longer?”

    Questions about 3 favourite perfumes with a certain note or style (oriental, chypre, BWF) are always a fun read and will inspire me to try new perfumes.


  15. Wow! I saw the post when there were zero answers but was in a hurry so I wrote nothing. Great job, everyone!
    There are already so many great questions, I’ll just leave mine here: do you think this love affair with perfumery will disappear or take a new form? I’ve been thinking about this lately because tons of new perfumes are launched every year, but so many are just more or less creative replicas of something that already exists. It’s getting harder to find gems in the oversaturated market, and sometimes I think the time I spend on reading about perfumes could be spent more productively (or wasted on totally different things)


  16. What was the first perfume to move you?

    If you were to choose between either designer or niche for life, what will you choose?

    Perfume you loved that your certain family member hated

    Your favorite perfumer

    Best masculine and best feminine perfume of all time in your opinion (one can answer in two ways: first: assume you are a fragrance historian/critic and want to present an objective opinion, second: subjective opinion according to personal taste)

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  17. Lots of good ideas above. Ones I’d like to talk about:

    Pair a scent with a favourite character from fiction.
    What fragrance could you wear for an entire week, wearing no others?
    How do you decide what to put on each day?
    What is you grail find: the vintage fragrance that you’re dying to find in a shop somewhere?

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  18. What do you think about natural perfumery and synthetic molecules? Where do you see perfumery is going in the next five years? What’s gonna be the new trend in your opinion?


  19. Name a fragrance in your wardrobe that people would be surprised you own. Do you use fragrance oils and who is your favorite indie oil perfumer and fragrance? In your travels, what exotic scents have you purchased and where? What is your favorite herbal note? Name a scent that should be used in perfumery but isn’t. What are some common perfumery notes that you absolutely cannot stand and why?


  20. From which house do you own the most scents? From which country? Do you own any celebrity fragrances, which ones and the best? What are your guilty pleasure fragrances? What are your drugstore favorites? Do you have a favorite fragrance family type (chypre/gourmand/oriental, etc.)? Do you access the perfume databases and which ones? Do you keep a perfume inventory list? Do you buy/sell on the forums or how do you get rid of things you don’t want/need?


  21. How many perfumes were released the year you were born? This question would require some research but I think the varied answers would be fascinating.


  22. Who is/are your favorite perfumers? What is your all-time favorite note? What new house(s) or perfumer has caught your interest? What recent release are you itching to try? What blogs do you follow?


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