Versilia Vintage Boise by Profumi del Forte 2009


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Versilia Vintage Boise by Profumi del Forte 2009

Versilia Vintage Boise Profumi del Forte FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bitter orange, bergamot, vetiver
Heart: Lavender, Bourbon geranium, honey
Base: Texas cedar, Indonesian patchouli, Tonka, elemi

I get the Honey, Virginia Cedar, Indian Patchouli, Tonka Bean and Lavender and Geranium, it opens up with a smoky, lemon tinged geranium and a bitter, soapy lavender, strong geranium and the lavender is mild. Twenty minutes in and the lavender and bitterness dissipates, in comes a warm, vanilla tinged Tonka bean, and a sweet, syrupy honey, the Tonka is soft and mild honey. After three hours the geranium and Tonka dissipate, the honey softens, in comes a dry, piney, Virginia Cedar, and an earthy with a touch of dirtiness patchouli, the Virginia Cedar is mild and the Indonesian patchouli is soft.

Versilia Vintage Boise Profumi del Forte Marshmallows_in_soft_yellow_and_blue_light WikimediaWikiMedia

Versilia Vintage Boise reminds me of Thierry Mugler’s B’Men and Yohji Homme Yamamoto. B’Men is spicy, musky and woodier, Yamamoto is softer, sweeter and boozy.

This is a really lovely spicy, woody composition, that is very warm, vibrant, appealing, timeless, well balanced, smooth, with a little bit of character and flare.

Versilia Vintage Boise is a very, aromatic, fresh, balmy, slightly dirty, high quality, medicinal nuances, with soft citric undertones Oriental Woody fragrance. This can be worn all year ’round, it would be better suited for the Spring and Summer, I get average projection and average longevity, this was a great offering from Profumi del Forte.

From LuckyScent: “Being last in admiration for the wonder of the pinewood, while all around the world seethed with protest and marches: Versilia, isle of happiness in the magma of the Sixties. I reached the beach following the longest route, emerging amoung the shadows and silence of the residential areas, only to cast my boyish eye on the gardens full of flowers, to read the story of their creation in the pine bark, to enjoy that perfect concerto of aromas and wellbeing. Today I have rewritten those melodies on a pentagram of essences, with perfumed notes and rhythms of rediscovered serenity.”

Versilia Vintage Boise Profumi del Forte viareggio simone_giannini Pixabay

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Do you like the line?
Portia xx

Erdenstern by Tanja Bochnig for April Aromatics 2014


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SOTD April Aromatics Erdenstern EDP: classified as a Woody Floral Musk.

Erdenstern by April Aromatics 2014

Erdenstern by Tanja Bochnig

Erdenstern April Aromatics FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Musk, ambergris, vetiver, tobacco leaf, tonka bean, cacao, opoponax

I get the Tobacco, Cacao, Musk, Vetiver, Opoponax and Tonka Bean, it opens up with a warm, botanical, musk and a spicy, vanilla tinged Tonka bean, the musk is strong, the Tonka bean is mild. Then after thirty minutes, the Tonka bean dissipates, the musk softens, in comes a earthy, damp vetiver and a dusty cacao with a touch of bitterness, the vetiver is mild, the cacao is soft. Four hours on and the musk and cacao dissipate, the vetiver softens, in comes a sweet, dry tobacco and a warm, honey tinged opoponax. The tobacco and opopnax are mild.

Erdenstern reminds me slightly of Frapin’s Speakeasy, Speakeasy is more musky, boozy, floral, citric and herbal. It also comes off fresh and slightly fruity. There is a very subtle gingerbread cookie with almonds and honey smell I get out of Erdenstern. The warm spiciness, bitter almonds and syrupy honey are really lovely.

Erdenstern April Aromatics Hashoo Foundation USA - Houston, TX Rebuilding Plan Bee FlickrFlickr

A very aromatic fragrance, balmy, warm, comforting, nutty, complex, smoky with a touch of sweetness and soft woody undertones.

From April Aromatics: The mystery of Avalon, the holy place between the worlds of gods and mortals, is the inspiration for Earth Star. The “Earth Star”/ Erdenstern symbolizes this connection and provides a conduit between these two worlds. Earth Star/ Erdenstern shimmers through wet leaves within mystical landscapes.
The masculine merges with the feminine; they become one and rise together with the forces of Nature. When the Earth exhales softly, in Autumn, she exudes a scent of completion and everything comes to rest. Then, gently the veil lifts, like a mist above the valleys, and transports us to time beyond time. Soft Musk and warm notes of ambergris captivate our senses, while earthy Vetiver reminds us to luxuriate in the memories of summer. Tobacco leaves intertwined with the mild sweetness of tonka and cocoa, merge into the sacredness of Opoponax. This blissful balance between the worlds, genders and emotions, warms and guides us to a personal place of comfort and peace.

Erdenstern April Aromatics Malcolm Carlaw Peaceful Evening in Dover Canyon FlickrFlickr

April Aromatics has €169/30ml

Erdenstern would be lovely in the Fall and Winter, I get average projection and average longevity, this was my first introduction into the April Aromatics house and it was a good one.

Which is your April Aromatic? Have you tried them?

Poison by Edouard Flechier for Christian Dior 1985


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Review #300

I have a history with Poison, it’s one of my Mothers all time favorite perfumes, she still wears it to this day, every time I wear it, it reminds me of her. I can remember being nine years old and going into my Mother’s bed room and on top of her dresser would be that beautiful purple bottle of Poison, I would steal a few sprays here and there, I loved the smell so much, it was so sweet and fruity.

My Mother has no idea that I do fragrance reviews, she would probably wonder why I do them, so I never told her, but she does know I love fragrance. This review I will show her, I want her to know how much I love her and what she means to me, and for her to know that Poison is the fragrance that started me on my love, passion and amazing journey of fragrances today.

Poison by Christian Dior 1985

Poison by Edouard Flechier

Poison Christian Dior FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Brazillian rosewood, plum, wild berries, anise, coriander
Heart: Carnation, jasmine, opoponax, African orange flower, tuberose, white honey, rose, incense, cinnamon
Base: Virginian cedar, heliotrope, amber, vanilla, vetiver, sandalwood, musk

Dior’s Poison is the type of fragrance that you have to have attitude and confidence to wear, it is strong, classy, elegant, charming, sophisticated and bitchy.

I get the Plum, White Honey, Incense, Wild Berries, Tuberose and Cinnamon it opens up with a lush, dark plum and a tart, sweet wild berries, the dark plum and wild berries are strong. Then after thirty minutes the plum dissipates, the wild berries soften, in comes a dry, aromatic cinnamon and a whispering, creamy tuberose, the cinnamon is soft, the tuberose is mild.

After three hours the cinnamon dissipate and the tuberose softens. In comes a golden, silky white honey and a warm incense with a touch of sweetness, the honey and incense are mild.

Poison Christian Dior Ad FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Poison reminds me of Jeanne Arthes Cobra, and Christian Dior’s Poison Extrait, Cobra is spicier, citric and stronger woods, Poison Extrait has stronger florals, softer spices and comes off soapy.

Poison is very fruity, sweet, dark, floral, syrupy and unisex. It leans more towards the feminine side, with soft woody and spicy undertones: a floral fragrance. This can be worn all year ’round, it would be better suited for the Fall and Winter, I get good projection and good longevity, a Christian Dior masterpiece.

Poison Christian Dior Ad 1 FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

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What is your Poison? Have you ever worn it?
Joseph Sagona

Kingdom by Jacques Cavallier for Alexander McQueen 2003


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Let’s talk about a very strong, dirty, sexy, peppery, unusual, raw, sweaty, skanky, mysterious, carnal, bold, unisex, subtle sweetness, with soft herbal and citric undertones. You know you want to….

Kingdom by Alexander McQueen 2003

Kingdom by Jacques Cavallier

Kingdom Alexander McQueen FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Orange, mandarin orange, mint, neroli, bergamot, lemon
Heart: Carnation, ginger, rhubarb, jasmine, celery seeds, rose
Base: Amber, musk, oakmoss

I get the Ginger, Cumin, Musk, Rhubarb, Rose and Incense, it opens up with a warm animalic musk and an spicy, earthy cumin, the musk and cumin are strong, the musk remains throughout the duration of the fragrance.

After fifteen minutes the musk and cumin soften and remain, in comes a fresh, tart rhubarb and a sharp, soapy ginger, the ginger has slight astringent smell, it quickly dissipates within ten minutes and becomes smooth, the rhubarb is strong, the ginger is mild. Then after three hours the cumin dissipates along with the ginger, the rhubarb softens and remains, in comes an aromatic, smoky incense, and a dusty with a touch of green rose, the incense and rose are mild.

Kingdom reminds me of Penhaligon’s No.9, and Christian Dior’s Dune for Women, No.9 is softer, stronger floral notes and spicier, Dune is sweeter, with aldehydes and comes off powdery, they all have similar, musky, floral and citric notes.

Alexander_McQueen_last_show_dress_V&A_museum WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Alexander McQueen, your Kingdom has spoken to me, and taken my very last breath from me,
it’s a love affair that will never break, my soul will always be yours to take.
Enrapture me in your sultry cocoon, I never want to bid you sweet adieu.
Shackle my bones in your tender embrace, and transport me to that euphoric place.
Make love to me as you only could, and bring me to tears with your scent that makes me swoon
I want to feel you crawl deep inside my skin, and make me bellow in your eternal grace.
Like two souls enraptured and intertwined, slide your warm tongue up and down my spine,
don’t stop until you bring me to everlasting bliss, and I give you my soul with one gentle kiss,
here is Alexander McQueen’s Kingdom.

Kingdom would be gorgeous in the Fall and Winter, I get good projection and good longevity, this is a beautiful fragrance that you should sample. Kingdom is an Oriental Spicy fragrance


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Long discontinued, bottles still pop up on

Did you ever get to smell this wonder?
Joseph Sagona

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Tuscan Leather by Harry Frémont + Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud for Tom Ford 2007


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Hello fragrance friends, have you ever sat there and wondered what is the perfect fragrance for you? What suits you best? Fits your personality? Is it a certain note that makes your nose and body tingle with pure ecstasy? Perhaps it’s oud, amber or oakmoss? Mine is leather and to me Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather is the quintessential leather fragrance. It’s the perfect balance between dark and sweet, no other fragrance I have ever smelled comes close to it, welcome to my Tuscan Leather journey.

Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford 2007

Tuscan Leather by Harry Frémont + Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud

Tuscan Leather Tom Ford FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Saffron, thyme, raspberry
Heart: Jasmine, olibanum
Base: Leather, suede, amber, woody notes

I get the Saffron, Raspberry, Leather, Suede, Woody Notes and Olibanum, it starts off with some saffron and raspberry making it bitter, tangy and dry, the saffron is soft and the raspberry is mild.

Then after about thirty minutes the saffron dissipates along with the bitterness, the raspberry softens and remains, in comes the leather and suede, making it dark, pungent and musky, the leather is mild, the suede is soft. After about three hours the raspberry dissipates along with the suede, the leather softens and remains, in comes the olibanum and woody notes making it incensed, creamy and a touch woody. the olibanum is soft, the woody notes are mild.

Imagine being in Las Vegas “The City Of Sin” in the early 1960’s as a twenty one year old paparazzi photographer, you’re working the red carpet of the major motion picture movie premier of Ocean’s 11, you see the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Angie Dickinson in the crowd of many actors and actresses of the day.

Tuscan Leather Tom Ford Rat Pack Don Graham FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

Everyone is anticipating the big entrance of “The Rat Pack”, the stars of the show, they finally walk in to cheers and screams. You especially idolize Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, you grew up watching their movies and listening to their music. You wanted to be just like them and also have the utmost respect for Sammy Davis Jr. Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop. They’re all signing autographs and having a great time. You yell out “Dean, Frank over here, over here!” They walk over to you and you can’t believe it, this is a moment you have been dreaming about since you were a little boy.

As they are being cordial to their fans, Dean lights up a cigarette and Frank lights up a big fat cigar, they have on beautiful leather overcoats that you take notice of, you can’t help but slightly lean over and take a slow, deep whiff. You close your eyes and smell the sweet, aromatic, soft supple leather, the cigarette and cigar smoke is pulsating off their jackets, it’s such a transparent heavenly odor, this is a magical moment you will never forget and treasure forever. Tuscan Leather is just that.

Tuscan Leather Tom Ford Smoking boy TumblerPhoto Stolen Tumbler

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What I love most about Tuscan Leather is how in the first two hours it’s very rough, rugged and masculine, then it changes into almost a feminine fragrance with the soft floral notes, it’s totally unisex., this would be perfect for cool fall days and the winter, I get good projection and average longevity.

What’s your leather?
Joseph Sagona x