Erdenstern by Tanja Bochnig for April Aromatics 2014


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SOTD April Aromatics Erdenstern EDP: classified as a Woody Floral Musk.

Erdenstern by April Aromatics 2014

Erdenstern by Tanja Bochnig

Erdenstern April Aromatics FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Musk, ambergris, vetiver, tobacco leaf, tonka bean, cacao, opoponax

I get the Tobacco, Cacao, Musk, Vetiver, Opoponax and Tonka Bean, it opens up with a warm, botanical, musk and a spicy, vanilla tinged Tonka bean, the musk is strong, the Tonka bean is mild. Then after thirty minutes, the Tonka bean dissipates, the musk softens, in comes a earthy, damp vetiver and a dusty cacao with a touch of bitterness, the vetiver is mild, the cacao is soft. Four hours on and the musk and cacao dissipate, the vetiver softens, in comes a sweet, dry tobacco and a warm, honey tinged opoponax. The tobacco and opopnax are mild.

Erdenstern reminds me slightly of Frapin’s Speakeasy, Speakeasy is more musky, boozy, floral, citric and herbal. It also comes off fresh and slightly fruity. There is a very subtle gingerbread cookie with almonds and honey smell I get out of Erdenstern. The warm spiciness, bitter almonds and syrupy honey are really lovely.

Erdenstern April Aromatics Hashoo Foundation USA - Houston, TX Rebuilding Plan Bee FlickrFlickr

A very aromatic fragrance, balmy, warm, comforting, nutty, complex, smoky with a touch of sweetness and soft woody undertones.

From April Aromatics: The mystery of Avalon, the holy place between the worlds of gods and mortals, is the inspiration for Earth Star. The “Earth Star”/ Erdenstern symbolizes this connection and provides a conduit between these two worlds. Earth Star/ Erdenstern shimmers through wet leaves within mystical landscapes.
The masculine merges with the feminine; they become one and rise together with the forces of Nature. When the Earth exhales softly, in Autumn, she exudes a scent of completion and everything comes to rest. Then, gently the veil lifts, like a mist above the valleys, and transports us to time beyond time. Soft Musk and warm notes of ambergris captivate our senses, while earthy Vetiver reminds us to luxuriate in the memories of summer. Tobacco leaves intertwined with the mild sweetness of tonka and cocoa, merge into the sacredness of Opoponax. This blissful balance between the worlds, genders and emotions, warms and guides us to a personal place of comfort and peace.

Erdenstern April Aromatics Malcolm Carlaw Peaceful Evening in Dover Canyon FlickrFlickr

April Aromatics has €169/30ml

Erdenstern would be lovely in the Fall and Winter, I get average projection and average longevity, this was my first introduction into the April Aromatics house and it was a good one.

Which is your April Aromatic? Have you tried them?

15 thoughts on “Erdenstern by Tanja Bochnig for April Aromatics 2014

  1. Hi Joseph!
    I know I have some AprilAromatics samples around here somehwere. I just haven’t tried them (or don’t recall that I did). Your review has inspired me to search them out and give them a whiff! Thank you.
    Azar xx


  2. Lovely review. I FINALLY got around to trying April Aromatics. Purple Reign. It’s gorgeous and a new love. Now I want to try the rest of her line, especially Rosenlust. PS Several very fussy perfume lovers agree that Purple Reign is beautiful.


  3. I’m rather curious about this brand. From what I’ve read I think I’d like Unter den Linden which has a linden blossom note, but I never ordered a sample because they are like 4 times more expensive than other samples and I rather went for the quantity. Maybe the next time I order samples…


  4. Lovely review Joseph – good to see you on APJ. This sounds like a beautiful scent and your review really makes me want to sample it. Unfortunately i have not tried any April Aromatics yet, but they are on my radar and sometime soon i shall get me some samples. Regards.


  5. What a wonderful array of Perfumes Tanja gives us. Something for each mood, each season, a variety of events. Always beautiful and always bringing out the most feminine in us.
    Without having on one of Tanja’s perfumes, I feel only partially dressed!


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