Cookie Queen on Portia, Perfume & Packing Less


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Happy Australia Day APJ!


My bag is packed and I´m ready to go. Lalalalalala.

Portia, Perfume & Packing Less

I am leaving on a small jet plane tomorrow for London, and I have packed very little. I am positive that any able-bodied adult going away for a few days can easily get all their stuff into a 10 kilo cabin bag. No? Try it. It is liberating. You are instantly more mobile, probably better off as it usually costs for checked baggage on the economy flights, and you reduce the risk to zero that your bag will end up in London, Texas. Straight through the gates and no eternal lining up with thousands of people to check your bag in, thus saving on meds.

Val and Portia Vienna Laughing 2013

I am so excited to see Portia and Jin. Have you ever had a Portia hug? I feel inextricably linked to him. It has been just over three years of a friendship that changed the direction of my life. As you may know from a previous APJ post Portia Turbo will be presenting a Perfume Lovers London event on the 28th of January. Whoo-bloody-hoo!! I shall have a couple of batches of fudgey white chocolate chunk brownies stuffed into my small case to celebrate. Easier to travel with than cookies.

Hannah Val Portia London 2014

I want something new to wear something for the event. A few drops from the lab testers of the up and coming Vero Profumo tobacco fragrances should suffice.

Vero Profumo Lab Testers

Val Portia Austria 2014

Not going to take any other perfumes with me. I have no doubt at all that my leather perfume pouch will fill up very quickly on its own.

Perfume stash bag from The Thinking Magpie.

James Portia Austria Chocolate Shop 2014

As you read this I am running around Salzburg like a chipmunk on crack, delivering cookies.

Val Portia Austria Home 2014

My husband is coming with me, without his bike.

Val Christian Portia Bike shop 2014

I am also taking my therapist with me. Not in my suitcase. She bought her own ticket.
All bases covered I believe.

Great British Bussis

33 thoughts on “Cookie Queen on Portia, Perfume & Packing Less

  1. Val, I loved reading this and seeing the pics – Portia looks even happier than usual in your company.

    I’m giddy with excitement for Thursday, I can barely keep the smile off my face.

    I will endeavour to pack only carry-on for Venice. I will have a scandal bag full of liquids though.

    Are you trying to tease everyone with your exclusive access to Vero’s latest masterpiece? 🙂


    • Yes. The Veros are interesting. As with all her creations, you need time. I am so looking forward to you trying them properly. xxx


  2. Oh what fun! I especially loved the parting shot about taking your own therapist. Look forward to sniffing the new Vero and I can always bring down a T-shirt or too on Thursday if you think you may have seriously miscalculated, hehe. But I am sure you haven’t!


  3. Excited for you London guys!
    New Vero Profumo??
    Part of the fun of travel is in the planning, what perfumes to pack, anticipation and EVERYTHING!
    Eagerly await reports


    • Planning the cookies is always the challenge. Making sure the fresh ingredients are there for when I get back. But I did it and am soon on my way!! 😉


  4. Oh … safe travels Val, Have a ball with everyone. I so wanted to go but i am as skint as a skint thing and its just not possible. Anyhow i shall live vicariously via your posts/pics and Portia’s and i guess any of the other ladies (Vanessa or Tara) who make their way along. (I could have been your 2nd therapist… (part time thingy) but then i would only have eaten all your cookies…. 🙂
    ps – leave some room in the bag for unexpected buys of nice smelling things


  5. Safe trip and enjoy a lot! I wish I could be there! I, and no doubt so many others, will be waiting for the follow up post. A lot of pic and great stories please.
    By the way, I can say I’m an expert on stuffing everything in a carry on bag. It’s an art form. 😉


    • I am not an expert but getting there. I just hate the stupid plastic bag rule. It always freaks me out. Grrrrr. xxxx


  6. Woo hoo!!! I’m so excited for you and the whole gang who will be there in London! I can’t wait to read all about it and see the pics too! I’ll stop exclaiming now!
    Big hug,
    Holly xo


  7. Hi Val,
    Seeing all the photos reminds me of your visit last year and the fun we had at Ellen’s. It was wonderful meeting you and Chris and Judith in person! Give everyone a hug for us. I just KNOW that you will have a blast. Portia’s Perfume Lover’s presentation should be “on beyond”! Can you do videos? Hugs and safe, happy trails!
    Azar xxxx


  8. Fantastic!! I’m so excited for you all…. Should be a fabulous event & great catch up. Wish I was there too. Lots of love to everyone. xx

    Tina G xx


  9. I’m completely jealous! You’re going to have so much fun! There isn’t much better than a Portia hug. I can’t wait for the sniffing recap. Have a great time!


  10. Hi Val,
    Lovely post and it sounds terribly exciting… Wish I could be there too.
    Safe flight and have fun.

    BTW: packing less???!!! I don’t know those two words should be in the same sentence.
    XXX… T


  11. Can’t wait to hear all about the trip. It will be so much fun! One small question. Where did you get your little leather perfume bag? I’d love to find one of those!


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