Carduus by Jorum Studio: Scent of Scotland




Hey APJ! How is everyone doing?

It has been busy lately. October was still quite warm and sunny here in Basel. With November, autumn has finally set in with the hills surrounding us finally changing colours.

Every city/country has a scent memory for me. As a child, traveling, I started to notice these scents. For example, Argentina is horses, cows and BBQs. Greece is vegetal, salt from the sea and the smell of sun heated stones. Italy is peach, hay and toasted pine nuts. As an adult lover of scents and perfumes, I am aware of a new city and its smells. My new home city of Basel is currently smelling of roasted chestnuts, spices and wet fallen leaves. So imagine my surprise when I discovered a scent of Scotland.

Carduus by Jorum Studio: Scent of Scotland

Euan McCall

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CQ in Scotland. Photo Essay.


Val the Cookie Queen.


Hey there APJ.

As most of you know I spent a week in Scotland recently.   I have wanted to go my whole life and finally got it together to organise a trip.  Well, we booked  flights and our beyond dear friend Kirk, who has cropped up in my posts over the years did the organising.  We just had to get there.   He would be waiting at the airport with a car.  Our flight was from Munich to Edinburgh, so what better way to start the trip than to sleepover in Munich and go to the Oktoberfest?

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Sharing Perfumes With …




Hi dear APJ! How are you?

I am feeling blessed at the moment. My mom and dad flew in from the US a month ago and have been exploring Switzerland with us. My mom left this past weekend and my dad will stay on for another three weeks while she tours around Europe. Towards the end of September they will fly back home together.

They are both fit for their age and have quite a bit of energy to run around. It never ceases to amaze me of how much they can actually do. If memory serves me right they are walking over 10,000 steps on an almost daily basis.

Sharing Perfumes with Family

Normally I am quite shy about my love of perfume and I tend to keep this aspect close to my chest. Perfume is such a personal experience, and I get uncomfortable when someone asks me what I am wearing. Will they love it or loathe it? Also, I enjoy being uniquely fragrant! Shallow? Yes, perhaps.

But when my mom comes into town, it is another story all together. She arrives practically empty handed and looks forward to rummaging through my perfumes to find out what she is going to wear on any given day. I enjoy watching her face light up with happiness and joy when she finds something to wear.

Many times, mom will choose a perfume that I never would have pegged her for. For instance, on this trip, she chose Kilian Rose Oud and Kilian Incense Oud on a regular basis. If I am completely honest with you, they both smell fantastic on her (much better than on me) and gifted her my bottles. Incense Oud tends to be quite masculine on my skin and surprisingly the rose really shines on mom’s skin chemistry and leans more feminine. Same thing with Rose Oud.

Now, over the years, I have always thought of my mom as person who cannot stand sweetness in perfumes. Imagine my surprise when I brought out a box of perfumes for her to sniff and she kept going back to the Guerlains and Diors. I only had a couple of empty bottles and was able to decant Cuir Beluga, Myrrhe & Délires, Ambra Aurea, New Look 1947, Bois des Iles and Tokyo for her. Now she can continue on her European vacation smelling like a million bucks!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be able to share my love of perfume with my mom.

Do you open up about your perfumed life? Does your family know about it? Do you like to share your perfumes with loved ones?

Until next time.

Oodles of fragrant kisses.

Sandra xo

Scent Diary: 3.6 – 9.6.2019




Hey there APJ Crew,

WOW! Mongolia, South Korea and home. What a sensational wrap up to nearly six weeks of travel. Jin really outdid himself as Cruise Director, we saw more than I dreamed possible. The whole adventure was planned perfectly, we also had a few very lucky breaks and helpful friends along the way.

We were so busy and there was zero sit time so almost the whole week was blogged from the Asiana Lounge at Seoul Incheon Airport on Friday evening while waiting for my plane. VERY relaxing.

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