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Hey APJ! How is everyone doing?

It has been busy lately. October was still quite warm and sunny here in Basel. With November, autumn has finally set in with the hills surrounding us finally changing colours.

Every city/country has a scent memory for me. As a child, traveling, I started to notice these scents. For example, Argentina is horses, cows and BBQs. Greece is vegetal, salt from the sea and the smell of sun heated stones. Italy is peach, hay and toasted pine nuts. As an adult lover of scents and perfumes, I am aware of a new city and its smells. My new home city of Basel is currently smelling of roasted chestnuts, spices and wet fallen leaves. So imagine my surprise when I discovered a scent of Scotland.

Carduus by Jorum Studio: Scent of Scotland

Euan McCall

We needed to get away and wanted some familiarity. So I decided to fly to Edinburgh with my son during his autumn break. With all of the hilly walking here in Basel, I challenged myself to walk up to Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh. So off we went and in so doing I had the honor of getting into email contact with a new to me perfume brand.

Jorum Studio is a Scottish perfume brand run out of their Edinburgh office by perfumer Euan McCall and his partner Chloe Mullen. In one of my posts about my love of iris, a reader suggested that I try Trimerous from Jorum Studio. I got in touch with Euan who, by the way, was incredibly kind and generous and organized delivery of my Trimerous purchase to the hotel. Talk about service!

But this post is about Carduus, my scent memory of Scotland.

The Jorum Studio website lists the following notes for Carduus: “Chamomile, Bengal Pepper, Honey, Clary Sage, Sea-holly, Marjoram Tea, Myrtle, Rose Absolute, Vetch, Clove Bud, Hart’s Tongue, Tuberose, Musk-thistle, Heliotrope, Tormentil, Mahogany, Cocoa Absolute, Tobacco, Meum, Deertongue, Cherrywood”.

It is challenging to describe just how Carduus smells. There are many interwoven nuances taking me to and fro. With all of those ingredients it is quite hard to imagine just how contemplative and calming this scent truly is for me. The only ingredients that I can safely distinguish are a honeyed note throughout, clary sage in the beginning, a wonderful cocoa note towards the middle and end and finally clove throughout the development of Carduus. Clove gives it a spicy warmth which is surprisingly soothing.

Carduus has the ability to stir up many emotions as it develops on my skin. Upon spraying I find it refreshing and invigorating, gearing me up for the day ahead. Moving along, the spices are tempered with what I imagine as wood, leaves and dark cocoa note.

This is as a matter of fact, the scent of Scotland as I remember it. It is the low autumnal sun still kissing the hills and gifting the golden hues of the leaves the start of their glory. It is the smell of the cold wind whipping at my sun touched face climbing up the wet path to Arthur’s Seat. It is the imaginary scent of Scotland’s flower, the Thistle. It is the wet, fallen leaves giving way under my feet as we look for fairies on one of our walks in Highlands. It is the existential mood as we strolled around Loch Lubnaig as foggy mists hung low on the hills. It is watching a dog playing with his owner in a golden field on a windy day.

This is Carduus, my Scotland scent. Thank you Euan for creating such a beauty. I need to discover more of his work.

Do you have scents which conjure up cities or countries in your mind? Have you tried Jorum Studio perfumes?

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.

Oodles of fragrant kisses,

Sandra xo

18 thoughts on “Carduus by Jorum Studio: Scent of Scotland

  1. I am spending time with the Jorum collection. They are all excellent. I have Trimerous, and samples of all the others. I have to say at this point that Nectary is fighting with Trimerous as my favourite. Wonderful description of Carduus. I had no idea how to describe it but you are quite correct. And I think it needs to be worn with a glass of of the smoky Skye Talisker whisky to get the best effect. I need to go back ——— xxx

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    • Hey there Val! I like them all. May have to actually splurge and buy Nectary next. That is so beautiful. You are right about the whiskey. I am sure you will get back to Scotland soon. Sandra xo


  2. Sounds heavenly, hope I get a chance to sniff them some day! And to visit Scotland.

    When I wear Kai and Monyette Paris, I think of Hawaii, my happy place.

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    • Hey Tara. Oohhh I hope you can try them soon as well as visit Scotland. I must admit that Hawaii is on my bucket list. One day… until then though I am going to check out your perfumes.
      Sandra xoxo

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  3. Dear Sandra, thank you for your kind words and of course your purchase in the first instance. Lonely to read your impressions and of interest from other readers here at APJ (and a few familiar names 🙂

    So glad Carduus represents Scotland for you – not the first time we have heard that.

    Euan & Chloe – Jorum Studio xx

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    • Dear Euan and Chloe, Thank you for creating this beauty. I look forward to getting to know the other Jorum Studio perfumes and all of your future creations.
      Warm regards,
      Sandra xo


  4. Dear Readers,
    Jorum Studios currently has free shipping in the UK and free international above £140 and also have a 10% discount code running – JORUM10
    Check them out,
    Sandra xoxo

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  5. Hi Sandra,

    Thank you for a lovely fragrant journey into Scotland.
    I was there earlier this year for the festival and I wish I had known about this house at the time to visit… Although I doubt I’d have time as I did see 17 productions in 4.5 days.

    They sounded so provocative of the place.

    I don’t think I have any perfume that’d remind me of a city or country. However Dzngkha always takes me somewhere like a faraway temple, Chinatown to a old Asian grocery shop and Tellus to a damp forest like some of your description.

    Tank you again and I hope to try this house when it crosses my path.


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    • Hey Tim, I am impressed by your visit for the Festival! I think I would have collapsed from exhaustion. Ooooh I do like Dzongkha and agree with the faraway temple. If you do get to try this house let me know what you think.
      Sandra xo


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