Esxence 2019. Heading to Milan.


Val the Cookie Queen



I am heading to Milan for the Esxence – The Scent of Excellence 2019 international event, dedicated to artistic perfumery.  (artistic perfumery – covers a lot of stuff  – hahahahaha) Blondeswonder is coming with me as my professional carer, or manager, depending which way you want to look at it.   We are gonna get the night train down to Milan.  We are  way excited for this as we both love trains, but neither of us have ever had a sleeper cabin, or whatever they are called.  We leave Salzburg at 22.00 and get into Milan at 09.00.  The train station is across the road from the hotel, and the hotel to the show is about a ten minute walk.   What am I gonna be doing?

Esxence 2019.  Heading to Milan.

Have a look at the ESXENCE LINK HERE as it is much easier for you to look at the exhibitor list yourselves.  Go on, look.   Open the link and look at the exhibitors.   I wonder how many you have heard of?


I am planning on helping Hiram Green out on his booth for a couple of hours, hopefully on both the Friday and Saturday.  I am going to be seeing Megan on the Atelier des Ors stand,  and Neela Vermeire at her booth, along with her fabulous husband, who vets the people getting through to her.  I will drop by on the Masque Milano crew, and at the Ormonde Jayne booth.  Maybe Rania J and uhm, I am sure there might be some others.   There are a shit ton of events but I might overdose on coffee, panic, and have to leave – go downtown to the Frederic Malle store, we know the manager there.  Laughing here.

But before you think I am not animated about anything,  of course I am.  Alongside the perfume event, is the Indie Beauty Exhibition.  It is the first stand alone event of its kind, showcasing indie beauty and indie cosmetic brands.  It used to be a part of the Esxence, Esxkin, but I guess it has gotten a lot bigger.  Edward Bess and Ellis Faas, Lord and Berry …. you can look at the exhibitors HERE.  And actually I am SO enthusiastic about this I am popping, and plan to spend a chunk of my time here.



By invitation only, is the Vero Profumo/Vero Kern event.  I have had the honour of gathering a few bits and pieces together for it, photos, thoughts, etc.    It will be my fifth Esxence, but my first without Vero at my side.  I am going to miss her terribly.  I am however looking forward to seeing her whole crew, and having some time to reminisce with others who loved and worked with her.    It is an evening event, and one of the very rare times that I might get dressed up. Which probably means black jeans instead of blue.


Anyone who knows me, will also know that I am über-careful about what I put onto my skin.   I look forward to gathering a few samples together at the show, but will not wear any of them until I get home.  I need to know I love what I put onto my skin.  Have I ever mentioned that?  I will wear Kiki Extrait to the Vero event, I have mine in a brown medicine bottle straight from her atelier.  I’ll take the Chanel 1957, and Malle`s Le Parfum de Therese.  (Still, I will probably end up with a few drops of something on my wrist anyway, and let you know what in my next post.)


If you find something in the exhibitors list that you want me to look at, or even try, (be kind) please put it in the comments, and I promise I will do my best.  You can follow happenings on my Instagram @armadilloscookiequeen or on Hannah`s @b.londeswunder Instastories.  We will post a lot!







30 thoughts on “Esxence 2019. Heading to Milan.

  1. Pant pant pant. I am in love with Hiram Green frags. A full bottle is my dream but I just can’t spend that on a bottle. I also am not into paying retail. I hope that a used or tester bottle comes my way in a trade or for reduced price. Swoon. I also love Boadicea. So badass.

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    • I love the HG scents too. No one works with natures like he does. His prices do not upset me like some. I know he does absolutely everything himself. Never tried a Boadicea. Hope something comes your way – it will if you keep your eyes open I am sure! xxxxx


  2. I feel overwhelmed already, and I’m not even going! It must be hard to decide which brands to chat to and sample. Have the best time CQ!


    • Thanks Jackie b. Oh I dunno, I just skip pretty much everything and groove on the vibe an the smells. It is overwhelming, and searching out stuff is really tough. I will do a pot essay for APj when I get back. Hopefully with more than 3 pictures. I suck at photos. xxxx


  3. Can’t wait to experience Esxence through you CQ. The best way for me 🙂
    Ah indie beauty. That explains why I didn’t recognise 99% of the brands.
    Had a look through the exhibitors but I got nada. Might be fun for you to take a squiz at Goldfield & Banks as they are an Aussie brand but that’s it.
    Maybe I’ve seen them before but those Warhol-style Vero prints are amazing!

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    • Ha! Follow me on InstaStory. I will do some live stuff I’ve if it works, of me and Hannah eating pizza if nothing else. Hahahahaha. I hope I get a LOT of make up samples. Perfume? Don’t care. I will rebuy Iris Poudre whilst down there. Because Malle. It is what we do. xxxx


  4. Please stop and see the Miller et Bertaux people and grab some samples Val. Also, I think Pierre Guillaume will be on site too with his new stuff. No you don’t have to smell them, just grab me some samples please. Hug Neela, Nicolas and Enno from Le Galion and all the cool kids from us too.
    Portia xx

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    • I am really stoked to be there with my daughter. She has never been. The last few times I have been we drove everywhere with Vero, which was brilliant, But this time we are on foot and I look forward to trucking around the city. xxxx


  5. Have a wonderful time, Val! I am wearing Moon Bloom today (just a sample, but it may be my next FB), so I am eager to read, as I hope we will in a subsequent column, about your experiences with HG. If you feel like telling him that I’m a big fan of MB and Dilettante, please pass it along!

    It’s bittersweet to be there without Vero, I am sure. I will wear my Mito extrait tomorrow, and think of her. I never met her, but I do love her work. As The Lion King says, she lives in us.

    Enjoy the pasta. Because Italy!


  6. I can imagine this visit will be very poignant without Vero there, though how nice that she will be remembered at that special event – and in her scent.

    I think your plan of selective stand targeting is the way to stop your head exploding at such a huge event, which also has a beauty product sidekick I see. That would blow my mind, but you two know your way round makeup better than me.

    And sleepers are the best fun, especially on such a beautiful route. Unless (as happened to me once) someone climbs into your bunk in the dark, mistaking you for their girlfriend, but that won’t happen hopefully if you have a private compartment!

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    • Hey Madame B. I have a private compartment with Hannah. At least that is my understanding! I am more excited about the sleeper than anything else. Yes. The Vero event should be nice. There will be a totally private one first, and then the event itself, which I have no doubt some of the people Vero could not stand will worm their way into. Hahahahahaha. They are already trying. The beauty product part will be great. Can’t wait. Bussis. xxx


  7. I so envy you Val, that would be a dream come true to attend such an event! I hope you and your daughter have a fabulous and special time! The exhibitor list is amazing! So many perfumers I’d love to meet and sniff perfumes. I look forward to reading your next post. If you visit Ormande Jayne exhibit, sniff Rose Gold extrait, I am lusting after that fragrance! Curious if you think it is skin worthy! And take some extra deep sniffs of Hiram Green Slowdive for me! xx


  8. Hi Kathleen It is fun, but seriously manic, and I won’t spend too long looking around the show. I am very excited to meet up with friends though. I will go to OJ, and hope I can grab a Slowdive sample or two. I loved it, but did not buy it. Maybe I should. Hannah and I always have a blast together. I will report back. ❤️


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