ETRO: Fragrant Italian Sunshine




Hello my friends! My name is Narth an I’m looking forward to chatting with you about our wonderful world of scent. I have been a perfume fan since 2004 when something went off in my brain and I thought oh.. SCENT! My hobbies are fragrance, food and reading translated Korean fiction. I will make these things collide whether they want to or not!

I’ve always loved a house that’s as familiar as a home when it comes to perfume. Where you sigh and enjoy that this is definitely a Chanel and even if it’s not your favourite it’s a well loved place to be. Etro is one such house that has bought me much joy. Begun in 1968 as a family Italian fashion house, today it’s run by the founder’s four children. In their wide range of perfumes they have created some true classics. I wear these a lot and find myself thinking about the way each one has a familiar splash of sunshine in the notes, but what it brings out varies greatly. So let’s take a brief tour in the Italian sun.

ETRO: Fragrant Italian Sunshine

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