Geisha Marron EdP by Maria McElroy for Aroma M 2017


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Hi there super scented APJers,

From New York.

“Brown us surely the most underserved colour in all of perfumery. More than any other, it evokes the musty scent scent of succulent overripeness at sweetness that dares to skirt the edge of seductive decay.”

Geisha Marron EdP by Aroma M 2017

Aroma M Geisha Marron EdP by Maria McElroy

Aroma M

Maria has slowly expanded her original oil-based perfumes to include eau de parfum versions. I adore the oils, but a lot of people prefer
to spray. The Geisha Marron Eau de Parfum is a creamy warm autumnal lily. Smelling completely French, it totally surprised me. I have
the Geisha Noire and the Vanilla Hinoki, both orientals, and the Geisha Marron couldn´t be more different. Geisha Marron is white blooms tinged with auburn, with the sparkle of citrus; mandarin, bergamot and grapefruit, correct balance being critical to Maria McElroy´s creations. If the scent of the lily traditionally see the Spring in each year, then it would be appropriate that they continue their journey through the Autumn, preparing us for the chill of winter. This time wrapped in speckled brown leaves, fallow fields, and the bare trees with their dark branches.

Aroma M

In French, Marron means both chestnut and the colour brown. Maria has included the Japanese chestnut and magnolia to complement the lily and reign it in, so as not to let it quite take over. Geisha Marron EdP is the perfect introduction, for someone wanting to move from more traditional perfumes, into the artisanal world of the fabulous New York based Aroma M Perfumes.

Aroma M

You can order from Aroma M. It is a bit of a pain ordering from the US but there is a German company that carry some of the line and Maria McElroy will happily inform you as to the best way of going about it.


Chestnut flavoured bussis,

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Geisha Vanilla Hinoki by Maria McElroy for Aroma M 2016


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Hey APJ Vanilla Vamps and Vampettes.

The Fox becomes a mule……..

Dr Fox, my dear friend, CB therapist and partner-in-crime recently spent a few weeks in the U S and A. I decided on the spot that it was time for a blind buy and ordered Geisha Vanilla Hinoki, the most recent of Maria McElroy´s wonderful Geisha collection. The package was posted to Frau Fox-Mule at her US address. It travelled from New York City to Salt Lake City, onto Philadelphia, down to Kitty Hawk in North Carolina, onto Washington DC, and back to New York. From here it took a flight to Munich and then on into Austria by car.

During the three week waiting period, samples arrived of the Vanilla Hinoki, the EdP and the oil. I put them in the cupboard so that the thrill of the blind buy remained. And I left them there. Hahahaha. Did I hell. The next evening I grabbed the EdP and applied a hefty dose. A gleaming flash of bergamot ignited the room making the blind buy an instant success.

Geisha Vanilla Hinoki by Aroma M 2016

Geisha Vanilla Hinoki by Maria McElroy

Geisha Vanilla Hinoki Aroma M FragranticaFragrantica

Notes include: bergamot, clove, cardamom, nutmeg, lavender, smoky vanilla, incense and patchouli, amyris, cedarwood

The luscious and sharp bergamot delights for quite some time, until the tantalizing trio of clove, cardamom and nutmeg push through. With a barely touch of lavender a calmness descends. Moroccan vanilla, the star of the show bides her time, until she decides to make a lazy entrance. She rises above her costars and lies herself across them all….. and stays there for hours. Occasionally disappearing to take a breath of the revitalizing hinoki, a beloved Japanese wood, the oil of which is used in medicinal treatments. But she returns. She is not loud but nonetheless quite stubborn. People do not die in her wake, those who come in close will recognize her. Staunch and stalwart she comforts and keeps tension at bay.

Geisha Vanilla Hinoki Aroma M2

I am very generous with spraying, it is not a one spritz nuclear bomb. It lasts many hours, but I do know that my skin hangs onto fragrance for an extremely long time. Vanilla Hinoki feels like something I have always had – but haven`t . It won´t be for everyone but nothing ever is, except perhaps cookies.

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IndieScents has EdP $90/50ml
LuckyScent has the Perfume Oil $60/7.5ml

Geisha Vanilla Hinoki Aroma M 1

Maria McElroy mixes her fragrances drop by drop. The bottles are filled by her and wrapped in exquisite imported Japanese paper. A skilled craft worker creating things by hand, the definition of artisanal. May there always be people who care enough to do this.

Have you found a vanilla to wear or do you prefer to eat it?

Bergamot Bussis

Geisha Noire EdP by Maria McElroy for Aroma M 2007


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Daisy, Decants and Bagels. A Perfume Love in New York City.

Daisy of coolcookstyle organized an afternoon and evening with Ladies Who Sniff when I was recently in New York City. She picked me up from my hotel lobby and whisked me off to Brooklyn for a visit to Twisted Lily. As much as I enjoy visiting perfume shops I rarely if ever put anything onto my skin. I have an inate fear of ending up with something nasty. Whilst this does fall into the obsessive compulsive disorder category, it is also based on years of experience. I do sniff lots of things on paper, and whilst not being the best way it is usually enough to confirm my suspicions.


As we were about to leave Twisted Lily I picked up a bottle of aroma M Geisha Noire. Daisy suggested I try it, telling me it was beautiful. We were heading out of the door and I had to make a snap decision. Pushed for time I saturated my left lower arm and left.

Geisha Noire EdP by Aroma M 2007

Geisha Noire EdP by Maria McElroy

Geisha Noire Aroma M FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Sandalwood, tonka bean, black amber, vanilla

I read incense and patchouli too.

Absolutely exquisite it induces a sense of physical well-being. Despite the richness of the materials that Maria McElroy uses Geisha Noire remains graceful and elegant. Very seductive. It melds itself with the skin and continues to give both comfort and sultriness for many hours. Heady stuff, I cannot recommend it highly enough. I encourage you to take a look at Maria´s website. There you will find her history and sources of inspiration. She founded aroma M 20 years ago and
spent seven years living in Japan.

We moved on from Twisted Lily to a table in a restaurant, where I spent most of the evening sniffing my arm. Sitting at a table with another eight perfumistas I did not look out of place doing so. Daisy took pity on me and offered to bring me a decant of Geisha Noire and meet for bagels the next morning. I love her.

Geisha Noire Aroma M np&djjewell FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

I am majorly kicking myself for not trying the other fragrances in the aroma M collection. This is being remedied.

Stunning packaging, affordable, and even available in Australia! Samples of the whole collection, both EdPs and the oils are also offered.

Geisha Noire Aroma M PerfumerPhoto Donated Maria McElroy

As I was talking to Vero Kern of .vero.profumo. I asked her if she was familiar with Maria McElroy´s work.
She replied: “I discovered Maria´s creations many years ago in Munich, as we had our fragrances together in the same store. And wow, I so enjoyed them. They are beautifully different. And the packaging just gorgeous.”

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Twisted Lily has $85/50ml + Samples

Cherry Blossom Bussis