Geisha Noire EdP by Maria McElroy for Aroma M 2007


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Daisy, Decants and Bagels. A Perfume Love in New York City.

Daisy of coolcookstyle organized an afternoon and evening with Ladies Who Sniff when I was recently in New York City. She picked me up from my hotel lobby and whisked me off to Brooklyn for a visit to Twisted Lily. As much as I enjoy visiting perfume shops I rarely if ever put anything onto my skin. I have an inate fear of ending up with something nasty. Whilst this does fall into the obsessive compulsive disorder category, it is also based on years of experience. I do sniff lots of things on paper, and whilst not being the best way it is usually enough to confirm my suspicions.


As we were about to leave Twisted Lily I picked up a bottle of aroma M Geisha Noire. Daisy suggested I try it, telling me it was beautiful. We were heading out of the door and I had to make a snap decision. Pushed for time I saturated my left lower arm and left.

Geisha Noire EdP by Aroma M 2007

Geisha Noire EdP by Maria McElroy

Geisha Noire Aroma M FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Sandalwood, tonka bean, black amber, vanilla

I read incense and patchouli too.

Absolutely exquisite it induces a sense of physical well-being. Despite the richness of the materials that Maria McElroy uses Geisha Noire remains graceful and elegant. Very seductive. It melds itself with the skin and continues to give both comfort and sultriness for many hours. Heady stuff, I cannot recommend it highly enough. I encourage you to take a look at Maria´s website. There you will find her history and sources of inspiration. She founded aroma M 20 years ago and
spent seven years living in Japan.

We moved on from Twisted Lily to a table in a restaurant, where I spent most of the evening sniffing my arm. Sitting at a table with another eight perfumistas I did not look out of place doing so. Daisy took pity on me and offered to bring me a decant of Geisha Noire and meet for bagels the next morning. I love her.

Geisha Noire Aroma M np&djjewell FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

I am majorly kicking myself for not trying the other fragrances in the aroma M collection. This is being remedied.

Stunning packaging, affordable, and even available in Australia! Samples of the whole collection, both EdPs and the oils are also offered.

Geisha Noire Aroma M PerfumerPhoto Donated Maria McElroy

As I was talking to Vero Kern of .vero.profumo. I asked her if she was familiar with Maria McElroy´s work.
She replied: “I discovered Maria´s creations many years ago in Munich, as we had our fragrances together in the same store. And wow, I so enjoyed them. They are beautifully different. And the packaging just gorgeous.”

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Twisted Lily has $85/50ml + Samples

Cherry Blossom Bussis

23 thoughts on “Geisha Noire EdP by Maria McElroy for Aroma M 2007

  1. Oooh I’ve been dying to hear about this fragrance which captured your heart/nose in the States. I thought the chances of you returning with a new perfume love were pretty slim so this is a great turn-up and a lovely reminder of your trip.

    From the notes it sounds heavy so good to know it’s not the case. How lucky that you committed skin this one time.

    Really great to hear Vero’s take on the label too.


    • Hi Tara! Nope, it is not heavy at all. It is absolutely perfect. It lingers for hours. I would call it meditative. It would be perfect for yoga. Indeed I am about to order the Geisha Noire Oil. Even though what I like is my own thing, I was really happy to have such a positive response from Vero, as I do value her opinion. xxxxxx


  2. ‘Continues to give comfort and sultriness for many hours’ – that’s what I look for in a perfume, pretty much. And I was lucky enough to sniff this on you when we last met. It takes a very special perfume to get past your defences, so when one does, it is always wise for the rest of us to sit up!


    • Good morning V. What is interesting to me is that many folk class Geisha Noire as an amber. I don´t. It is there but the tonka and vanilla stand out more. I have no doubt that others have a different take on it. I cannot stand amber as a dominant note so …….
      Bussis. 🙂


  3. Cool story Val. I can just see you taking over NYC. That Daisy is something else entirely, isn’t she?
    The frag sounds good too.
    Portia xx


  4. Love you too, Val! I’m so pleased that you came away from the States with something new to love! I’m also so happy to have gotten the chance to finally meet and eat in person. Very much looking forward to the next time!



    • Daisy! Yes! Next time we will hopefully spend a bit more time together. It was such fun.
      Sniffing after the meal was freaking intense. Wonderful. I have used up my nearly my whole decant and just about to order the oil. Huge hugs.. Bussi. xxxxx


  5. Lovely fragrance, and Maria is a lovely woman. And nice to see Daisy, whom I met at a perfumista birthday party a while back.


    • Hey Francesca,
      Daisy and you were both at Brian and Abdulla’s Chinese while we were in NYC, remember. I think you were wearing that incredible hand embroidered top?
      Portia xx


    • Hello Francesca! I was sorry not to get to meet Maria in person. A perfunista birthday party sounds like a good idea, hmmmm. Mine in falls around Thanksgiving – perhaps I should have a two in one!! Thanks for dropping by. xxxxxxx


  6. ooh- This sounds so good Val!! Aroma M has been on my must try for a while – I must remedy that and actually try the perfumes. I also love the sound of her skin and body care line (scented oils) and have been meaning to try them. Putting Geisha Noire on my list.


    • Hey lavanya! You have absolutely NO excuse. Go and try some immediately!! But i can get it in Germany, so that is not so bad. I cannot wait to try the others. Great to have something on my want-to-try list. Lots of love. xxxxx


  7. Daisy is just the bestest! I’m a huge fan. She’s got great taste in perfumes and if there’s anywhere worth eating in NYC she will know about it. I’m so glad you were able to meet her and do some sniffing.


    • Poodle! Om my dear, you were sorely missed. Next time- I will give you ample warning and maybe it will work out. If all goes well,, and who knows, I hope to visit New York with Vero. That will be fun. Daisy, Lucy and Carlos made New York perfect. Bussis. xxxxx


  8. I love your photos, as usual, Val!!!
    I have a sample here of Geisha Noir EdP. I will use it to help reset my nose as I’ve been grooving on my cheapies lately!
    Azar xxxx


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