Skin Drenching Moisturising Potions


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Autumn is officially in full swing in my humble little corner of the globe and the mercury has finally begun its lengthy descent into what I’m expecting shall soon be one hell of a winter. As much as I adore the delightful chill that comes along with such utterly magnificent sweater weather it also brings with it a far less welcome guest: dry, itchy skin; otherwise known as *the* bane of my existence. Luckily for me (and you beautiful readers, if you just so happen to enjoy a fragrant treat or two…or five) I’ve happened upon a number of exquisite lotions and potions that are both positively nourishing and olfactoriaely sublime and it would be my pleasure to share a few of my favourites with each of you.

Skin Drenching Moisturising Potions

Angel Perfuming Body Cream

Angel Perfuming Body Cream from Thierry Mugler

I’m fairly certain you’re well aware of just who Angel is, she needs no introduction. She’s the face that launched a thousand ships, the high-octane über-gourmand who’s DNA runs through an astonishing amount of fragrances which occupy the spheres of both designer and niche alike. Here, contained within her fantastically celestial flying saucer, her edges have been softened and entire demeanour expressed with a sense of fluidity and grace. Her holy trinity of neon candy floss, camphorous patchouli and sumptuous dark chocolate are still fully intact but wear closer to the skin, their rich languidity reimagined effortless sensuality in her altered form. Deeper, earthier yet somehow transparent; her beauty now bound to the Earth as much as it is to the stars above.

LAFCO Feu de Bois House & Home Nourishing Body Cream

Feu de Bois Nourishing Body Cream from LAFCO

The aroma of burning wood is one of my favourites in this entire world. Growing up on the East Coast of Canada where winters are considerably harsh and wood stoves are aplenty one comes to associate the fragrance of woodsmoke with their morning routine, the promise of glowing warmth and comfort after waking up to stone floors as cold as ice or conversely the abating comfort of curling up by to the fire in a sinfully cozy blanket and taking a glorious nap on a particularly chilly evening. LAFCO has captured the essence of these moment’s so beautifully, all the while wearing with an incredible ease and a great deal of comfort to skin which may be feeling a bit under the weather. Soft plumes of woodsmoke are joined by the delicate emerald hum of conifer resins that illuminate their sylvan radiance through the diaphanous haze. Utterly sublime.

Pulp Body Cream from Byredo

Pulp Body Cream from Byredo

There are certain accords in the realm of fragrance which one (myself, at the very least) may develop a particularly blasé attitude toward as time passes. One such example for me is the fruity floral, compositions of this nature truly wield the power to bore me to absolute tears but that, of course, is simply my own personal opinion. Every once and a while, though, something comes around and challenges my preconceived notions. It has me falling head over heels for a fragrance that by all accounts I should very much dislike. Meet Pulp from Swedish niche house Byredo, one of the very first fragrances to have put me in this precise position and caused me to reconsider my exploration of an entire genre. Pulp is absolute divinity, a symphonious amalgam of wildly nectarous fruits like succulent blackcurrant, crimson red apple and unbelievably juicy fig, overripe and on the cusp of decay. It’s absolutely magnificent and in my opinion even more enjoyable in the body cream, which lends a most sensual aura to Pulp’s already subversive leitmotif.

Are there any fragrant body creams which you enjoy breaking out when the temperatures begin to fall?

Until next time, my darlings.

Trésor xx

8 thoughts on “Skin Drenching Moisturising Potions

  1. One of my favourite indulgences, beautiful body cream! Bottega Veneta for its silky texture and a woody fragrance that layers well under other perfumes.
    Amouage lotion, which is gorgeous. I have Epic and only need to use it sparingly as it is so strong.


  2. Good Morning, Trèsor!

    Here in the PNW we are usually quite damp and I find that even in the coldest or driest weather I rarely need to use a body moisturizer. That being said, the Feu de Bois Nourishing Body Cream does sound “sublime”. I could use it simply as a fragrance. Thank you for the helpful info. Lovely post.

    Azar xx


  3. They just came to fill the oil tank so I guess we’re officially ready for the cold. I’m dreading that dry air along with the snow. Once upon a time I did splurge and get myself that Angel body cream. It was fabulous. Sometimes perfumed body products lack in the texture and moisture qualities but not that one. Rich and wonderful.


  4. I have the Aromatics Elixir body cream, and it is decadent and potent! I liked Pulp when I had a sample of it, but it was a little too strong for me. I wonder if the body cream would be a little more subtle! I’ll have to search it out! Thanks!


  5. ooh- you make that Pulp body cream sound sooooo good! Pulp (which I haven’t tried, incidentally) and Bombay bling (which I unexpectedly liked very much) seem determined to salvage this genre (of fruity florals I mean) 🙂 Feu de Bois is the kind of scent I gravitate towards so I will look out for it.


  6. Living very close to you dear Tresor, I understand about wanting sweet smelling moisturizers, especially as I heat with wood.
    This year, I am ready – I have the Malle CF Body Butter and Dia body cream. Let the cold winds blow – I will be warmed with a wood fire and smelling amazing.


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